Friday, February 24, 2012


Hi all,
February turned out to be way busier than I thought, and trying to keep a toddler entertained while not being able to get outside as much as I want proved challenging.

Here are some confessions from the last few weeks.

*Little Pit has started throwing tantrums wherein she gets spaghetti legs and just lies down on the floor. Any floor. Including the floor of the mall this past Monday. I did nothing except watch her and wait for her to get up. People thought I was nuts, but I refuse to negotiate with her, so when she's done, we move on.

*I may or may not have had an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen for lunch that same day out of a combination of starvation, frustration and complete lack of nutritional responsibility.

*It was delicious!

*I bought two things full price on because of a desire to get 'points' on my Visa. (I then found a 20% coupon code online, yay!)

*We had someone come and look at our house on Monday. Praying to god they put in a decent offer and we can sell it, that would completely MAKE my spring.

*One Tree Hill gave me nightmares this week. Do you watch? I am devastated that next week is the season finale.

*I have napped when Little Pit naps almost every day this week.

*I almost dropped serious money at Pottery Barn kids this week on Easter stuff, but stopped myself. (very proud). Their stuff is so stinking cute though!

*We are driving up to NYC tomorrow for the day and night and I haven't even started to pack myself or Little Pit or clean the car or anything.

That's about it for confessions. In all honesty I haven't really felt like myself this week, so I am giving myself a pass, and hopefully this weekend in NYC will boost my spirits and get me out of the funk I feel like I'm in. Plus, I get to see my BFF B at her engagement party tomorrow night, yahoo!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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