Saturday, February 4, 2012

Current state of things...

Hi guys, I got this off the adorable AEOT's blog and I am always a sucker for answering questions like this. So, here goes!

current guilty pleasure: The Bachelor. I don't love Ben, or any of the girls, but there is just SO much drama this season I can't get enough.

current nail color: Natural. I haven't gotten a mani in months and probably won't until the summer :(

current playlist: Just downloaded the Mumford and Sons album and I love it. Taylor Swift though has been coming up frequently though on the 'random' setting of my iPod, but I'm not complaining.

current read: Unfortunately no books, but I have a few on my list including Hunger Games and a negotiation book that Mr. Pit is reading that looks really interesting.

current drink: I made the tough transition to Caffeine Free Coke last month and I am doing pretty well. I am certainly sleeping better which is what I was going for, so, I consider it a win.

current food: I had my 2nd burger of the week tonight, but this one was from Capital Grille so it was extra special and extra delicious. YUM!

current favorite show: One Tree Hill and the Bachelor. Lots of drama on both this year and I love it.

current wish list:
The entire Boden Spring catalog!

current needs: The continued health of Little Pit, we haven't gotten any bad colds or bugs so far, KNOCK ON WOOD!!

current triumphs: We bought a new TV today and negotiated the delivery guys to remove the old HUGE one from the basement, yay!

current bane of my existence: Nothing much which is surprising since I can always find something to gripe about. Maybe the 6:30 start of the Super Bowl...why is it so late?! (as I say as a mother of a toddler who doesn't want to leave a halftime or before for bedtime!!)

current indulgence: Milk Duds at the movies tonight. SOOO good.

current blessing: Our mild winter has been FINE by me. It means less oil, which means smaller heating bills, which means less stress in general. I have a BAD feeling we're going to get a heck of a storm at some point this winter.

current excitement: My best friend is due with her baby ANY MINUTE!! Her due date was actually this past Tuesday, this baby is taking it's time!! I can't wait to meet the peanut, come out Peanut, come out!!

current mood: FULL (of too much yummy food from Capital Grille), happy and tired.


AEOT said...

Hunger Game is GREAT! When you are done, read Divergent. It's amazing too!!

Kate said...

I hated watching the super bowl so late when I lived back east. It's so nice to have it start at 330 here. I wish they would move it an hour earlier for everyone!

I'm dying over mini boden spring. Did you see all the anchors??!