Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oops, I did it again...

Well, it happened. Again. I tend to do this every year, but it's worth it.

I like what I like, and I like getting a bargain on top of that...

Here's what happened.

I asked nicely for these boots.

These are the Jane 14L boot by Frye.
I love them.
Ever since I laid eyes on them a few months back I knew I had to have them.

And, I asked nicely. I was told by Santa (more than one Santa in fact) that I would not be getting these boots under the tree. (Something about having too many shoes, blah blah blah).

So, when I saw that Macys was having 25% off today on a Friends and Family deal, and that this discount code in fact worked for these boots, in the cart they went!

I didn't get the color I wanted originally (I was lusting after the Redwood, but got Natural) because they were out of the 9.5 in that color...but for this deal (a savings of $75!) I had to have them. I am going to see if the brown works, it looks like it will. If it doesn't, I'll return them and hopefully by then they will have the Redwood or Dark Brown in stock to exchange.

So, again, the number 1 thing I wanted for Christmas I had to buy myself. Oh well. It was better than getting them on eBay when you never really know what you're going to get.

Oh, and if you want to use that Macy's code it's MACYSFF for 25% off everything. Ann Taylor is also doing 50% off their entire site and everything instore, and that code for online is MONDAY.

Hope everyone had great Cyber Mondays!!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Oh, and here's an extra picture of Little Pit this past Saturday, walking my in-laws dog :) She's such a good helper!

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Christmas Card Preview...

Hey all,
I just finished designing and ordering our Christmas cards for this year and thought I'd give you a little sneak peak :)

I don't have our proofs yet from our photographer from the Outer Banks, so I had my Father-In-Law take our picture over Thanksgiving so I could get onto ordering these cards.

I got 25 free thanks to winning the awesome Muffy Martini's giveaway last month, and the rest were 40% off thanks to the Cyber Monday sale...booyah!

They said I saved $88 with my coupon codes, yahoo!

If you need Christmas cards, order them today, seriously!! It doesn't get much better than 40% off!!

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I'll post more pictures later this week.

Mrs. Pit

Oh, and if stuff is still pictured in the old blogs, it's still for sale!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Blog Sale Part 2

Ok guys,
Here's more!

If you want detail pictures (tags, etc) just email me or comment on the blog and I'll email them or post them a bit later.

The Burberry skirt and the Lilly shoes sold, but I have lots more for you!
Lilly Pulitzer 3/4 sleeve pink mock turtleneck with gathering at center neck. Size medium Asking $25 shipped.

Lilly Pulitzer Striped hooded beach cover up with ties at sleeves. Size medium
Asking $50 shipped (purchased for $138 worn once)

Banana Republic short sleeve pink cowl neck blouse. 1/2 Cashmere 1/2 wool Size Medium Asking $40 shipped.

Lilly Pulitzer striped dress shirt with floral detail on cuffs and collar. Fresh from the dry cleaner. Asking $25 shipped. Size 10.
The Limited Tan 2 button suit coat. Fully lined in 100% silk. Size 10
Asking $40 shipped.

Tweeds madras jacket. Size 10. Asking $30 shipped.

Lilypod Pink quilted button front jacket. Size medium. Asking $35 shipped.

Brand New with tags Dakota Martin Grey and Pink cape with toggle closures. Purchased for $160. Asking $75 shipped.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Navy Raincoat with toggle closures. Size Large. Asking $45 shipped.

Ann Taylor faux shearling jacket with hook closures in front. SUPER warm coat, perfect for the winter. Purchased winter of 2009, worn only a handfull of times. Asking $70 shipped.

Remember, all prices are negotiable, I am just trying to clean out my closet!

Email with any questions to Preppypitbull@gmail. com or comment on the blog.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! We're headed up to NY to spend the week with Mr. Pit's family tomorrow and we're really looking forward to it:)

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Thursday, November 17, 2011



So, I have been told by Santa, that unless I clean out my closet a bit, he won't look at my Christmas list.


So, here's my attempt to do so.

There's a ton here, and a ton more coming tomorrow. To purchase anything, just email me at Preppypitbull@gmail.com and we'll do paypal from there. (My paypal account is under another email). Any questions about anything, email me there too. All prices include shipping!

Happy Shopping!

(Oh, and a lot of these downloaded in the wrong order, but you can kind of get the drift, right?!)

Lilly Corderoy Mini Skirt with some stretch. Size 12 $30 shipped

Lilly Sweater Dress Size Large. Purchased for $198, $50 shipped

Etcetera dress with collar. Size 10. Purchased for $175, $50 shipped

JCrew V Neck Dress with silk sash. Size 10. $40 shipped

Lilly Cocktail dress, fully lined, size 10. Purchased for $198, $60 shipped

Vineyard Vines Blue Mini Skirt. Size 12 $40 shipped

Banana Republic Khaki Pencil Skirt Size 10. $30 shipped

Lilly Pink Golf Skort Size 10. $35 shipped

Anne Klein Riding Boots (inside zipper). Size 9 1/2 $40 shipped

Anne Klein Gold Pom Pom Flats. Size 9. Purchase for $98. $35 shipped

Simple Sneakers. Size 9 1/2. Worn only a few times. $25 shipped

Boden Purple Silk Open Toe Heels. Worn once. Purchased for $198. $60 shipped.

Again, there's more questions. If you want anything or have questions, please email me at Preppypitbull@gmail.com. I have lots of Lilly sweaters and blouses coming tomorrow as well as some outerwear (North Face fleece, Merrell Snow boots, get excited!)


xoxo Mrs. Pit

Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy busy!

Hi there,
Sorry we've been MIA, Little Pit and I have been trying to be outside every chance we get since this Fall weather has been so mild in Philly.

We ended up at Valley Forge National Park last week for a walk through the leaves with our friends P and H, and here are some pictures of the fun we had.

Otherwise we've been all over the place, to a birthday party, to an oyster roast and this week we have 3 open houses at 3 different pre-schools. YIKES! Little Pit will go next Fall, but apparently you're supposed to sign up almost a whole 9 months before, sheesh! So, we're going to check out 3 pretty close to our house and that have gotten great reviews from friends, and hopefully we'll like one and there will be enough room in the one we like best.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I won!

You guys, I never win ANYTHING. Seriously! But, in the last week I won not 1 but 2 blog giveaways!!

The first was from Muffy Martini and it was for $25 worth of cards from Shutterfly !

THEN, the one I won this morning was from Nautical By Nature for a $250 giftcard to Vineyard Vines !

I absolutely can't believe either! I am so excited to make our cards from Shutterfly, I am just waiting to get our proofs back from our photographer in the Outer Banks.

I already did some 'window' shopping at Vineyard Vines today, and this is what I picked out so far...(I have to admit though that I am waiting for their Holiday line to come out, and also to see if they have another 'Whale of a Sale' anytime soon. I think they probably will in the next month, so I'm crossing my fingers!)

This is what I would get if I HAD to spend it today...
For me: Thames Street Argyle Sweater $89.99 (on sale!)
For Little Pit: Shep Quilted Shoulder Shirt (this matches the one I have, I mean, what could be cuter?) $59.50
For Mr. Pit: Yankees Boxers $24.50

So far we all get something and I still have money left over for someone or something else!

Thanks again Kate!!

Hope everyone is having a great day, Little Pit and I had a lazy morning but we're going out to Valley Forge National Park this afternoon to play and take a nice fall walk :)

xoxo Mrs. Pit