Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ready for take off!

Hi Pit Fans,
We take off at 4:40 today and we can't wait. We dropped off Lil' Pit at the vet this morning, and for once I didn't cry! He went bounding to the back, wagging his tail the whole way, and Mr. Pit was with me so I didn't get as emotional. Plus, my older brother is picking Lil' Pit up next Saturday so that he'll be home when we get home next Saturday night.
Anyways, we're all packed and I can't believe how efficient we are. We have one big suitcase that is getting checked, then a carry on suitcase and then just one more duffel, pretty good huh? PLUS, we checked in RIGHT at 4:40 yesterday (we are flying Southwest so we have to check in 24 hours before to get our boarding assignments) and we got A16 and A18 so we'll be right at the front of the line! Who know's who got A17...isn't that random? But we'll figure it out. I like sitting towards the front so we get off the plane first, but no rush today as we have to pick up our bag and our rental car anyways. We should be up to Breckenridge by 11 tonight and then we can sleep in and explore the town tomorrow and start skiing on Monday, yippee!
I will try to blog while I'm out there but we're not bringing the laptop, but I might be able to put in a Wednesday post from Copper.
Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, February 27, 2009

Furry Fridays

Hi All,
Today I am starting a new feature. I will present one of the MANY dogs that needs rescuing at Main Line Animal Rescue, and put the direct link up for you to browse if you like what I post. Now, as you can tell, I am partial to Pits, Labs and larger dogs, but I will make sure to add some smaller ones too for those of you who are more Chihuahua than Great Dane.

This handsome guy featured above is named Ashton . He is a pit mix of some sort and apparently he is the star of the kennel over there. The staff loves him as do the other dogs, so he'd be a great addition even if you already have a pup in your house.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE click on THIS LINK or just head over to and check out all the animals they have for adoption.

If you are not a PA resident, then please head over to Petfinder and look for a dog there. You can find just as many pure bred dogs on these two sites as you can from anywhere else, plus, they don't cost thousands of dollars like a breeder does!!

Anyways, not much going on in the city of Brotherly Love (besides the fact they are filming a move today on Market Street, anyone know what movie??), work is quiet which is nice, and tomorrow we leave for Colorado!

I am decked out in Pink and Navy today (something new and different, ha!) and am LOVING the spring weather.

I will do my best to post from Colorado, but otherwise expect to hear from me again on Sunday the 8th!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Thursday, February 26, 2009

You can't

...cry over spilled milk. You CAN however cry over spilled wine.
Last night I knocked over a full glass of my FAV red wine last night, all over the carpet, couch, myself, Mr. Pit and Lil' Pup...not good. Now the whole living room smells like OxyClean carpet cleaner, yuck. Anyways, we have 4 more bottles of the yummy wine (we buy it by the case, it's the bottle shown on the left) but it was very sad to knock it over and ruin a perfectly, hilariously fun evening. (Mr. Pit and I spent the night watching American Idol and making fun of everyone and everything about the show) Good times.

In other news, we are not even 1% packed for our trip on Saturday, and I haven't printed our itinerary or gotten anything organized. Our Peaks Passes are somewhere in the house, as well as my ski gear which has mysteriously gone missing. Oh well, I'm sure it will turn up before Saturday, it better!

Lil' Pup will go to the kennel (in the vets office) on Saturday morning and then my younger brother will pick him up next Saturday so that he can be home when we get home on Saturday night. I hate leaving him, but there is no other logical choice. Plus, he's safe, warm, and taken care of by the vets assistant that lives up stairs. He also gets updated on his shots (which saves an office visit fee) so it all works out. I do however, cry every time I leave him. He just wags his tail, licks my face and bounds into the back. Ah, dogs, gotta love em.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So, I said I wasn't going to post

And I somehow found myself on the widget page...and found the best widget EVER.
The Daily Puppy has been added, and there is the cute little addition on the right. Seriously, I don't know who comes up with this stuff, but I love it. Who doesn't need a good dose of cute puppy love once a day!
Anyways, I really gotta run as this project is due soon!
Enjoy the puppy!

A cold nose wake up

So, Mr. Pit was up really early today and let the dog out, fed him and left him out of his cage when he left. We had discussed all of this last night as the plan.
HOWEVER, I completely forgot about it and woke up this morning to a cold nose on my leg as I was brushing my teeth! Lil' Pit realized that he startled me and looked a little nervous, but it was too cute waking up to such a wonderful cold nosed surprise.
We then cavorted around the house and back yard and I actually managed to make my train on top of all of that.
I have a big project due at work today, so this might be the one and only post of the day, but I'll do my best to check in after 3pm.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mecca- FOUND

That's right girls,
I might be the last to know about this site (and I am sure I probably am) but seriously, never have better sales been found. The selection is limited, but the fact that they have SO much Lilly for such incredible prices, I can't begin to complain.
Go, go now. You won't regret it.


So...I got distracted

So...While stalking the internet for wedding web-pages and registries to weddings I won't be invited to (this is one of my fun games, I LOVE looking at what people register for!)...I found that Restoration Hardware does baby and kid furniture.

Then, my Virgo-ness kicked in (we LOVE to plan) and I started looking at furniture options for our future child (no, not pregnant, but I love to think about it) and this is what I found. Isn't the pink and brown and white adorable? My mom HATES brown so this obviously isn't the final choice, and by the time we get to having kids and much less having a girl...I am sure this color combo won't even be popular...but still.

Talk about a tangent! is my thought...Lilly Baby...who's with me? I could design the world's CUTEST pink and green room!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Holy itinerary's batman!
We are getting all psyched up for our trip to Breckenridge, Copper and Vail, and I also am lucky enough to go to NYC the next week for the Martha taping! Here's a little preview of my upcoming week.

Saturday- Fly out from Philly to Denver
Sunday- Walk around beautiful downtown Breck, relax, shop, get the lay of the land and pick up our rental skis, boots and poles.
Monday- Ski all day until our legs give out. Dinner of Sushi- yum :)
Tuesday- Ski all day until our legs give out again. Dinner of Fondue- even yummier!
Wednesday- Massages in the morning, lunch in Breck, drive to Copper Mountain. Dinner with my fabulous Aunt and Uncle who are nice enough to host us.
Thursday- Get up early and get to Vail asap. Rent equipment, get on the mountain.
Friday- Ski Vail until we pass out or until they close the lifts, whichever comes first. Take our awesome hosts out to dinner.
Saturday- Fly back to reality. Cry in airport. Smile when we pick up Lil' Pup from vet :)

THEN, the next Wednesday the schedule is as follows...
5:52 am Board train to NYC
7:17am Arrive NYC
7:25am start walk/stroll down to Chelsea Studio
7:45am-8:30am wait outside to be let into said studio.
10:00-11:30 am MARTHA taping!
1:00pm Lunch at Grammercy Tavern with my awesome god mother and fabulous family friend
4:00pm train back to Philly.

Are those two awesome itinerary's or what?!

Weekend Update

Morning Pit Fans,
It's another frozen day here in the city, so I opted for the heated station of Strafford today as opposed to the open-to-the-elements St.Davids...and I was glad I did. Just a quick update on the weekend and then I've got to get started on work as I have a big bid due on Wednesday.
1. I failed miserably at not spending any money this weekend. $300 at Lilly, $50 at Staples and 2 meals out...oops.
2. I LOVE all my Lilly pieces even though I am returning 2 as I spent way more than I should have, and I won't wear the dress as much as I probably should, so it's going back. But, the above tunic is what I am wearing to the Martha taping. Wahoo!!
3. I watched the Oscars in its entirety.
4. I am completely exhausted (see above)
5. Saw Slumdog Millionaire and LOVED IT. I protested to see He's Just Not That Into You but I am so glad we decided on Slumdog. See it.
6. 6 days to Colorado. Can't. Freaking. Wait. I am going to start laying out clothes tonight. yay!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Unwanted advice...from Cosi

So, I went to get lunch on my own today as my whole department seems to be MIA at the moment. Walking down Market Street I thought that a Cosi salad sounded good and in I went. I did a 'make your own' salad and proceeded to give my ingredients to the salad maker. As I got through all of my ingredients, I decided to top off my salad with their balsamic vinaigrette dressing. This is how it went.
Salad Person: "What kind of dressing would you like?"
Me: "Balsamic Vinaigrette please"
Salad Person: "Regular or Fat-Free?"
Me: "Regular please"
Salad Person: "That's really fatty you know. Are you sure?"
Me: "Um...yeah"

WTF? Did I ask for your opinion on my salad? Do I think I want to know how you FEEL about me getting the 'regular' version as opposed to the 'fat free'? Back off salad girl! This is MY salad! This is MY lunch choice! What are you my trainer? My nutritionist?

Urgh...I can't wait for the weekend!


Morning Pit Fans,

It's a balmy 24 degrees here in the city today, and that R5 couldn't have come soon enough! I was a preppy Popsicle this morning by the time it decided to rumble by and pick me up, thank goodness for cute North Face hats to keep my head and ears warm!
Mr. Pit is in New York today and tomorrow so spend time with his family after his Grandmother passed away last week, so it will just be me and Lil' pup at home tonight and tomorrow. (I was up last weekend but am just too busy at work with projects due to take the whole day off)

So, tonight I think I'll make myself another grilled cheese (I used super aged sharp cheddar last night and it was delish) and then Lil' Pup and I will sit down for Season 4 of One Tree Hill as it's supposed to come from Netflix today, yay! I know that doesn't sound so exciting to anyone else, but one of my favorite parts of winter (and believe me, there are not many!) is snuggling on the couch with Lil' Pup and Mr. Pit and watching some riveting television (even if it is from 3 years ago!)

In other news, I may actually get to go to the mall tomorrow (King of Prussia, obvi) and I am excited like you wouldn't believe. Since Mr. Pit and I are on a no spending kick, I haven't even let myself go into stores, much less try anything on, MUCH LESS buy anything...but I think tomorrow I will go get myself a little pick me up (maybe some Lilly stationery?)to get myself through February. We have to go buy Mr. Pit some pants for a wedding that he is a part of in May, so I will just tag along and see what I can find. Then I think we'll go see "He's just not that into you" and call it a night.

Anyways, that's the big plan for the not so big (or long) weekend. Hope you have more exciting stuff than me going on! Oh, and tune in next week for Pre-Vail trip excitement!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Give or take 10 degrees

If it were 10 degrees warmer, it might actually be semi-pleasant outside. If it were 10 degrees colder, this rain might actually be snow, and that would be lovely. As it is, it is just cold and rainy, not exactly a lovely day in Philly...
But, I get to go home to Mr. Pit and Lil' Pup and have a nice relaxing evening. I plan on putting on fleece pants (they are really to go under my ski pants, but they are so darn soft and cozy I use them as PJ pants) and a hoody (probably my JHU Field Hockey, but since I am one with MANY hoodies, this could be a complicated decision)and then parking myself in front of the tv to catch up on DVR'd episodes of House and Bones.
We are supposed to grill tuna tonight and make a salad (and by 'we', I mean Mr. Pit) but I am not sure that is what I want at all...but we are really in a spending freeze, so I think my plea for take out could be and would be quickly nixed. Oh well, the tuna that we get from Trader Joe's is amazing and always good, it just doesn't sound as appealing as say grilled cheese and tomato soup at the moment.
Anyways, that's all I have...plans are all in place for the NYC trip, and everything is in place for the trip to Colorado as well. More on that tomorrow, have a good night!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grammercy Tavern and a day in NYC

That's right folks, I scored the ultra-elusive Grammercy Tavern reservation for my day off in NYC with my Mom, and I am SO thrilled about it.
We have to be up in New York City by 8am , and at the Martha studio by 8:30am in order to get our tickets and get seated for the show which starts taping at 10:00 am. Then, at 1pm we have lunch reservations for 4 people at Grammercy Tavern and I am seriously excited about the food. Grammercy gets voted into the Top 10 of NYC restaurants consistently, and I am just thrilled that it's the way we get to top off our awesome Martha Stewart/Lilly Pulitzer day. I am now hoping for warm weather and we'll be all set! I also saw Danny Meyer drink mixes at Williams Sonoma, so you know you're big time when they start mass producing your signature cocktails!
I have only eaten at 1 other Danny Meyer restaurant, The Modern, and it was utterly fabulous. We went last August with Mr. Pit's family and it was incredible. We had a lovely day at MoMA before our awesome dinner, and every part of the meal was perfect.
Anyways, the biggest news of all is this: I am going to be a 1 time (hopefuly more!) contributor to The Preppy Princess' blog! I emailed her to thank her for posting the Martha ticket information, and since she is the reason I got the tickets, I thought I could atleast email her a 'thanks'! Turns out she wants a play by play of the day, as well as pictures from the event, and I told her I would be thrilled to contribute!! You can read her blog by going here and clicking on her blog icon in the middle of the page, plus, they have super cute preppy things for sale, so shop while you're on!
Look for me on the blog the 3rd week of March or so, yippee!

oh, and by the way, I LOVE this new shift by Lilly, yay for Spring!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Martha and Me!!!

BIG NEWS, I'm talking HUGE.
I am going to be in the audience for the taping of The Martha Stewart Show, and it's the anniversary of Lilly Pulitzer episode!
I just got the email that I got the tickets this afternoon, and I have to be in New York on March 11th, and to the studio by 8:30 that morning. I am so excited I can't even stand it. I called my mom to tell her about it (it was a surprise for her birthday, but I didn't tell her before since I had to 'win' the tickets) and she told me she was going to cry. I am SO happy that I could make her so happy and excited. She LOVES Martha, as do I, and we both freaking adore Lilly (obvi) and I can't believe we get to go to this show. Seriously, best day ever. Plus, since it was at the end of the totally shit filled week that we had (Mr. Pit's Grandmother passed away on Wednesday) so I was looking for something to brighten my day, and this totally helped. I responded to the email right away to ensure our seats, and I already have us booked on the 5:52 am Amtrak train from 30th street :) :)
Anyways, have a fabulous weekend, I am going home to make a nice dinner then we are off to NY for the weekend to deal with family matters.
Peace, Love and Lilly!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

50 February

What has the world come to with temperatures like this? Not that I am complaining at all...I in fact, love every waking second of it! How nice it was to stand and wait for the train today without having to stand hunched over lest the cold wind get down my jacket! No, this morning was fairly lovely for being 7am, and my train was on time to boot, yahoo!
In other good news today, though the Dow is down approximately 300 points (which does NOT make me happy) Mr. Pit and I were able to lock in a new low rate for our mortgage, and we close in 60 days. The savings is significant and this should help with the bills tremendously since the shiny new A6 is in the driveway begging to be paid for.
I also had an awesome Thai lunch with my friend E, and just yesterday I got a huge project off my desk that had been on it since last November!! I also got the final payment for another project of mine, so that can get off the desk in the coming weeks as well, yippee!
Anyways, as we all know, Valentine's Day is coming up, and I actually have 2 gifts for Mr. Pit this year. Neither scream romance (or sex, sorry!) but I think he'll like them just the same. I specifically asked for nothing for the day since all I want it to sit on the couch and watch movies with him and Lil' Pup all day Sunday. If it's nice we are going to bring Lil' Pup to Valley Forge for a really long walk, but again, it's all dependent on the weather. We also both have Monday off from work, so there is potential for movie time that day as well, so we'll just have to play it by ear.
Anyways, I gotta get back to the grind since I have two bids due in the next week and I am running them both, yikes!
Oh, and p.s, I am NOT happy that Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill were both reruns last night, ugh! But, on a super fun gossip note...rumor has it that Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis on OTH) and James Lafferty (Nathan Scott on OTH) are dating in real I the only geek that thinks that is really fun?! A little creepy since she was married to Chad Michael Murray for a hot second, but I am a huge Sophia Bush fan anyways, so I can't possibly hate on these two. I love it!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do I need a new coat? It's certainly cold enough!

Afternoon Pit Fans,
It is a balmy 24 degrees out today in the City of Brotherly Love, and waiting for the R5 today certainly gave me pause for ever again exclaiming that I like winter. This is false. Today, I did not heart winter, in fact, I hated every second of every minute that I was out of my car waiting for the perpetually late 7:14am train from St. Davids.

What astounded me even more than my revelation that I am in fact a summer person, was the fact that everyone else at the station was WAY less dressed than I was and knowingly left the house like that! There was even a man talking about how cold it was (he said his car read 12 degrees, as did mine) and yet was standing there in a trench coat (maybe it was lined, but still!) no hat, no gloves AND no scarf! What is wrong with people? Do you think that makes you tough to be out in the freezing cold with nothing protecting you? I know I may look kind of doofy in my big down coat, but I bet I was warmer than all the idiots on the platform with me.

Anyways, enough of that rant...on to the fun stuff. I saw this coat online today and not only is it TDF, but also on sale, yippee! I think Mr. Pit might yell if I come home with one more closet busting piece of outerwear, but honestly, how cute is this?! I could wear it to the PSPCA benefit we are going to tomorrow night...but alas, even if I ordered it right this moment I am not sure it would get here on time. That's ok though, I do have enough coats to last me a life time, and since we will have spring-like weather this weekend I am hoping I can put my big down coat into seasonal retirement sooner rather than later.
Oh, and to double up on the irony, we leave for our ski vacation in Breckenridge in 3 weeks and 2 days, yippee!
Have a great evening!
xoxo Mrs. Pit
p.s I am SO excited for the double episode of Greys and Private Practice tonight, yay!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A snowy start

Morning Pit Fans!
It's been a crazy start to 2009, but I couldn't be happier to be back on the scene. One big change is the new background, and I'm really loving the preppy sensibility that is all things argyle, and most importantly, pink and green!

Work has been good thus far in 2009 and I have also survived the two rounds of layoffs which were a total let down when they happened. A lot of good workers got cut because of the straining economy and the lack of construction work, and I am hoping that when things turn around they can all move on to bigger and better things. I however, have been busier than ever with competitive bids, which is good for me and the company, so all seems to be well there.

On the home front all is wonderful. Lil' Pup LOVED the snow this morning and was very excited that he got to be out on his leash today while we shoveled our driveway. I never thought we had a huge driveway until I had to shovel it this morning, and boy oh boy its bigger than I thought! But, I made it into work a scant 1.5 hours late and since hardly anyone is here in my department today, it all worked out perfectly.

On the economy front, Mr. Pit and I have most of our stuff together for our taxes, so we are really hoping that we get a refund this year instead of owing like we have the past two years!

I am also trying to really rein in the shopping but it is SO much easier said than done when you have companies like J. Crew and Pottery Barn constantly emailing you with offers and sales! I also found some really cute preppy blogs and websites that I am newly obsessed with.
My latest craving though, is for monogrammed melamine plates, bowls and serving trays...I mean, can you think of anything cuter?! I found super cute ones here and am trying to figure out how NOT to buy them for us (as we dont need anything more in any of our cupboards ever!) but am thinking of them as wedding presents. And, seeing as we have 5 weddings this year, yes, 5...I think I can get my craving out while buying for others, double win!!

Anyways, I gotta get back to the grind, but wanted to catch up and let you know I'll be with you regularly from now on!
xoxo Mrs. Pit
(oh, and btw, this weeks Gossip Girl was the best ever, posing us with the question of "Is a scandal still a scandal if you can't text about it?" ha...I love it.)