Friday, September 25, 2009

Furry Friday- Meet Pacey!

Hi everyone,
So...I used to have a slight (read: major) obsession with Dawson's Creek, and I just LOVED Pacey. I think I was actually jealous that Katie Holmes got to kiss him when Joey and Pacey ended up together. So, when I saw this ADORABLE dog had THIS name...I had to post him!

Anyhow, back to Pacey the dog. Pacey is only 7 months old and is a mix of Lab and St. Bernard...and look at the little squishy kissable face! What a goober he looks like. I tell ya, if I could have as many dogs as I wanted I know he'd be home with us pronto!

Here is MLAR's write up, glowing for our Pacey boy!

Pacey is a very unique looking, and ADORABLE dog. He has the coloring of a St Bernard but is not that large, he has a muscular build but with longer hair. Pacey right now is one of the most affectionate and fun dogs we have - he is only 6 mos old and just ADORES being with the volunteers and giving lots of kisses and getting petted. He also loves to play ball and will run around for quite a while just tossing the ball for himself even. Pacey also likes other dogs. He has the sweetest face, with gentle brown eyes, that make us all melt - so he tends to get out quite a bit! If you have an active home with time to dedicate to getting Pacey proper exercise and maybe even taking him to obedience school (he'd do well since he is so people oriented and eager to please) then please fill out an application and come in to see this cutie pie!

So, go check out Main Line Animal Rescue today and go pick up a pup or a kitty for yourself, it's the perfect fall weekend to get a new friend!!

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Jorts Hater said...

i LOVE that puppy, and only partially because of the name.