Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hi friends,
I don't have much to post about, luckily it's been a fairly low key end of September for me, and for that I am glad.

Mr. Pit is off on an all boys golf trip this weekend, leaving me and Lil' pup to our own devices...which means, I'm going shopping for Pumpkins and Mums!

I love decorating for fall (not half as much as Christmas however, but I digress) and I love picking up Pumpkins and Mums at Produce Junction down in Bala Cynwyd. It's this funny little farm stand in the middle of a not-so-nice part of the neighborhood, but they have amazing produce, flowers and they get the BEST pumpkins!

I usually line our walk with little pumpkins and put a big one up by the front door, but this year I might switch it up. The squirrels get VERY interested in the pumpkins and by Halloween they are normally bitten a little at the back or just plain missing (I'll find them in the middle of the yard or back a bit in the woods, silly squirrels!). But, I like to put them out nonetheless.

I also FINALLY finished my husbands needlepoint belt, so I am dropping it off on Saturday to be 'finished' and then hopefully it will make it into his Christmas stocking (Mr. Pit you did NOT just read that!) He actually knows about the belt, but hasn't been able to wear it yet obviously, but he's been watching my VERY slow progress and I am finally done, yahoo!! Now I need to find a NEW item to perhaps? I can't wait to go look!!

So, those are my weekend plans, exciting stuff huh?!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Furry Friday- Meet Pacey!

Hi everyone,
So...I used to have a slight (read: major) obsession with Dawson's Creek, and I just LOVED Pacey. I think I was actually jealous that Katie Holmes got to kiss him when Joey and Pacey ended up together. So, when I saw this ADORABLE dog had THIS name...I had to post him!

Anyhow, back to Pacey the dog. Pacey is only 7 months old and is a mix of Lab and St. Bernard...and look at the little squishy kissable face! What a goober he looks like. I tell ya, if I could have as many dogs as I wanted I know he'd be home with us pronto!

Here is MLAR's write up, glowing for our Pacey boy!

Pacey is a very unique looking, and ADORABLE dog. He has the coloring of a St Bernard but is not that large, he has a muscular build but with longer hair. Pacey right now is one of the most affectionate and fun dogs we have - he is only 6 mos old and just ADORES being with the volunteers and giving lots of kisses and getting petted. He also loves to play ball and will run around for quite a while just tossing the ball for himself even. Pacey also likes other dogs. He has the sweetest face, with gentle brown eyes, that make us all melt - so he tends to get out quite a bit! If you have an active home with time to dedicate to getting Pacey proper exercise and maybe even taking him to obedience school (he'd do well since he is so people oriented and eager to please) then please fill out an application and come in to see this cutie pie!

So, go check out Main Line Animal Rescue today and go pick up a pup or a kitty for yourself, it's the perfect fall weekend to get a new friend!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A new Pitador :)

Hi all,
I am assuming that you all know that my Lil' Pit is really a Pit-a-dor, a mixed up mutt of part Pitbull and part Labrador. I call him a Pit because he has such a cute Pitty smile and I want people to realize that all Pits aren't bad and bred for fighting or randomly lunging at a neighbor. Lil' Pit would never do anything besides lick you to death, so part of my purpose of this blog is to get that point out there.

Anyways, I wanted to introduce Maris, a new Pitador that was rescued by our friends A and T down in Washington DC. Maris was named after the late great Roger Maris, a former Yankee, due to her tag number being #61. Fate took over and A and T took Maris home a few weeks ago.

Here are pictures!

I mean, could she *BE* cuter? Not that she's cuter than Lil' Pup, but she's really stinkin' cute!

Hope this brought you a smile today, have a great Thursday!

Oh, and YAY for Grey's premiere tonight! If I can actually stay up until 11 I'll be so happy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Site!

Hi friends,
Today I wanted to introduce you to a new blog that has just popped up, compliments of my friend J.

J, more than anyone else I know is a big Jean Shorts hater. I am as well but J takes it to a new and hilarious level.

You MUST check out her blog if you want to see the best of the worst in Jean Shorts fashion. Click HERE to go!

Go. NOW. Hilarity will ensue I promise!!

Other than that, not much going on in the Pit world...watched 2 amazing hours of TV last night...did anyone else watch One Tree Hill, does anyone want to discuss the Nathan/random girl on the road BABY!?! Please say yes! Comment on this post to discuss, I was yelling at the TV!!

Monday, September 21, 2009's Monday

Hi all,
Mr. Pit and I had a great weekend this weekend and enjoyed doing a whole lot of nothing. I ended up selling our Dave Matthews Band concert tickets on Friday afternoon because we just couldn't get ourselves excited to go to the show. I haven't been feeling great lately either and thought it might be better to stay in and rest. Plus, it was our first weekend home in 3 weeks and we really wanted to make it worth it, so home we stayed.

My inlaws came into town Saturday afternoon and we had a nice relaxing afternoon and then went to a fun Italian pasta dinner that night.

Then yesterday we went to Classic Diner for breakfast and did a whirlwind shopping tour of Wegmans to get supplies for our surf and turf dinner. The dinner turned out fabulously and we broke out our wedding china as well as our silver and had ourselves a very fancy time :)

We then celebrated 4 birthdays at once with one delicious chocolate cake that my Mom made, then watched some Emmys and then it was off to bed.

This morning I am completely exhausted even thought I snoozed 3 times and got to work a half hour late...oops!

Oh, and my first sewing class is tomorrow night, and I'm so excited! We are making little zipper change purses and two tote bags, I can't wait :)

I hope you all had great weekends as well!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, September 18, 2009

Furry Friday!

Meet Ace!

Look at this cute boy. You all know I have a HUGE soft spot for Pitty Mixes, and Ace has all the qualities you could as for!

Look at this write up from Main Line Animal Rescue...don't you want to go pick him up today? TOO CUTE!!!

Ace is the cutest little pit mix we've seen in a very long time . Along with being so adorable, he is also one of the sweetest boys. He takes social cues from all the dogs and plays very appropriately. He is such a quick learner, understanding how each dog he is with prefers to play (or not play) and he adjusts accordingly - GOOD BOY! Plus he absolutely LOVES to be held and petted - he even jumps right into your lap (he's getting a bit big for that but he hasn't figured that part out - he thinks he is still a lap dog!) and covers the volunteers with kisses. There is so much to love about this little guy - he's adorable, well behaved, smart and so sweet. If you are interested in Ace I'd fill out an application soon since someone this great isn't going to last long!

What a recommendation!

Mr. Pit and I are off to the Dave Matthews Band Concert tomorrow night at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, maybe I'll see you if you're there!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Pit

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hi all,
Rain is in the forecast for this week again and I am less than thrilled as it means our grass will just grow THAT much longer in the mean time and the weather just makes me want to nap all the time.

However, besides that all is well. Mr. Pit has a networking event tonight but it shouldnt' keep him out too late, so hopefully we'll do something fun for dinner and catch up on some DVR'd shows that we've missed over the past two weeks.

We are also FINALLY having our birthday dinner(s) with our parents this weekend, so I am looking forward to that as well.

Mr. Pit's birthday was September 2nd, and mine was the 6th, but we knew his parents were coming down this weekend, so we are having my parents and brothers and his parents to our house for a Surf and Turf dinner on Sunday night. His parents are going to do most of the cooking and my mother has graciously offered (total lie, I begged her) to bring a chocolate cake for the celebration.

I am hoping to get THIS for my birthday, but I think the chances are slim...but a girl can dream right? It's a Canon EOS Rebel XSi...and totally awesome.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A few pictures

Hi all,
I don't really have time for a long post but I thought I'd give you some pictures to help highlight where I've been the past two weeks or so.

As I said before, Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda was amazing. I highly recommend it for any honeymoon, vacation or getaway you might be planning. Especially in the off season, April-October, the rates are great and the weather is absolutely perfect.
The beautiful flowers all over the resort...

The view from the spa...
The view from the hill...
The view from our chairs right outside our room...

We had 2 days at home before we were off to the airport again to celebrate our best friends getting married in Chicago. The ceremony was lovely and the reception was a blast. The DJ had everyone out on the dance floor the entire night and boy oh boy did I sleep well after that party! The cute personalized napkins at the cocktail hour...
Me with the handsome Best Man
The view of Chicago and the lake from the top of the Hancock Tower

It's been a great two weeks and we're slowly getting into the swing of things around the house and back home. Lil' Pup is THRILLED to be out of the kennel for the rest of the year and we are just as happy to be home ourselves.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Back!

I am back, well rested, tanned and plus 1 broken pinky toe. But, I am no worse for the wear and we had an amazing vacation.

Just to get the story out in the open, Mr. Pit and I were taking a break from the direct sun and taking a walk around the resort to photograph the local flora and fauna. I was taking pictures and was walking around with the camera right in front of my face looking for the next best shot. Then...rock met foot. Foot met rock. And then I was in tears on the lawn on the property because I fought the rock, and the rock won. My pinky toe is black and blue and it is REALLY painful to walk, but I will perservere! Especially since we'll be on ANOTHER plane on Friday morning and will spend the weekend walking around Chicago!

But, all in all it was a phenomenal trip. Great food, tons of relaxing, great weather and really nice people. We got 2 free bottles of wine (1 for being returning visitors to the resort, and another for my birthday!) and we lived it up every minute. I can't say we were up late partying every night, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves.

I will post lots of pictures tomorrow :)

Hope you all had great Labor Day weekends!

Mrs. Pit

Thursday, September 3, 2009

In 24 hours...

I will be sitting on the beach and finally letting out a sigh of relief that we are finally on vacation. A REAL vacation. Not one that involves a wedding or driving 400 hours back and forth. Not that I don't LOVE going to weddings, because I do, we just need some 'us' time to relax and reflect on what a great year 2009 has been so far. Oh yeah, and to celebrate both our birthdays :)

Mr. Pit's name made it on the jumbotron last night at the Phillies game, so that was really fun and I got a good picture of it and posted on Facebook this morning (duh!)

Tomorrow morning we're getting up at 5 and getting out the door as soon after that as we can muster. Lil' Pup is already at the kennel (against my wishes, but there really was no other time to take him but this morning as I get home from work after they close and we are leaving too early tomorrow to do it and no one in my family could do it or wanted to, so, in the kennel he went).

So that's about it. I haven't set up any blogs to be posted while I'm gone, I'm just not that on top of my game to do you're just going to have to live without me until Wednesday.

I wish you all an amazing Labor Day weekend and I know you'll all be having a party on Sunday in my absence to celebrate the big 2-9 for me :)

Talk to you next week!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We'll be sitting HERE tonight!

This is the few from the suite we'll be sitting in tonight, thanks company!

Hopefully we'll be able to see Mr. Pit's name up in the bright lights and that they spell everything correctly!

I am also really looking forward to a hot dog or maybe a cheesesteak, yum!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh, Hi Fall!

From the cool weather here in the City of Brotherly Love, you'd think that Fall was officially upon us! My car said 58 degrees this morning, 58! But, I broke out my lime green Lilly fleece and was cozy and warm on my way into work :)

Tonight is the lasagna extravaganza with M, and I am very much looking forward to going home and getting it all started. I don't really make lasagna the traditional way, it turns into more of a casserole or just steaming pot of yumminess, but regardless, it's my version and I made it constantly in college for all my sorority sisters who used to love it.

Basically I take a box of bowtie pasta, cook that all up, then mix ricotta with salt, pepper and dried basil, and then I layer the pasta and cheese and sauce just like you would in a regular lasagna. When you scoop into it it all gets mixed together but that's what makes it delicious. It's all hot and every crevice is covered in cheesy saucy goodness, yum!

Then, I'll make a salad with lettuce from our garden and then we're having cookies from Hope's Cookies for dessert!

Mr. Pit has already claimed his stake to the left over pasta and salad since he has class tonight, and M and I have agreed to share our pasta nummyness with him :) He needs sustenance as he has 2 fantasy football drafts this week one of which is tonight after class.

Anyways, that's all I have going on, I hope you all are enjoying this amazing weather!

xoxo Mrs. Pit