Monday, February 23, 2009


Holy itinerary's batman!
We are getting all psyched up for our trip to Breckenridge, Copper and Vail, and I also am lucky enough to go to NYC the next week for the Martha taping! Here's a little preview of my upcoming week.

Saturday- Fly out from Philly to Denver
Sunday- Walk around beautiful downtown Breck, relax, shop, get the lay of the land and pick up our rental skis, boots and poles.
Monday- Ski all day until our legs give out. Dinner of Sushi- yum :)
Tuesday- Ski all day until our legs give out again. Dinner of Fondue- even yummier!
Wednesday- Massages in the morning, lunch in Breck, drive to Copper Mountain. Dinner with my fabulous Aunt and Uncle who are nice enough to host us.
Thursday- Get up early and get to Vail asap. Rent equipment, get on the mountain.
Friday- Ski Vail until we pass out or until they close the lifts, whichever comes first. Take our awesome hosts out to dinner.
Saturday- Fly back to reality. Cry in airport. Smile when we pick up Lil' Pup from vet :)

THEN, the next Wednesday the schedule is as follows...
5:52 am Board train to NYC
7:17am Arrive NYC
7:25am start walk/stroll down to Chelsea Studio
7:45am-8:30am wait outside to be let into said studio.
10:00-11:30 am MARTHA taping!
1:00pm Lunch at Grammercy Tavern with my awesome god mother and fabulous family friend
4:00pm train back to Philly.

Are those two awesome itinerary's or what?!


Prep-E Girl said...

I am SO jealous of your trips.

1. LOVE Vail. Love it!

2. I was sick when the Martha taping was announced and I didn't even get to ENTER the ticket giveaway. Boo!



Monogramchick said...

have a great time! just got back from Vail...isn't it the most beautiful place?!