Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So, in all of my brilliance I neglected to tell you all the NAME of my Etsy shop and how to get there!

Go to http://amandam31.etsy.com or click HERE and it will take you right to it!

Happy Shopping!

Another lonely night....

So, Mr. Pit has been super busy with his school work lately, and while I am SO proud of him for working so hard, I can't help but feel a little lonely in the wake of his absence. While he is gone most evenings I have gotten into the following habits.

Around 6pm I take Lil' Pup for a walk, though this is quite weather dependant. If it's kind of yucky we just go in the yard and 'play' soccer and I throw his football for him.

Around 6:30 I start thinking about dinner and inevitably find myself going through mail, cleaning up something in the sink, adjusting my ipod playlist...and basically get so distracted that I don't remember that I've been thinking about dinner until my tummy starts rumbling!

Around 7 I make said dinner. This can consist of any of the following: pasta (reheated or newly cooked), crackers and cheese, oatmeal, cold cereal, celery and dip and sometimes even a bagel sandwich. I am not good at cooking for just myself, but rather than starve (which is torture to even just think about!) I cook myself something not resembling a traditional dinner at all, but I am fed nonetheless.

Around 7:30 I turn on "The Insider". It is totally pointless television but I get my daily dose of celebrity gossip and it makes me happy.

Around 8 I see what is showing on the networks and either find something awesome (Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, House, Bones, etc) or something terrible. This then makes me revert to either a DVD (Mad Men, SATC, Gilmore Girls, etc) or move to the movie channels and scrounge there. If I'm watching a good show I can't be distracted by anything big (though I can needlepoint) and if I'm watching a DVD or a movie I've already seen, I might also be reading a magazine or sewing or some other craft.

Around 9:30 I go upstairs to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I then call Mr. Pit to let him know that Lil' Pup and I are going to bed and that he should wake me up when he gets home. He always does :)

Other nights I can be more motivated to do things (like grocery shopping or picking up dry cleaning or just plain shopping) but I normally do those things while on my way home so once I walk in the door I can be settled.

I know it doesn't sound like much of a life, but as the days get longer I will be outside more and more either in the garden or on the golf course. June nights are my favorite because you can play until almost 8:30 at night and still find your ball! Oh how I can't wait for warmer weather! Until then it's crafting and TV for Lil' Pup and I. And then hopefully NEXT July when Mr. Pit is done with school, then we can really have some fun!

Anyways...check out my post below for my picture frames, and if you want to check out my etsy store click HERE!

Have a great day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Crafts for Sale!

So, at a young age my mom taught me to decoupage, and I would never look at paper again the same.

My favorite medium is of course the picture frame, and I am one of those people who just can't have enough. I have them in every shape and size imaginable, and they are all full of pictures that make me smile every time I look at them.

So, I present to you the three frames I made on Sunday in my infinite boredom in my parents kitchen.

I am selling all three at my Etsy shop, but if you want to shoot me an email at preppypitbull@gmail.com if you are interested, I would gladly sell to you as well! I am also in the process of making 2 more, in a different print, plus I have tons of grosgrain ribbon ones for sale at my Etsy shop as well.

They are $10 each, and if you buy all 3 as a set it is $25 total.
Hope you like them!

Wonderful Weekend

Morning Pit fans,

I was SO excited to start my weekend early last Friday and it lived up to everything it should have.

I took the train home from work and was in the door and eating lunch by 1:15. Then it was a nice long walk with Lil' Pup (where we ran into almost ALL of our neighbors doing the same thing) and then it was off to the golf course where I met up with my brothers and we played 4 holes on the front 9. We would have played more if Happy Hour weren't calling our names, but it was, so we went :)

We got there at 5:30 and I didn't leave until almost 8...oops, I guess it was more Happy Hour(S) than just one, but it was a really fun time and it was great to see some old co-workers and catch up with them.

Saturday started out early for Mr. Pit but I was lazy and didn't get out of bed until 10:30. Then my friend C came over for lunch and we had a really fun game of keep-away with Lil' Pup until he got too tired to play and just laid down in the yard. Ha! Then it was off to Mecca (King of Prussia) where I got my hands on two pairs of Lilly McKim's (pink AND gold!) and some super cute Lilly wrapping paper. Then it was another nap for me (not planned I swear, I went to lay down for 2 minutes and lo and behold it lasted 2.5 hours, eek!)
Mr. Pit got home around 7 and then we went to dinner at San Nicola which is our favorite Italian place in Paoli and it was SO yum.

Then it was up early for him again on Sunday but I was up at 8:15 to do some much needed cleaning. This was not an easy feat since Lil' Pup DESPISES the vacuum cleaner and will attack it from the moment it turns on. He also likes to try to eat the attachment parts so vacuuming is always a tricky undertaking that forces me to lock him in the guest room while I do the downstairs, and then put him outside while I do the upstairs. Little stinker just stands at the door howling to the heavens but acts like it never happened as soon as I turn it off! It cracks me up but goodness knows what the neighbors think about this poor dog barking to get let into the house!

Anyways, then Lil' Pup and I hopped in the car for a trip to my parents house for the afternoon where we spent the afternoon crafting and working in Mom's garden. I will post pics from the crafting extravaganza tomorrow (and they'll go up on Etsy then too!) and it was an all around lovely way to end the weekend. We then ordered Chinese food, watched the end of the golf (Tiger is AMAZING btw), watched Amazing Race and then went right to bed. SO GOOD.

I hope your weekend was as good as mine! I am hoping for nice weather this weekend since our garden didn't get tended to at all in favor of dead heading at Mom's place, but I have high hopes!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Furry Friday

Hi all, welcome to Furry Friday.
This girl holds a special place in my heart since she looks EXACTLY like Lil' Pup. I am a complete softy when it comes to this mix and I love her coloring. I know she probably doesn't look like the 'snuggliest' of dogs to you, but I know that when you meet her she'd try to sit on your lap and give you kisses sooner than you could imagine.
She has obviously been a mama based on her pictures, and I know she'd be a great addition to any home.

If big dogs aren't your thing there are plenty of small dogs at Main Line Animal Rescue and tons of pure breeds too. Did I ever tell you that we almost brought home a pure bred Bernese Mountain Dog from there before we met Lil' Pup? Yes, it's true. Totally 100% AKC registered and everything, the only problem was another family had claimed him first.

Please please please go visit your local SPCA, check out Petfinder or go to Main Line Animal Rescue this weekend to get a rescue animal of your own!


So, it has been a rough week here at work (we had more layoffs yesterday) so I went home in a complete panic last night that they weren't done, only to be greeted this morning by an email from our General Manager giving us all a half day today. Yahoo!!

I am going to work until noon, get on the 12:15, go play with Lil' Pup, have some lunch and then hopefully meet up with my darling brothers to hit some golf balls and hopefully walk part of the front 9 at our club.

Mr. Pit has a golf outing with his MBA class today as well so it looks like both Pits will be on the links today...how perfect is that?!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend, not much planned for me as Mr. Pit will be at school all day doing a leadership conference so I am hoping to be outside (the veggie garden needs some serious tending after a lonesome cold winter) and I still have high hopes for my needlepointing, so we'll have to see how it goes.

I am half tempted to head down to the TJ Maxx in Wilmington on Prep-E Girl's suggestion, but my coffers aren't so full either, so I might have to forgo that trip until I get paid next week.

Stay tuned for Furry Friday, I have to go browse the cute pups now :)

Mrs. Pit

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Favorite

So, by doing some regular internet stalking when I actually should be working...I came across THIS website.

I want a custom canvas and I want it now. Amazing. I want one for us as a couple, one for each one of our future children and then another when we're an entire family. Oh, and I want to get them for all my friends kids too.

If only we had ONE bit of wall space that wasn't totally full already. Urgh.

But, go check out this SUPER cute website. I heart it.

Name Your Design

Train Etiquette 101

So, as many of you have read, I live on the Main Line and work in Center City Philadelphia.
Since I despise all things that have anything to do with driving on 76 (including being a passenger) I take the lovely R5 every morning and afternoon to and from work.

I normally get on the 7:10 am or the 7:37 when I am lazy, and either the 5:05 pm when I am trying to get out of Dodge, or the 5:35.

At these times of the morning and afternoon, people are either JUST waking up (like me) or at the end of a very busy day (again, like me). I talk all day. To people in my office, on the phone...all.day.long.

The one thing I DON'T want to do on the train is talk, or mostly, hear anyone else talk. I want quiet. For 40 minutes each way that's what I want.

I don't care if you want to talk to your neighbor/coworker/friend quietly, but if I am sitting more than 2 rows away from you and can hear your ENTIRE conversation...you are talking too loudly.

This folks, brings me to the rant about my new favorite enemy. I don't know who she is personally, but I know what she looks like and I avoid sitting even in the same train car as her when I can.

Yesterday, I was not so lucky. Not only was I in the same car, I was sitting RIGHT behind her. She was quiet until she saw her friend and then she started to talk, and didn't stop the ENTIRE train ride. In her loud, squeaky obnoxious voice.

This is what I learned about my enemy yesterday (meanwhile, remember the train ride is only 25 minutes for her because thank goodness she gets off at Villanova)

Note: All of this is in HER words, I am not embellishing AT ALL. My commentary is in italics)

1. She has skinny arms and legs but her ass is huge.
2. She hates her stomach.
3. Her ex boyfriend used to love her stomach and play with it in bed. (ew)
4. She is only 23 but very mature for her age. (ha, just keep reading)
5. She thinks she is one of the smartest people in her MBA program even though she is one of the youngest.
6. She can't wait to graduate. (neither can I so you stop taking my train!)
7. She is going to Manhattan this weekend to see friends.
8. She is not taking Amtrak because it is too expensive.
9. She is annoyed she can't afford Amtrak because now she has to take 3 trains.
10. She does not wear jeans...ever.
11. She does not wear sneakers unless she is running.
12. She loves wearing dresses, her closet is full and she is always buying more.
13. Her friend (on the train) will love her friends from college when she meets them this weekend. (if you could have seen the look on her friends face when she says this...priceless)
14. She think it's ok if her friend (on the train) wears jeans this weekend, but she should know that all her friends from college wear dresses so she'll be the only one in jeans. (duh!)
15. She is really tired.
16. She hasn't gone to bed before 11 any night this week.
17. She knows she will get no sleep in Manhattan this weekend because her friends are 'crazy'.
18. She has 3 guys that like her right now. They call all the time. None of them are her type, but she goes out to dinner with all of them (seperately, of course!) because they take her to nice dinners.
19. She is annoyed because all 3 tried to kiss her at one point this week and she had to gently turn each one down.
20. She is seeing all 3 next week.
21. She is so busy with school and work she doesn't even know how she has time to go to dinner with anyone.
22. She is really excited to go to New York this weekend.
23. She thinks she will go shopping for a new dress at work tomorrow. (note to self, do NOT go shopping at lunch tomorrow)
24. She loves Banana Republic Dresses. (don't we all)
25. She will shop at Banana Republic on Broad Street tomorrow and forgo lunch. She is too fat to eat anyways. (this girl has to be a 2, maybe a 4 at the biggest)

That's right folks, 25 things in 25 minutes. I wanted to throw myself under the wheels of the train the entire time. Actually scratch that...I wanted to throw HER under the train.

Her poor friend didn't get a word in edgewise the entire time. Talky girl did not even notice this. NOR did she notice that she was the ONLY one on the train making any sort of noise. I guarantee that everyone else on the train could list atleast 20 of the 25 items above because she talks THAT loudly.

I am SO on the lookout for her tonight and will sit an entire car away if I see her. As amusing as it is for me to listen to her assinine thoughts for 25 minutes, I would rather have my peace and quiet.

Anyone like that ever sit by you? How about the person that wants to talk to you on the train...stories please! I can't be the only one!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mad Men

So, I'm a little late to the party, but I have a new obsession. Mad Men.
O.M.G what a show.

Seriously, it's addictive and an amazing look at life in the 60's. Women have absolutely NO say in their marriage and certainly not at the work place. Holey Moley.
I know I complain about working with all men in a construction office but boy oh boy do I have it better than the poor secretaries in the 60's!

Ew, and all the smoking? In restaurants, on trains, IN the office...it all seems so crazy and fake to me, but I know it wasn't long ago that you could still SMOKE ON PLANES! How insane is that?

Anyways...I am almost done Season 1 (can you tell I watched 2 episodes last night, gotta love the handy DVD player) and I can't wait to get Season 2 on demand as soon as I'm done.

Tonight I am being domestic and am going to make baked Ziti for our dinner. I know, it's simple and basic but for me it's a pretty big undertaking seeing as I had a bagel for dinner last night. ha!

Wish me luck!

oh, and I checked out Ida Clair on Hopsy's recommendation...holy cute stuff batman! I want to order one of everything!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some explanation

Ok, after re-reading my last post I realized that I came off kind of yucky, so I wanted to explain my answers a little more!

1. I only sleep naked in MY house in MY bed. Never at a guests house and certainly not in hotels. I am a good house guest and am terrified of what and who has slept in hotel beds. I have a vast collection of pajamas that I use in those situations.

2. Just my personal underwear preference. I can't afford the expensive stuff, so both tops and bottoms come from Target. Love them, tons of colors, great price.

3. My alarm clock is the one with the iPod, Mr. Pits the one with the CD player. What can I say, I like music.

4. Yes, we get a subscription to Playboy. Also to Men's Health and Details. I love them all. I love getting insight into men's minds. I also get Glamour and Lucky to indulge my girl senses and my shopping habit. I am also the least jealous girl on the planet, so Playboy doesn't bother me at all, nor would any other men's magazine...of all the things I have to worry about in my life, Mr. Pit reading Playboy is negligible on my panic scale. Keeping my job...THAT's what scares me.

5. We honeymooned at two hotels with no tvs or internet. I don't see the point of going on vacation and being 'connected', to me it defeats the purpose. I like to relax and forget about everything going on 'out there'. Plus, I am also obsessed with board games, and who can concentrate on those if the TV is on!

So, now I hope you don't think I am as dirty as I sounded in the first post :)

Have a great night, I am going to go watch tv with Lil' Pup and wait for Mr. Pit to get back from grad school.

xoxo Mrs. Pit

I was tagged!

I was tagged for the first time ever, so here goes!

So here it is how it goes: You must list 5 sexy things about yourself, and then pass it on. Once you are tagged you can save the award on my right hand pane and add to yours!! ENJOY :)

1. I sleep naked.
2. I wear hanky-panky wannabe thongs that I get from Target (they are awesome and completely as comfortable as the real thing, only a lot cheaper!)
3. We have a CD player and an iPod dock in our bedroom so we can get in the mood if we need to, though most of the time we don't need it...
4. I read our playboy subscription cover to cover every month. Most of the time I read it before Mr. Pit can get his hands on it.
5. My favorite vacation spots do not include televisions or computers, I can always find something to entertain us way more than TV or the internet ever could!

I tag:

Have fun!
Mrs. Pit

And I am tagging....

Don't leave!

So, my friend J is finally back in the office today after being out the last 3 days and I couldn't be happier. She was down in DC looking at Graduate programs and while I am so happy for her to go to school next year (because it's what she REALLY wants to do) I am still sad that she won't be in the office anymore.

Since I work in construction, there aren't naturally too many women in the mix of things, and while its the 21st century, this seems to be a field that is still way behind the times. Therefore, when I meet smart, awesome girls like J, we tend to become fast friends and great solace for each other in an office full of men.
However, recently the trend has been going the wrong direction as all the cool girls seem to be leaving!

My friend J (another J) left last summer to go to nursing school, M just left last week so she can finish her last few semesters at Drexel, and J is leaving in August to move to DC. What about me? I am not applying or going anywhere, stop the madness! Not only am I losing cool people my age, I am losing the only good friend I have in the office! Now I am going to be surrounded by even more men with no one to talk to about it.

Oh well. I am outnumbered at home as well with Mr. Pit and Lil' Pup, see, yet another reason to get another puppy, this time it can be a girl!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Giveaway anyone?

Kate over at Nautical By Nature (cutest blog name ever btw) is giving away SUPER cute luggage tags...they are so cute! I think this would be perfect for Mr. Pit's and my next trip...yep, I like it!
Check out Kate's blog here Nautical By Nature and enter to win for yourself!
Mrs Pit


Hi Ladies,
So I bought this dress and tried to sell it on eBay to no avail.
It is new with tags (they are hanging off the sleeve) and it is a size 6. It is the Fiesta Dress. It has super cute trim at the sleeves and the bottom and a keyhole at the back (you can kinda see it in this picture).
I will ship it to you for free if you want to paypal me or send me a check.
Come on size 6 girls, you know you want it!
It retails for $268 and at this point I will take just about anything!
Email me at preppypitbull@gmail.com if you want to chat about it!


A good trend

So, the weather outside this weekend was fabulous, yesterday especially. We FINALLY got the bird feeder in the ground and the Chickadees have already taken a liking to it. I also am highly amused at the squirrels trying to negotiate the squirrel baffle and being frustrated enough just to jump off the pole and eat the peanuts that the birds drop on the ground.

I also appreciate the weather trend this week. According to DIXWX (the only reliable weather website as this is what pilots across the US use for their flight plans) we will have the following temps. Today 43, Tomorrow 47, Wednesday 51, Thursday 54 and Friday 61. Not great (we could always be warmer right?) but at least we're going the right direction.

I also got some Easter decorating done (at Kmart of all places) I found great baskets, super cheap 'Easter grass' and some really cute eggs to 'hide' around the house. Mr. Pit doesn't really care if the house is decorated at all, but it pleases me so that's that :) Mr. Pit has however made the request for Cadbury Cream Eggs and Jelly Beans in his Easter basket this year, so I will have to make sure that he gets a lot of those :)

Anyways, all in all it was a great relaxing weekend. We had two fun nights out (the last time we were out twice in a row like that was Christmas!) and were productive around the house AND cleaned up both yards!

This week isn't busy for me at all, but Mr. Pit has something every night and then has to be at school for a "leadership" weekend until 5 on Sunday, grrr. So, I can hopefully finish my needlepointing project (a gift for Mr. Pit) and see some girlfriends that I haven't seen in ages.

Ok, back to the grind.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, March 20, 2009

Furry Friday!

I mean...come on. What do I even have to say about this guy? This is Ritchie, and he is a German Shepard/Basset Hound Mix. How the two mixed...who knows, but they produced this cute guy and darn it if I already have Lil' Pup to take care of because otherwise I'd be going to get him after work today!

Ritchie is just a pup (not all rescue dogs are adults!) and totally adorable. I don't have much background on how he got to MLAR, but if you call them about Ritchie I know they have the whole story.

So, make your weekend a little sunnier and go pick up this cute little guy today!!

Remember, if you don't live in PA you can always check out Petfinder or the SPCA in your area to find tons of animals that need homes! Click HERE to go to Main Line Animal Rescue's site to check out Ritchie!

Have a great weekend!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

It's always sunny in Philadelphia

So, last night wasn't half as bad as I thought, and I was on my couch watching Grey's with Lil' Pup before I knew it.

The state of my company isn't great (I don't know who's business is thriving at the moment, but I hope there are folks out there) and it doesn't look good until the market turns around and the economy gets on track. Since my company is in very large commercial construction the money has really frozen up, we have had to stop projects mid-stride, which really really hurts. We have to wait until the money starts to flow again to get our big projects back out on the table. Until that happens we have to continue trimming expenses any way we can, including more layoffs.
As I said before, I think I am relatively safe based on what I do and how I do it (well, if I do say so myself) but you never know. What I do is not unique in my unit, nor am I the most experienced, so there is always a fear in the back of my head...but all I can do is do my job the best I can and keep my chin up.

After last nights meeting there was food and an open bar (I think they knew it would be a rough meeting) and I stayed until 7:30 chatting with friends that don't work in the office and then headed home with a ride with my friend R.

Today is really busy at work with a really big bid for a really big client that is due at 3. Then I have to finish up other work, head home to shower and then we have a big pasta dinner at the club tonight with friends.

Then tomorrow I am doing the altar decorations at church for Sunday's service, and then I think we'll head out to Valley Forge for a long walk with Lil' Pup on his 50 foot lead. That way he can wander and chase things while we stay on the path and he doesn't run away. Lil' Pup is good at a lot of things, but staying with us on a walk is not one of them. Prone to run after (away) anything that moves, he can't be off a leash ever. Not the best situation ever, but one that we have learned to deal with over time. Otherwise he's a great dog and I can't fault him for being poorly trained as a puppy, as we don't even know where he was prior to being rescued by Main Line Animal Rescue in 2006.

Anyways, stay tuned for Furry Friday!

Have a great weekend!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back and better

So, Mr. Pit came home last night (albeit not exactly pleased at being in the city until 8:30) and felt much better about things. We had some ice cream sandwiches (I mean really, who doesn't like those) and watched some HGTV and I felt like I had my old husband back. It was quite nice to say the least.

Then I went to bed and Mr. Pit stayed up to write a paper for his grad school class tonight. I think I will be just as excited for him to graduate next summer as he will, it really takes a toll on both of us, but I know how worth it is in the end. Someone told me yesterday that the MBA is the new BA, so I am really glad that he is in the program. Plus, with all the folks that have been laid off recently, acceptance into the top programs is going to be even harder now with THAT many more people applying, yikes!

Anyways, today, as a response to the horrid cloudy cold weather we have in Philly, I am wearing signature pink, navy and Lilly and I feel better already.

I also have a lunch date with E at the Comcast Center for sushi, and I can't wait. (I am leaving in 5 minutes, so it's really on my mind!).

Then tonight we have a required (yes, required) quarterly staff meeting from 5-8. Awesome. It is normally a 'state of the union' type address but tonight could be not so fun as we are really hurting for some big projects because without them we could have our 4th round of layoffs. Total yikes.

Good news is that my department (a hybrid of estimating/purchasing and engineering) is really really busy, so I think I am safe (kind of). Here's hoping!

oh, ALSO, I downloaded the Lilly background for my computer and I absolutely adore it. I had to save over a picture of Lil' Pup, but it is SO cheery now :) I also keep meaning to bring my princess crown that I got in NY into my office, but I don't want to hurt it by bringing it on the train, but it would be perfect hung on my wall!

Gotta scoot to lunch, have a great day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A little down...

Mr. Pit is in a major depression today, and I am having a really hard time getting him out of it. Usually a good nights sleep and a promise of a good meal is enough to get him to perk up, but today I am having no luck. He is really down about his job, and he got a not so stellar grade on his Accounting exam last week, so that isn't helping things at all. We also aren't doing great money wise (since he didn't get a bonus like he did last year, we overspent a little assuming one would come, totally OUR fault, but it doesn't make it any easier). On top of all of this, his Grandmother passed away last month and he hasn't gotten over that even one little bit.

Any ideas of how to help him? I have tried everything from telling him to focus on the positives, trying to boost his ego anyway I can, but nothing has worked. He is also really busy with school and networking and all of that, so I know all he wants to do is sleep in, and that's the one thing he can't do.

I looked online for e-cards that would cheer him up, but everything I find could have a downside. Yankees- it's only spring training and after last season, he isn't a #1 fan. USC- it's too far from the start of football season for him to get excited about his favorite team. Sappy love cards won't do it, and neither will the snarky 'some-e-cards' as they could be taken the wrong way.

I need all the help I can get here friends, Mr. Pit would do ANYTHING to get me in a good mood...help me help him!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everyone hates me because my life is perfect...

ha, or something like that. That was definitely the line of the night last night, spoken by none other that the "perfect" Miss Blair Waldorf.
Yesterday could have been one of the more horrific days of my career, but I chose to look on the bright side of things (is there a bright side to a 7 hour meeting?) and rewarded myself with a sushi dinner and two hours of unadulterated CW viewing.
My day started out easily enough, with me getting into work at 7:45, per usual. I worked on putting my estimate together, but was waiting for a HUGE number from a subcontractor, so I thought that I had done as much as I could. I had a 'check-in' meeting with my boss, who promptly bled red ink all over my work.

Awesome. I went back, did more work, worked through lunch, and went back into his office at 1, and didn't leave there until 6:30. So, by this time I hadn't been outside in almost 11 hours and I was dying to leave.

Finally the email was sent, and a rescue text was sent to Mr. Pit. "Wanna meet me in Bryn Mawr and we can go to Sushi Land?" "YES" was his reply and it was exactly what I needed.

I spent the train ride on the internet on my cell phone, and before I knew it I was biting into totally delicious sushi by Jae, my all time favorite sushi chef. YUM.

Then it was home and directly to the TV to start the DVR with Gossip Girl and then One Tree Hill. Back to back. Not even a bathroom break. With Lil' Pup on my lap. PERFECT!

So, all in all, my crazy work day ended well with yummy sushi, my two favorite shows and then my cozy bed all by 10:30. Brilliant.

What I did miss though, was the book signing event at the Lilly Store in King of Prussia, and I feel REALLY bad because I told Prep-E Girl Erin that I would go as one of her guests and I totally bailed. I got off the train at 7:15 and the event was over at 8 and I couldn't bring myself to go up to the mall. Sorry Erin! I really wanted to go, I hope it was fun!

Anyways, we're supposed to get some sun here today (atleast that's what Doug Kammerer said last night on the news) so I am looking forward to that. Spring officially starts on Friday, let's get some spring weather in here, shall we?!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, Lovely Sunday

So, today, even though the weather wasn't great...was one of the better Sunday's on record. We got up early to go eat at Minella's Diner (a Main Line staple) and I had french toast, which was exactly what I craved and it was totally delicious.

Then Mr. Pit and I headed over to Mecca (I mean the King of Prussia Mall ) where we went to a knife skills class at Williams Sonoma . Though we didn't get to chop anything (I was kind of excited to chop veggies as it's really the only thing I'm good at in the kitchen) we got an hour long tutorial on the differences between European/German knives and Asian knives. I had no idea there were such fundamental differences, but there are. AND, since we have Asian knives (Global to be exact, which we LOVE) there are two very different cutting techniques that you have to use with each one. You can 'rock' the European/German knives, and you have to slice straight down with the Asian ones because of the shape of the blade. I had always thought we were supposed to 'rock' our Global knives, but now I know...and now the knives work even better! Definitely one of our better registry choices.

Then we walked around the mall and played at the Apple store (I am dying for an Apple iBook, but with their prices still hovering near $1000 for a basic one, it's not coming home anytime soon) and then of course we ended up at Lilly :) Since I will be there again tomorrow night I didn't spend so much time browsing, but I am looking forward to the book signing and other 50th Anniversary goodies.

Then we came home, tidied up the house a bit, then Mr. Pit went to school to work on a group project and I took a little nap, put some more things on eBay, then went over to my parents house for dinner where Mr. Pit met me.

Then I got to pick up one of my very very awesome/best friends A at the train station and drop her at home. Though the car ride was much too short from the station to her house, it was great to catch up for that small amount of time. Plus, as a loyal PPB reader, I had to mention her at least once, Hi A!

Anyways, so that brings me to now, and I'm getting ready to watch Amazing Race with Mr. Pit and Lil' Pup and then head to bed.

I told you it was a good day!

Plus, on top of ALL that, I got MAJOR props from Preppy Princess on her blog, and I haven't been this excited since Gilmore Girl added an extra season two years ago :) Check out her post here for her lil' bit on me and my trip to NYC to see Martha! Thanks Princess!

Hope you all had great weekends, and don't worry, I think spring will be here soon, I hope!
Mrs. Pit

Friday, March 13, 2009

Furry Friday

Because you gotta have Faith, Faith, Faith....

Check out this SWEET girl. Faith was stuck in a commercial breeding facility before being rescued by Main Line Animal Rescue...now it's your turn to rescue her! Faith is 5 and LOVES other dogs. Check her out today!

This is from MLAR's website

Faith is a beautiful yellow lab with a very appropriate name. I'm sure faith that someone would rescue her for the commercial breeding facility someday is what kept her going - and lucky for her MLAR was there to help her. Faith bears some scars, physically and mentally, from her years as a breeding female, but she is one of the sweetest most outgoing labs we've seen in a long time. Faith loves attention from the volunteers - she openly asks for it now - and she loves to run around in the fenced in play yards - it is wonderful for the volunteers to see the joy in her face as she runs all over the yard, happy and carefree, knowing that she didn't have this for several years prior to coming to MLAR. Faith loves other dogs and enjoys their company so a forever home with a canine companion would be great. Faith is just 5 years old, active, sweet and cute as can be - it doesn't get much better than that.

Go to Main Line Animal Rescue to look at Faith and lots of other animals that need your help :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Martha Recap

We started the day early...really early! We had a 5:52 am train out of 30th street. I would have been more cranky if the building hadn't been so darn cool. I am an architecture nut and I love the inside of this building, it's one of my favorite places in the city (minus the creepy people who tend to hang out there at odd hours).
Then, in a mere hour and fifteen minutes we were here...the huge and confusing Penn Station/Madison Square Garden. Hello New York!
Then we walked the 8 blocks down 7th avenue to 26th street, and found the Martha studio, and our place in line.

Then we got our tickets, and waited in the waiting room (ever so impatiently, but I tried to stay calm). There were SO many Lilly fanatics in one place, you couldn't help but smile and want to introduce yourself to everyone (but alas, my shyness took over and Prep-E girl was the only one I said hi and introduced myself to). We ended up being # 16 and 17 in line (and 16 is Mr Pits lucky number, so I thought that was a good sign!)
Then Mom and I had our picture taken with Martha (ha, not really!)
Then we were ushered into the studio and taken to our seats. We weren't as lucky as some people, there were about 18 spots ON the stage and I was SO jealous for the people that got to sit up there, but then realized that everyone was as diehard a fan as I was, so I decided so stick with being happy for them. Plus, everyone had the same view, but some people even got interviewed by Martha herself! See Hopsy's story on her day and being interviewed by Ms. Stewart herself! Monograms and Manicures is Hopsy's blog, check it out!

The show went by really really quickly, there were 7 segments, and during each break there was SUPER loud dance music...to keep us awake I guess? Who knows...it was pretty strange, but fun (Mom kept on asking if I knew who sang the songs, and I couldn't answer her once, but I did recognize a few!)

And, as if things couldn't get any better, we got TONS of prizes thanks to the wonderful people at Lilly. We both came home with McKim sandals (I am picking mine up on Monday night at the King of Prussia store) a pair of sunglasses, Lilly pencils and a scented candle!

Also, on the bus on the way up to the Lilly 'after party' at the Madison Avenue store, we got a paper crown (now adorning my wall in my office) and a snack bag (which was great because I was starving).

The rest of the pictures are from the studio (I had to take a picture of all the lights in the ceiling, I couldn't believe how many there were!) and of course of Martha during the question and answer session at the end of the show. The jeeps parked outside were TOO cool (I totally want one!)and the store was packed to the gills with adoring fans of the show and the brand.
Mom and I then treated ourselves to lunch at Gramercy Tavern, which was SOOO yummy, and I meant to take pictures of my perfectly laid out plates of food, but alas, I ate it too quickly to do so, oh well!
Overall, an amazing day.
And many many thanks go to The Preppy Princess , for without her blog I wouldn't have even known about the show, the chance to apply for the tickets or any of the great information she gives on a daily basis on all things preppy!

Martha, Lilly...and ME!

I know you guys want pictures. I know you want action shots. I know you want all of this, and yet I left my camera at home this morning. In my post-Lilly hangover I was completely overwhelmed by the morning coming so quickly (even though I was in bed by 9!) and left the camera.
I will post photos and recap tonight.
In short, it was awesome. I met Prep-E girl who was super nice, and recognized a lot of faces but was much too shy to say hello (these girls are blogging veterans and I felt weird telling them that I read their blog but yet never comment...) anyways...it was an awesome day, working on a television show looks exhausting but really fun, and I have a new goal and that is to work for Lilly corporate one day. Phenomenal people and it seems like a fun positive place to work.
One small issue...is that I have NO fashion credentials, just a brand obsession...does that count? Can I put that on my resume? ha...
Anyways, I'll write later, as of now I have a hundred bid numbers to collect, collate and make sense of.
xoxo Mrs. Pit

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cleaning out the closet

So, I got inspired by another blog yesterday and went into my closet last night to get some things out that I haven't used/carried/worn since I bought them. All are without tags, but are oh-so-gently used.

Email me at PreppyPitBull@gmail.com if you are interested in any of the items, name a price and we'll figure it out :)

First: A little tote from Coach. Totally adorable, but since it's one of about 12 pink Coach bags I own, I am willing to part with it. I bought it new for $128.

Next are Coach wedges. I searched high and low for them, finally found them, and wore them twice. They are 9 1/2's and still in the box with the original paper. I bought them new for $228, but again, throw an offer out!

This one is awesome and I am sorry that I didn't wear it more. This is a furry cozy awesomely warm coat from Ann Taylor. It is a Medium and is SO cozy and warm. I didn't wear it much because I have about 5 other jackets that get into the rotation before this one. New it was $198.
Last but certainly not least..is a vintage Lilly skirt. It is a size 12, but fits like a 10 (it was from the 70's so the sizes are a tad different!) This is really really cute but just not my color way at all.
Email me at PreppyPitBull@gmail.com if you're interested in any of this stuff!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

I got GMAIL!

The Preppy Pitbull is now on Gmail.
You can email me at PreppyPitBull@gmail.com :)

Oh, and it's less than 24 hours to the trip to NYC for the Martha Taping, yahoo!!! I will give you a full update on Thursday!

Mrs. Pit

P.S Look for another post shortly, I am trying to clean out the closet...Coach anyone?

Monday, March 9, 2009

A summary of sorts

Hi all,
so I thought I would give you a summary of my last 7 days by ranking all the places and things that I did, so that if you ever find yourself in Breckenridge, Copper Mountain or Vail, you can go (or not) too!

Saturday 2-28 Flew out of Philly to Denver.
DIA is awesome. A+ for an awesome, clean, well laid out airport and rocket-fast baggage claim. LOVES IT.
Hertz Rentals Car- We got a camry, not a 4WD that we were hoping to be upgraded to for free (yeah, they are pretty smart there, and you don't get an SUV unless you pay for it) so we got a good old Camry. A fun detail was that our car was in parking spot 624- our wedding anniversary! I took that as a good sign and ran with it.
Breckenridge Mountain Lodge- well, the saying "you get what you pay for" is TOTALLY accurate for this place. We had a bed, a tv and a bathroom. It was all they described and NOTHING more. I could have bitched about it, but instead decided to spend as little time as possible in the room and instead enjoying myself in the cute town of Breckenridge.
Sunday 3-1 Day in Breckenridge
Blue Moose- A breakfast must. Totally awesome, worth the wait, completely delicious, and didn't disappoint 4 days in a row. SWEET.
Shops at Breck- Awesome. Tons of places to duck in and check out whats's happening. Lots of ski/snowboard shops as well as gift shops, realtors, hotels, bars, restaurants and a crepe place to boot!
Empire Burger- Fabulous made to order burgers and fries. YUM. Sat with a fun view of the Main Street while chomping on my perfectly medium rare cheese burger and cheese fries. Cheap and awesome. Also super close to our hotel.
Monday 3-2 First Day of skiing
One amazing plus of the not-so-nice hotel was its AMAZING location. 500 yards to the lift. Heaven. Breck does it right. For $2 you get a big locker so you can store your shoes and any extra layers for the entire day. Key when you don't want to trapse around town in your ski boots.
Lunch on the mountain was insanely good. We sat on the deck, soaking up the sun eating grilled chicken sandwiches that were a perfect reprieve for flying down the mountain.
Dinner was supposed to be Mountain Flying Fish, but was instead gummy candy and gatorade in favor of watching the Bachelor. What can I say, our priorities were a little off, but we were on vacation darn it!
Tuesday 3-3 Second day of skiing
Again, an easy trip to the slopes only this time there was a lot more wind and chilly weather. Apparently the first taste of spring wasn't high on the priority list for Mother Nature.
Lunch again on the mountain, but this time inside. Still nice.
Dinner was Fondue at Swiss Haven. Totally to die for. I am a nut for cheese, so much so that my Mom used to tell me that I was going to turn into a mouse since I ate it so much! The meal was expensive but wonderful. We had a great bottle of wine and totally delicious swiss fondue. Romantic and perfect.
Dessert was Cold Stone Creamery-need I say more? :)
Wednesday 3-4 Day off
Breakfast- Blue Moose
Massages- Mountain Sanctuary- We got a couples massage here and it was decadent and worth every penny. My massuese Erin had amazing hands and did wonders for my calves and back. Right on Main Street- I would highly recommend.
Lunch- Giancarlo Pizzeria- Wonderful fresh thin crust pizza. A great way to end a great stay.
Happy Hour- JJ's at Copper Mountain. Moe Dixon is my FAVORITE cover singer of all time, and I saw him the first time at Copper when I was 18...that's right, 10 years ago! And, he's still there, rocking the place to the foundations every Wednesday from 3-6. Totally fun singing, people dancing in their ski boots...a highlight of the trip for me.
Dinner- Burgers and dogs on the grill courtesy of my awesome Aunt and Uncle. YUM.
Thursday 3-5 First day of skiing at Vail
Rented skis at Buzz's. Buzz's daughter used to ski for Team USA. She rocked. She is now married with little kids, but Buzz is still the man to see in Vail if you want good rentals for a great price. There are also two labradors in the shop at all times, so you can see how I adore this place. I get to play with Mojo (he's the younger of the chocolate labs) and Mr. Pit does all the paper work and we walk out with super cheap demo skis for the 2 days. In Vail Village, right by the Vista Bahn.
Ski'd all day with lunch at The Red Lion in Vail Village. (Mr. Pit was not happy with his skis or boots, so he switched them out while we ordered for him)
Dinner at Larkspur. Larkspur is the new restaurant in the Golden Peak section of Vail (East of Vail Village) and they are known for their 1/2 price wine on Thursdays and their "Larkburgers". I bucked the trend and got pizza, but it was all delicious :)
Friday 3-6 Second and last day of skiing for the trip :(
Ski'd all day, lunch at Mid Vail. Actually found a table, wonder of wonders! Ski'd until 3 and came down exhausted. Returned skis, and had a home meal at the condo of pasta with break and bake chocolate chip cookies to top it off.
Saturday 3-7 Travelling Home
Left Vail at 10:00 with a huge threat of snow looming. It was a white out for some of the way on I-70...NOT the way I like to travel.
We stopped at the Outlets in Silverthorne and were NOT disappointed! I got a new Coach wallet, yay! And had to stop myself from buying a Coach Carly bag for $150...I am kind of kicking myself that I didn't buy it anyway, to atleast try it on eBay, but I didn't and am fine with it. Then we continued to drive and made it to Northfield, which is a new shopping center extravaganza outside Denver. We had an amazing mexican lunch at a restaraunt whose name escapes me now, but they made the guacamole at our table, yummy!!
Then, we spend the rest of the afternoon returning the car, checking our bag, and hanging out at the airport.
Overall, a fabulous trip. Southwest had us early on both ends of the trip, which always makes me a happy camper. I am sure they just add time to the flight estimate to make it seem like we get in early, but hey, if that's how you have to manage my expectations, then go right ahead. I love feeling 'early' :)
I do have to admit though, that it is nice to be home. I almost cried when I saw Lil' Pup, who was wagging his tail so hard he almost fell over, and I actually enjoyed doing laundry because with every piece of ski stuff that went in, I could think of a really fun run on the mountain that we had taken just days before.
Let me know if you need phone numbers or addresses for any of the places, they were all great!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, March 6, 2009

Vail did NOT get the memo

That's right, the memo that it's supposed to be SPRING soon! The two days of skiing we had here we less than stellar as we were pushed around by the wind for two entire days. The snow yesterday was horrid, and that's only if it you can call it snow. I felt like we were skiing back on the East Coast with all the ice. I didn't even know they HAD ice in Colorado! But they did, and we found it, all of it. Today was much better, but it was still tiring to fight the wind at every turn.

Some exciting celebrity news was that we ran into Alex Rodriguez of Yankees and Steroid fame right on Vail Road in the village yesterday. Once Mr. Pit realized that he actually DID want a picture with him (we normally aren't the celebrity bothering-types) he was into thin air never to be seen again. But, it was a fun story nonetheless.

We head back to Philly tomorrow afternoon and I have to admit that I am mostly excited to see Lil' Pit :)

Overall we had a great vacation, and I am so glad I got to spend a whole week with Mr. Pit while he had a week off of grad school. I also skied really well (if I do say so myself!) the 4 days we were on the slope, and I was rewarded by yummy dinners the whole week. We are making Penne ala Vodka tonight and I can't wait.
Talk to you all soon! xoxo Mrs. Pit

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bliss at 9600 feet

Hi Pit Fans,
I am at Copper Mountain now, relaxing with Mr. Pit and my Aunt and Uncle who live here. ON the mountain, that's right folks, this is the ULTIMATE ski house. We just spent 4 amazing days in Breckenridge, enjoying wonderful spring weather (I LOVE spring skiing) and a really nice relaxing time just the two of us.
We got in late Saturday night and pulled into our hotel, unloaded our bags and promptly fell asleep. I am not the best with altitude, so with some prescription Diamox I was ready to hit the town...albeit the next day.
Sunday we walked all around town and had a great breakfast at The Blue Moose which was a stones throw from our hotel. Fabulous eggs, yummy oatmeal and anything else you can think of, they have it. We ate there every day, including this morning before we left! Sunday was very low key, and we rented our skis and accessories and got ready for an early morning on the slopes on Monday.
The weather on Monday was to die for. Close to 60 degrees in town, sun everywhere, a spring skiers dream. We skied from 9:30 until 3:00 and could have done more, but we decided to get some rest before our sushi dinner and bachelor viewing. I know I know, you are saying, WHY if you are in this great mountain town are you staying in to watch the bachelor? Well...now that it's all been seen, I can't imagine what would have happened if I missed it!! Can Jason BE more of a jerk? And I want an answer to the question NO ONE is asking...why did he wait to break up with Melissa on National TV? I mean, can't you cut a girl a break and do it in person and NOT viewed by millions of people? That is just cruel. Change your mind fine, but don't break up with me on TV!! Anyways...so we never actually made it to Sushi since the darn show was 2 hours and then obviously we had to watch "After the Final Rose" so dinner was at 10pm and consisted of gummy candy and Clif bars. Awesome.
Tuesday was another day on the slopes, and this time we actually made it out to dinner! We went to Swiss Haven for Fondue and it was SO yummy. And if that wasn't enough, we went to Cold Stone Creamery for dessert! Then we watched some tv before passing out, to wake up this morning and get our massages, mmmmm. SO GOOD. We then had a fun pizza lunch and drove from Breck to Copper where we are now.
The plan is to make dinner here, drink some wine, play some games, and then get up early tomorrow morning to get to Vail by 9 and hopefully on the Mountain by 10. It could be a rush, but with this amazing warm weather, this snow can't be beat (well, if there was a foot of fresh powder, maybe, but I love this stuff).
So I hope all is well with you all back on the East Coast and everywhere else, I hear it's chilly over there!
We get back late late on Saturday, so I'll post a follow up blog on Sunday when we're unpacked and situated.
Lots of spring skiing love! xoxo Mrs. Pit