Friday, February 26, 2010

I owe you one...(or two)

I owe you all pictures of the animals at the Mirage, as well as a Furry Friday post, however, with this most recent snow fall and my late arrival to work, the work schedule is a bit more hectic than most I will get on a better track this weekend. I promise to post SOMETHING between now and Monday, and then hopefully we'll be back to center by then.

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Pit

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome to FABULOUS Las Vegas

So, here they are. Some pictures from our trip last week.

For today, the Hoover Dam. As an engineer I am completely fascinated by this structure, and I think all too often Americans forget the infrastructure that makes this country completely amazing. Do you realize that most of the water and electricity that feed Southern California comes from the Hoover Dam? I mean, do you realize how much power and water that is on a DAILY basis? Totally overwhelming and awesome. AND to think that this was all done in the 1930's when they didn't have 1/100th of the construction technology we have today. A.MAZ.ING.
The view from the parking lot.

The bridge they are building to divert all car and truck traffic away from the dam itself. HOLY high bridge batman!

The map showing where and how the water flows through the dam

The underground tunnel we walked through, we were 550 feet INTO the rock...eek!

Mr. Pit and I at the top of the visitor center, with a great view of the dam itself, Lake Mead is behind that (obviously)

The view from the dam looking down river. It was WAY WAY WAY down, I had to give Mr. Pit the camera to take this one, I was getting vertigo!

That's it for the dam, I will post pictures of the dolphins, leopards, lions and tigers tomorrow!!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why did this NOT exist 4 years ago?!

So, Mr. Pit and I will be celebrating 4 years of a wonderful, giddy and darn near perfect (if I do say so myself) marriage this summer, and I couldn't be happier that we will get to celebrate it as a family of 3.

HOWEVER...I just found a website full of bridal fashion that seems to be the most amazing thing ever...and it didn't exist 4 years ago when I was planning my wedding and now I am annoyed.

Net-A-Porter now has a bridal boutique and the shoe selection is to DIE FOR. I didn't spend a lot of money on my shoes because I figured you wouldn't be able to see them under my dress so it didn't I spent about $70 on white shoes to wear down the aisle then changed into custom made golf shoes to wear at our reception at our golf club. The golf shoes were a hit, but the shoes I wore down the aisle were cast off as soon as possible due to thier uncomfortable fit as well as their not-so-swanky look. Looking back I would have gotten KICK ASS heels and STILL worn my custom made Footjoy's and the whole day I would have felt fancier.

I would have definitely purchased these: Fendi
Bow-embellished satin pumps

Or maybe these: Christian Louboutin
Feticha 120 python pumps

Click HERE to go check out all the shoes that Net-A-Porter has to offer...and the dresses, and the makes me want to do the whole thing all over again (same guy of course!!!!)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Furry Friday- Meet Gumdrop!

I mean, would you just look at this girl? And those eyes?! How can you NOT want to adopt this GORGEOUS PURE BRED Black Lab...come on now!!!

Gumdrop was rescued from a puppy mill after giving birth to multiple litters, Main Line Animal Rescue REALLY saved her life. Her write up says she has gotten over a lot of her shyness, which is great, so won't you adopt her so she can really flourish?!

Nine out of ten Volunteers agree that Gumdrop has the most beautiful face on a black Lab at MLAR. (The tenth was holding a black lab puppy at the time of the survey and was overcome by cuteness.) She simply melts your heart when you look into those warm, chocolate eyes. Gumdrop also has an equally beautiful personality. She is well mannered and walks nicely on a leash without pulling. She gets along with other dogs and currently shares her kennel with two smaller dogs. She has made tremendous progress overcoming her shyness which developed during her puppy mill days. Gumdrop is very affectionate and trusting with her regular volunteers. She is looking for a joyful home full of patience, love, and kindness. Do you need more beauty at home? If so, please fill out an application for Gumdrop today.

As always, Click HERE to go to Main Line Animal Rescue's website and check out all the animals they have for adoption. It's supposed to be a great weekend here weather wise, you should go adopt an animal to make it perfect!

In other news, Mr. Pit and I had a great time in Vegas this past weekend and I am really happy we decided to 'Babymoon' and get away for the last time before our life is turned upside down come the end of April. We went to the Hoover Dam, saw the baby tigers at Mirage and spent a morning oohing and aahing at the sharks at Mandalay Bay. We also ate at some AMAZING restaurants, but I'll blog this weekend to tell you more about it, and I'll post my pictures of the tigers and lions!

Have a great weekend!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, February 12, 2010

Furry Friday! Meet Butterscotch!

Sorry for the delay in the Furry Friday post, today was a crazy day at work and Mr. Pit and I just got back from a fun Thai dinner, so now I'm watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and ready to blog!

Meet Butterscotch! She is a female yellow lab, pure bred and everything!! Just read her write up, you'll want to go out and get her ASAP!!!

Butterscotch is a petite yellow lab who came to us from a commercial breeding facility. Don't tell her that - she has no idea that she should be nervous! She loves all the volunteers and especially her roommate, a sweet foxhound. They are adorable outside in the play yards, they run around and then they come over for some snuggles. Butterscotch even does the "army crawl" sometimes where she'll start to lay down and then kind of crawl with her body sprawled out - of course she's crawling to get closer to the volunteers and to hopefully get some treats. She also loves to flop over on her back for belly rubs. She really is adorable! Butterscotch will need a traditional fence in her new home, but she'd love to have another canine friend to play with and lay with! If you think you'd like this sweetheart in your home please fill out an application.

I mean, could she BE CUTER!!?! Go check out Butterscotch and all the other dogs at Main Line Animal Rescue, just click HERE

Mr. Pit and I are off to Las Vegas on Sunday and our favorite dog-sitter A is staying with Lil' Pup until we get back on Wednesday night. This is our last trip pre Little Pit, so we're going to eat and relax as much as we possibly can.

I promise pictures when we get back :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Thursday, February 11, 2010


WHOA! The snow storm yesterday threw EVERYBODY for a loop, and trying to get to work today was a lot harder than I thought it would be! But, I made it safely and am now here with about 50% of my co-workers. Poor Mr. Pit just shoveled and shoveled and shoveled and it was still a mess this morning, but we got both cars out and are good to go.

In awesome NEWS news, a pet store in Rocklin, CA have agreed to stop selling pure bred puppies in their store, along with about 15 other stores in the area. The full article can be found HERE .

This is a HUGE step forward for dogs and the hopeful elimination of puppy mills.

No one, myself included is saying that you shouldn't buy a pure bred dog. What I and a lot of other people feel, is that you should only buy a pure bred dog from a licensed, proper, knowledgeable breeder. Puppy mills breed dogs for quantity, not quality, and that's why SO many of those dogs end up in shelters, at rescues or at facilities that just can't handle the shear number of dogs.

The other thing that rescues are trying to do, is to make rescuing dogs more appealing all around. If you have no plans to show your dog, or breed your dog (which you SHOULDN'T unless you know what you're doing!)there is really no reason to get a pure bred. Sure, you know the name and you probably know somewhat of the temperament, but that isn't to say that there aren't tons of dogs out there with that EXACT temperament, an probably that exact breed of dog IN a shelter already!

I know I am probably preaching to the choir on this point, but there is NO reason to spend money purchasing a dog, ESPECIALLY from a pet store. If you must must must have a pure bred, do your homework, research the breeder and know exactly what you're spending your money on. Believe me, you'll spend that money on the animal in the first few weeks buying food, paying for veterinary services and all the accessories (leash, cage, bed, etc) so you don't have to pay any extra! Most rescue dogs are free to a good home (believe me, the good ones will do their homework on you before you walk out with a dog, we were interviewed 3 times before we left with Lil' Pup!)and they know you're money is better suited to go towards the dogs care! We give money every year to Main Line Animal Rescue as we really believe in what they try to do and how they do it, so it's really more of a 'pay it forward' thing rather than paying for Lil' Pup himself.

AND, that's my diatribe for the day. Read the article, be impressed with this store for doing the right thing, and have a great Thursday!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Update

It is literally POURING snow here. All the shoveling that Mr. Pit did this morning is completely covered over. They have closed almost every major road in the state of Pennsylvania. I am SO glad I didn't go to work today because I think I would have had a heck of a time getting home! I really hope that all my co-workers got home safely, this snow is crazy! It's supposed to snow ALL night too, so digging out tomorrow morning should be interesting !!

I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

XOXO Mrs. Pit

More Snow, a new living room...and a belly pic!

Hi everyone,
I sit safely ensconced in my living room, while 6 inches of snow fell last night and another 16-20 are expected to fall I emailed the boss, told him I was working from home and here I am. I really am working, my other tab in my mozilla is my outlook folder I swear!

Anyways, I came home last night to a newly painted living room and I couldn't be happier. This is what it looked like before: A yellow/green/beige color with the original pine window casings. NOT my favorite, but I lived with it for almost 3 years because we couldn't find the time or money to get someone in to do it (and yes, I know I'm in construction and should want to paint my own house...but no, painting, electrical and all car repairs I leave to professionals)

BUT, now the walls are a nice light green (Spring Morn to be exact!) and the windows are completely white (Polar Bear really) and I couldn't be happier. The room is 10 times brighter now and I just love it.

Not the best pictures because it was dark outside and we don't have the best lighting in the room, but here's one out the window this morning at the new snow and the white of the windows now really makes the room 'pop' if you ask me.
And, I am posting this for the few people that have been asking incessantly for a belly picture. This was taken on Sunday, so I'd officially be 28 weeks and 2 days pregnant in this picture. WARNING: Repost this picture on Facebook and we're no longer friends...but otherwise enjoy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am literally laughing out loud looking at the weather map below. (First, I had NO idea it would update throughout the day, but since it's a live link it makes sense right?) Anyways...I can't believe we're getting another 12"+. I am astounded. I'm also pretty excited for a snow day tomorrow...I will drive in a lot of things, but as I've said, it's not just me in the car anymore, so I expect to be home tomorrow with my work laptop, my cell and everything else I'll need for a productive work-from-home day in the middle of the week.

Just for fun, here's that map again...I mean, is this funny to anyone else? (I figure that if I weren't laughing about it I would cry, so I'm choosing to laugh at the ridiculousness that is 3 feet of snow in 5 days)

Have a safe day, I'm sure I'll be blogging tomorrow!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


This is my friends J and B's dog Riley. He is a Bernese Mountain Dog and probably had the most fun of anyone this weekend in the big snow. This is a picture of him taking a little snooze in the snow after hopping around all afternoon.

B said it was almost impossible to get Riley to come inside that night, too funny!

Another MANIC Monday

Morning everyone!
This weekend was as crazy as I thought it would be, as you can see from the snow pictures. I estimate that we got right around 2 feet, and it took poor Mr. Pit more than an hour to clear the driveway so we could get out. He is absolutely my hero and was rewarded with hot soup and buffalo chicken bites when he came in out of the cold.

The most insane thing about this snow is that it's going to be followed by ANOTHER snow storm tomorrow night! So, all that work we did to get the cars cleaned and driveway cleared will be moot as we are supposed to get another 6-12 inches from tomorrow night into Wednesday! We haven't had snow like this in the Philly area since 1996, and even then it came over a few day period and then was done, this is just nutty!

This map shows the 6-12 line magically dipping right around our area, but I have a feeling it will be more of a straight line and we'll all get dumped on again...needless to say, I'm definitely bringing my work laptop home with me on Tuesday night and I'm not coming in until the roads are nice and clear! (I am NOT one to trudge through heck and high water to get to work, not worth the risk in my opinion, I can do even less work if I'm hurt in a car accident trying to get to work in the snow!)

Anyways, onto the fun stuff..

Yesterday we bought our crib! We went to Babies R Us to look at it (I was trying to decide between this one and another one) and turns out it was in stock right at the store, so we flipped the seats down on the Jeep and took it home! By doing that too we also saved ourselves $125 of shipping costs, how cool is that?! Here is the beauty that Little Pit will sleep in...I really REALLY like it!!

NOW, for even MORE fun stuff...our living room, front hall and stairway are being painted the next two days and I couldn't be more thrilled. I took 'before' pictures, but being the genius I am, left the camera at home and since I'm not supposed to be in the house while the painting is happening, I can't get to it until tomorrow night, but Wednesday I will show you our new light green walls and new white windows! (Right now the room is a mustard yellow with oak colored windows) so I can't wait to get home tomorrow night and take a look!

Tonight Lil' Pup, Mr. Pit and I are camping out at my parents house, and Lil' Pup will be there today and tomorrow too so he won't get in the painters way. He's so darn friendly that there would probably be nose marks on the wall, many missing paint brushes and a light green colored black pitador from all the paint he would get on, he'll have to see it for the first time when we do :)

That's our busy week and if this storm hits it will be even busier!

I hope you all had great Super Bowl weekends, I am happy that the Saints won, and even happier it was such a good game! Thanks also to the D's who were the best hosts as always and who sent us home with TONS of food AND CAKE!

Have a great week!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

Saturday, February 6, 2010


So, yeah, about that came and snowed and is STILL snowing!
I can't really describe it, so pictures will have to do. Keep in mind that when I went out to talk to neighbors at around noon, it was above my knees!

Last night around 9pm the back deck looked like this...
Then this morning it looked like this!
The front yard at about 8 this morning...
The front yard at 12:30pm today!

The craziest part is that flakes are STILL falling, though much less rapidly than they were a few hours ago. I think we got over 2 feet for sure, and thank goodness it's nice and fluffy so hopefully Mr. Pit isn't having TOO hard of a time shoveling the driveway!

Hope everyone is having fun in the snow this weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, February 5, 2010

Furry Friday!

Meet Antonio!

Holy Chihuahua, is this one cute or what? I mean, puppies are ALWAYS cute, but Chihuahua puppies are just good enough to make me want to jump through my computer screen and put him in my pocket!

I am not sure if Lil' Pup would find Antonio more of an appetizer or a friend, but regardless, he's pretty darn cute!! You'd have to help this little guy navigate all the snow we're supposed to get this weekend, even 6" of snow would be too tall for him, but what a great companion for the spring! He doesn't have an official write up on the site yet, but I think his picture says it all!

Speaking of snow, the forecast for the Philadelphia area is right on the borderline of 6-12" and 12"+, so we'll just have to see when the snow starts falling and how much accumulation we actually get. I managed to be the busiest person EVER last night and picked my mom up from the airport, went home, let Lil' Pup out, went back out for a haircut, went to Acme for French Toast supplies (I have been craving this for breakfast for about a week now, so Saturday it's ON!) and made it back to the house in time to watch the Deep End and Grey's...phew!

So, now the only thing on my schedule for Saturday is a dress fitting at Priscilla of Boston for my BFF C's wedding and I told them I would come down for it as long as they were open, so we'll see how bad the roads are!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and doesn't get snowed in if you don't want to be!

As always, click HERE to check out all the other animals at Main Line Animal Rescue, and don't forget to become a fan of theirs on Facebook!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow: updated

So, now the 48 forecast from shows 6-12" for our area, but that dark purple area is moving up with every we'll just have to see!

I have a feeling I'll either wake up to 50 degrees and sunny on Saturday, or I won't even be able to get out the front door there will be so much snow.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow anyone?

I am sure you can't see due to the blurry-ness of this picture...but if you see Pennsylvania over there on the right, and how the lower part is that sort of salmon/orange/tan color surrounded by red...well that means they are predicting between 18 and 20" of snow in the next 84 hours...

um...yeah, I don't even have anything to say about this...all I hope is that I am home safe and sound before any of these silly snowflakes start to fall, and then it can snow as much as it wants!

Big Plans

So, tonight Mr. Pit and I have mid-week plans for the first time in a LONG time, and I am really excited for the evening.

First, we are eating at The Palm, and I'm hoping there is enough time (and room in my belly) for a piece of chocolate cake at the end of the meal before the show. I have been studying the menu (even though we've eaten here a ton of times before) but I want to make sure I get everything I want, as we rarely make it into the city anymore!

Then it's off to Rain-The Beatles Experience at the Academy of Music. It's only in town for a week and since I bought the tickets SO long ago it feels almost like a free show! (Though, the visa bill would indicate otherwise, oh well!)

ALSO, in bigger news...I found out that Main Line Animal Rescue has a fan site on Facebook. I urge EVERYONE, whether you are a PA resident or not to join the site and let them know you appreciate and support their efforts to rescue animals of all kinds. Just click HERE and it will get you right to it! You can also see the picture of Lil' Pup I just posted yesterday!

I hope everyone has great days!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

UppaBaby Anyone?!

So, with Little Pit scheduled to come in 12 short weeks (can you believe it?)there have been some decisions that we've left until now to make, and I need your opinions and help!

First, a stroller that isn't just the car seat and frame. We have registered for the Graco Snugride 32 and the frame, but were at a loss for a stroller to go beyond that. I think we have decided on the UppaBaby is pricey but seems like its versatile and sturdy...anyone have experience with this?

Second, does anyone know if you can order furniture to a Babies R Us store and pick it up there as opposed to paying the ridiculous shipping fee? We are not too far from the store so picking it up and saving over $100 is well worth it...let me know!

And lastly, anything else that was a MUST-HAVE that I should register for or just go out and buy myself?

In other news, Mr. Pit and I had a great time in Vermont this weekend besides some issues with the house we rented (they neglected to say there was a spiral staircase in the house, which, with 5 kids under the age of 7 was a HUGE issue) but we all survived and it was really nice to see our friends outside of a wedding venue!

Tomorrow night we are going to see Rain-the Beatles Experience at the Academy of Music and I am really excited for the show. I got the tickets as a gift to my entire family, and everyone besides my Mom is going as she is in Florida with my Grandfather for the week.

Then I am getting my haircut on Saturday, eating at my all time favorite breakfast place on Sunday and then of course Sunday night is SUPERBOWL!!

That's my week and I am excited to be in the middle of it :) Oh, and the groundhog saw his shadow today, so only 6 hopefully short more weeks of winter!

xoxo Mrs. Pit