Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The big reveal...

Here it is folks...

what you've ALL been waiting for...

Little Pit's Easter Dress!!

What, you thought it was a bigger announcement...ha, NO.

My Mom and I found this after I got an email from the adorable company Emily Lacey . They are having a 60% off sale (use code SPRING) and Mom and I took FULL advantage.

Can you get over the collar? Or the hand smocking? I certainly can't. Plus, for 60% off retail we couldn't say no.

She's going to be SO stinking cute! Now all she needs is her basket and she's set for some serious egg hunting!!


Hope everyone is having a great week!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, February 24, 2012


Hi all,
February turned out to be way busier than I thought, and trying to keep a toddler entertained while not being able to get outside as much as I want proved challenging.

Here are some confessions from the last few weeks.

*Little Pit has started throwing tantrums wherein she gets spaghetti legs and just lies down on the floor. Any floor. Including the floor of the mall this past Monday. I did nothing except watch her and wait for her to get up. People thought I was nuts, but I refuse to negotiate with her, so when she's done, we move on.

*I may or may not have had an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen for lunch that same day out of a combination of starvation, frustration and complete lack of nutritional responsibility.

*It was delicious!

*I bought two things full price on Gap.com because of a desire to get 'points' on my Visa. (I then found a 20% coupon code online, yay!)

*We had someone come and look at our house on Monday. Praying to god they put in a decent offer and we can sell it, that would completely MAKE my spring.

*One Tree Hill gave me nightmares this week. Do you watch? I am devastated that next week is the season finale.

*I have napped when Little Pit naps almost every day this week.

*I almost dropped serious money at Pottery Barn kids this week on Easter stuff, but stopped myself. (very proud). Their stuff is so stinking cute though!

*We are driving up to NYC tomorrow for the day and night and I haven't even started to pack myself or Little Pit or clean the car or anything.

That's about it for confessions. In all honesty I haven't really felt like myself this week, so I am giving myself a pass, and hopefully this weekend in NYC will boost my spirits and get me out of the funk I feel like I'm in. Plus, I get to see my BFF B at her engagement party tomorrow night, yahoo!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Current state of things...

Hi guys, I got this off the adorable AEOT's blog and I am always a sucker for answering questions like this. So, here goes!

current guilty pleasure: The Bachelor. I don't love Ben, or any of the girls, but there is just SO much drama this season I can't get enough.

current nail color: Natural. I haven't gotten a mani in months and probably won't until the summer :(

current playlist: Just downloaded the Mumford and Sons album and I love it. Taylor Swift though has been coming up frequently though on the 'random' setting of my iPod, but I'm not complaining.

current read: Unfortunately no books, but I have a few on my list including Hunger Games and a negotiation book that Mr. Pit is reading that looks really interesting.

current drink: I made the tough transition to Caffeine Free Coke last month and I am doing pretty well. I am certainly sleeping better which is what I was going for, so, I consider it a win.

current food: I had my 2nd burger of the week tonight, but this one was from Capital Grille so it was extra special and extra delicious. YUM!

current favorite show: One Tree Hill and the Bachelor. Lots of drama on both this year and I love it.

current wish list:
The entire Boden Spring catalog!

current needs: The continued health of Little Pit, we haven't gotten any bad colds or bugs so far, KNOCK ON WOOD!!

current triumphs: We bought a new TV today and negotiated the delivery guys to remove the old HUGE one from the basement, yay!

current bane of my existence: Nothing much which is surprising since I can always find something to gripe about. Maybe the 6:30 start of the Super Bowl...why is it so late?! (as I say as a mother of a toddler who doesn't want to leave a halftime or before for bedtime!!)

current indulgence: Milk Duds at the movies tonight. SOOO good.

current blessing: Our mild winter has been FINE by me. It means less oil, which means smaller heating bills, which means less stress in general. I have a BAD feeling we're going to get a heck of a storm at some point this winter.

current excitement: My best friend is due with her baby ANY MINUTE!! Her due date was actually this past Tuesday, this baby is taking it's time!! I can't wait to meet the peanut, come out Peanut, come out!!

current mood: FULL (of too much yummy food from Capital Grille), happy and tired.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pink Swap!

Hi all!
This year I asked to be a part of the Pink Swap hosted by Hopsy and I got paired up with the fabulous Paige of monogramsandmargaritas!

Paige COMPLETELY spoiled me and I am SO thrilled that I was matched with her.

We started off with a few emails back and forth getting to know each other, and the next thing you know she can read my mind!

I hope I did half as well on her gifts as she did mine, and a BIG thank you to Hopsy for such a great pairing!!

So, this gem was on our front porch when Little Pit and I got back from our morning adventures.
How cute is that, she even sent it in a PINK box! I was NOT that creative!!

This is everything out of the box. I wanted to tear into it, but I made myself slow down and take a picture so I could enjoy the beautiful wrapping!

And these were the amazing items inside. First there is that adorable bow keychain (from Kate Spade!!!) Something I adore but would have never gotten for myself, I LOVE it! Then the awesome Lilly cocktail shaker, so cute with the monkeys. It will look FAB on the bar :) Then the adorable pink and green pencils as well as the adorable cupcake note pad. Last but certainly not least the to-die-for pink and white apron. SO perfect for Valentines Day, I can see myself in it already baking something yummy for Mr. Pit!

So, a HUGE thank you to Paige for my wonderful presents. What a great idea the Pink Swap is! I am so lucky to have been paired with such a great partner, and hopefully I gained a new friend as well!

Hope everyone else involved has great partners as well. Thanks again to Hopsy for hosting!

Little Pit is napping now, but then we're off to the park for a playdate when she gets up because it's practically spring here with beautiful weather and lots of sunshine!

xoxo Mrs. Pit