Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hi friends,
2010 was an AWESOME year for the Pit Family (with of course one very sad occurrence in December)

We gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl in April.
We got to vacation in gorgeous New Hampshire and North Carolina, oh yeah, and Vegas last February!
Mr. Pit got a fabulous new job that he loves after graduating with an MBA from Villanova!
We saw lots of friends and family and we couldn't be luckier to know and love all of them.

We are hoping that 2011 brings lots of health and happiness to everyone (including Little Pit who is STILL on the mend from a bout of Pneumonia from earlier this week).

Hope you have a great night tonight, be safe! Mr. Pit and I will be home eating cheese fondue and drinking Champagne, yum!!

I will leave you with a picture of our little monster Little Pit :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh NO you didn't!

Come on New York Times you did not honestly put THIS story into your VOWS section.

The story chronicles the wedding of two people who met at their children's preschool. They became friends. The spouses became friends. They went on family vacations together. Then they apparently fell in love and left their spouses to be married to each other.

I believe VERY much in vows. In promises. I am proud of the vows I made to my husband. My husband is AWESOME.

I don't believe that every marriage can work out. I don't believe every marriage SHOULD work out. People change. Circumstances change.

However, I don't like the tone of the above story. I think it is almost celebrating the fact that these two people broke up two perfectly good marriages because they liked each other better.

I think people need to take more personal responsibility when it comes to things like this.

I have no issue in you ending your marriage because it's not working, you've worked on it and you still can't fix it. I have no issue with you getting married again. I of course want everyone to be happy. Happy is great. Marriage is proven to make people happier, I'm all for it.

What I don't like is the sort of dirty side to the above story. How hurt the respective spouses must have been. How confused the children must have been and probably still are.

If this is your life, then that's great, I just don't think it belongs in the vows section of the New York Times.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Onwards and Upwards...

So, moving forward in the Pit household without our pup has been hard, but we have been trying to keep busy and get ready for Christmas.

Little Pit got a few early Christmas presents (and to be honest, she's only getting one thing in her stocking and we'll let her unwrap our presents for us, we didn't buy her any toys*)

One of the big things she got was a new car seat. The snugride was supposed to fit her until she was 22 pounds or something like that, but the straps were getting way too tight and her little feet were already starting to hang over the bottom. Plus, it was nearly impossible to lift the car seat in and out of the car, so we decided to move her up into the convertible car seat a bit early.

We went with the Britax Marathon which got the most overwhelming recommendations when I asked around about it, and it gets great safety ratings so to we went and purchased. I ended up going with the Alison pattern since this car seat will really be Little Pit's and Little Pits alone. She should be in this seat for quite a few years, so I figured up I could girl this up for her (and me!). I think it's adorable and Mr. Pit had it installed in minutes.

Other thing Little Pit got from as an early Christmas gift was sippy cups. She has no idea what to do with it yet, she likes to hold on and shake it around, and to gnaw on the spout, but so far I don't think she's gotten any liquid out. Oh well, all in time, right? She turns 8 months in 1 week, so I figured it wasn't too early to start with the sippy cup, we'll just have to teach her how to use it over time, just like everything else right?

Ok, and now onto why we aren't getting any gifts for Little Pit this year:

1. She's only 8 months old. She doesn't get it. She has no idea why we have a large tree in our living room. She doesn't know who Santa is. She has no idea why we have 'socks' hanging from the mantle.
2. She will have no idea why we will go to church on Christmas eve to see the pageant. She will have no idea that I am disappointed that she is too big to be the Baby Jesus this year.
3. I buy her 'gifts' almost every other day of the week/month/year. She gets new clothes all the time. She has enough toys for us to run a day care in our house.
4. She has 2 sets of Grandparents and 3 Godparents who already have and will continue to spoil her.

She LOVES paper. We will let her play with as much wrapping paper as she wants on Christmas morning. We will sit by the tree and open presents and listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas record like we always do. She will have no idea that she didn't get any gifts this year from us. Her gift is sitting in the back seat of the car (that Marathon didn't come free you know) Her gifts will continue to come throughout the year since she is growing like a weed and already has two huge tupperware bins full of clothes she has outgrown.

I do not feel guilty for not buying her specific Christmas presents this year. She will have YEARS of getting lots of special presents from us in her lifetime. At this point it's more important for us to put money in her 529 than it is for us to get her one more thing that is plastic and makes noise to entertain her.

Even without a lot of presents for her or us under the tree (we got each other memberships to the YMCA and new smartphones already), it will still be a wonderful happy day filled with family and a lot of love. You can't ask for any more than that can you?

Hope you have a great last week before Christmas!!

xo Mrs. Pit

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hi friends,
well, today was D-Day...drop off day for Lil' Pup. Main Line Animal Rescue found him a foster home, YAY! and I dropped him off this morning and he was going to be picked up at noon.

I did pretty well until someone asked how I was, and then I lost it. I feel SO guilty for doing this, but even the two people who work at the kennel that I saw today said that it was the best thing for everyone involved. If Lil' Pup ever did anything to hurt Little Pit we would all be sorry, and he most likely would have to be put down, and it never got to that thank goodness.

Lil' Pup didn't seem to notice anything, as soon as he realized he was in a place where he could smell other dogs he didn't pay ANY attention to me whatsoever, and when Megan took his leash to bring him to the back, he didn't even turn around. I think it's all for the better though, had he turned around, or if I had to say some sort of formal goodbye I think I would have lost it even more than I already did.

What did cheer me up (The people at MLAR are good!) was the little of AKC certified Black Lab puppies that were dropped off yesterday. 8 puppies. 8 weeks old. 8 ADORABLE fuzz buckets. They said we could have one. We could pick it up Saturday. Girl or boy, our choice. Anyone we wanted. SATURDAY.

Mr. Pit said NO. Shocker.

I think it's for the best though, I can't really imagine trying to wrangle a crawling/pulling up almost 8 month old AND trying to house train a puppy in the middle of winter...but, I'll keep you posted if Mr. Pit lets his guard down and says yes!!

Oh, and apparently there are 12 yellow lab pups on their way and should arrive tomorrow. Anyone want a FULLY CERTIFIED PURE BRED Lab for Christmas? They have 'em!

Email me if you're interested!

Thanks for all the support over the past few weeks, it really has helped me through this very difficult decision making process.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Oh, and Little Pit can sit on her own, can fully crawl (AND FAST!) and is pulling up on everything she can get her hands on, eek! Here's a pic since I haven't shown her in awhile.

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Mr. Pit called the rescue where we got Lil' Pup, Main Line Animal Rescue and they understand our situation and are as saddened by the events as we are. They are a fabulous no-kill shelter known around the country for their love of all animals and all the work they do to shut down poorly run puppy mills.

Currently they are looking for a foster home for Lil' Pup as no one wants him to go back into kennel life with lots of other dogs as we know it was super stressful for him.

Hopefully we will have something by the end of the week, and hopefully someone is willing to foster him for a few month before they can put him in a forever home.

Thank you for all the support, the emails and messages I have gotten this morning have really made me feel much better about things and I really appreciate it. I am glad you understand how hard this was for us, and how hard it will be moving forward without him in the house, but we know it's for the best.

Mrs. Pit

Monday, December 6, 2010

VERY sad news...

So there has been a few things going on at home that I haven't told you guys or blogged about, mostly because it is so heartbreaking that I can't even talk about it without crying.

When we brought Little Pit home, Lil' Pup wasn't thrilled, but he was seemingly ok with it. We did everything they tell you to do, introduced him to the nursery, let him sniff all of her clothes and bedding and all that stuff. We brought the receiving blanket home for him to sniff once she was born and did our best to prepare him for what was coming.

Unfortunately, Lil' Pup is just not a fan of hers. Especially now that she is crawling, he really can't stand her and growls at her whenever she gets near him and has snapped at her a few times, once coming really close. Since she will be toddling soon, and probably falling over a lot while trying to figure out how best to walk, we are just really concerned about any future interaction. He doesn't react well when he's startled, and with a falling infant, we really believe that this could get very dangerous for her very soon.

We of course did our best over the past 7 months to get them acquainted and tried to get Lil' Pup to understand that she was part of the family and that he should treat her like he treated us. However, he has not gotten any better and now that Little Pit is really starting to move, we feel that it is in her best interest, and our best interest being her safety, that Lil' Pup goes back to the rescue.

I can't tell you how hard it was to make this decision. There have been tears. LOTS of tears over this decision, but we just can't knowingly put our daughter in danger with an unpredictable dog.

You all know how I feel about rescue dogs, and how happy I was to rescue him knowing how hard it was for him at the kennel. You know that my motto is that there are no bad dogs and only bad owners.

I truly do not feel that he is a bad dog, I just think that he really needs to be a true ONLY dog and ONLY child, and that is not a situation that we can put him in. If only we got him as a puppy and had any control of his life before we found him.

I hope you all don't hate me or Mr. Pit, we really worked so hard and for the past few weeks have been exhausting all the resources we can to try to help him and our situation, but what most trainers tell us, is, that if it were their daughter, and he was their dog, they wouldn't hesitate to remove him from the house for her safety. Also, we have worked really hard over the past 3 years to give him the life he deserved and really worked on his dog aggression as well. We have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on trainers and methods and they have just not had the overall effect that we have wanted them to.

It truly breaks my heart to think that we have to give him back, but it would break my heart more if he ever hurt Little Pit and then we'd have to relocate him after that anyway, and at the rate he is going, an accident is going to happen sometime soon.

I know that some of you may be thinking that we can just separate them for the day, but that is no way for him or us to live. There is no point in having a dog if we can't interact with him, and to lock him upstairs or in his crate for the day isn't fair for him either. He deserves a family, just one without kids that crawl or toddle after him like Little Pit does.

I don't know exactly when we will give him back, we made the final decision tonight after talking to yet another professional dog trainer that said sometimes dogs and kids just can't mix no matter how hard you try, and that it is just too dangerous to risk it.

What I also want to stress, is that I don't want this post to discourage anyone from ever rescuing an animal in the future. I don't think that we did the wrong thing by rescuing him, I am happy that we could give him a loving home for as long as we did and I am so hopeful that he will get rescued by another family that is better suited to the lifestyle that he needs sometime soon.

I truly believe that rescuing animals is the right thing to do, and that there are GREAT dogs that need homes. Little Pup is a GREAT dog, he just isn't kid friendly and a lot of pure bred dogs aren't kid friendly either. I don't think this has ANYTHING to do with him being part Pit bull either. Pit bulls are KNOWN for being great with kids, I think this has much more to do with his puppyhood which unfortunately neither us nor the rescue where we got him has any clue about. He was rescued from another rescue, so his first few years of life are completely undocumented. We think he may have been abused as a puppy but we really have no idea.

When we got him we didn't think he could hurt a fly, but with his behavior towards Little Pit bordering on really dangerous, we were sadly proven wrong. He reacts so badly whenever she gets anywhere near him, if he were a true older sibling it would be called severe jealousy and we could combat it, but we can't seem to train the behavior out of him no matter how hard we try.

Anyways, so after the highs of this past weekend, here is our biggest low of this entire year.

I will cry every time I walk by where his water and food bowls were, as well as his bed and all his toys. I am crying as I type this because I feel like a complete and utter failure as a dog-mom. I feel that I have failed him in the most basic of senses, as I was supposed to rescue him from a life in the kennel and now all I am doing is giving him back. I know it is for the best, and that we HAVE to put Little Pit first, she is our flesh and blood and has to be protected, that is truly my job as a mother. I just wish I didn't have to protect one thing I love from another.

Please please please no nasty comments. I don't think I could take it. Please believe me that we did everything we could and that this decision is the hardest one we've made in our entire marriage.

Thanks, Mrs. Pit

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

My best friend got married this weekend and it was SO amazing.

She planned the entire weekend down to the second, and every bit of planning completely paid off, as it was a flawlessly executed rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding, wedding and reception.

She looked absolutely stunning, I mean, COMPLETELY breathtaking. I think *I* looked good on my wedding day, but holy cow, this girl could be on the cover of ANY wedding magazine in the world.

Her dress was amazing, her hair and make up perfection, her shoes were to die for, but above all, she handled herself with grace, poise and beauty the entire time. (Me, on the other hand, had a near nervous breakdown the night before the wedding as well as the morning of). C was cool, calm and collected the entire day, through the ceremony and then danced her bum off at the reception and seemed to have a fabulous time.

I cried more than once over the weekend, but all happy tears since I was SO happy for her. I had fielded more than one phone call over the years when she was single and I promised her that she would find a great guy who deserved her love, and would dote on her and adore her as much as she would him.

And let me tell you guys, her husband IS that guy. He absolutely adores her, you can practically SEE the love pouring out when she walks into a room. They were SO cute all weekend and I was SO happy that she found someone that loves her SO much and it was awesome to see them both so happy.

I believe at this point they are either in LA for the night or currently somewhere over the Pacific on their way to Fiji for the first week of what sounds like an incredible honeymoon. Mr. Pit and I spent the day recovering from a lot of dancing and fun having, and now I'm off to bed, but first a few photos of my amazing, stunning best friend, the kindest most wonderful friend a girl could ask for.


Her awesome MOH and her sister A looking SO pretty! (She also gave an awesome speech!)

Mr. Pit and I at the end of the night (PS, I know the camera adds 10lbs but dear lord, how many cameras did I have on me! Ew!)

Cut that cake!

Dancin' the night away!

Congratulations C and S! Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon!

Hope you all had a great weekend like we did!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Thursday, December 2, 2010


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