Friday, October 30, 2009

Furry Friday!

Welcome to Furry Friday! Meet Jean Paul! Bonjour Jean Paul!
Jean Paul is a mastiff and what a handsome boy he is!! His write up is great, and I bet he's just like Lil' Pup in that he looks huge and ferocious but all he wants to do is snuggle! (or in the case of Lil' Pup all he wanted to do last night was play fetch, in the house, with the World Series on...but, I digress)

Here is his write up, he sounds like a love!

Affectionately known as "French Fry", J.P. is as handsome on the inside as he is on the outside!! He walks very nicely on lead, takes treat gently and really loves to cuddle on the bench and watch the world go by (or is that bye-bye?) Please consider this charming and affectionate frenchman for a lasting tryst... He's a keeper!

So, as always, go check out Main Line Animal Rescue today, and pick up a Halloween treat for yourself!!

Mr. Pit and I are going to a FAB Halloween party on Saturday night hosted by my BFF M, and though my costume is sitting untouched and unfinished in my closet, I have high hopes for how it will turn out come Saturday night! We are going on a date tonight to Wegman's- fancy, I know- but we need candy and groceries and we need dinner, so what better place to go than somewhere you can get it done all at once!?!

Also a big shout out to friends C and S who made the big move from Manhattan to Hoboken this week, their first place together and they get married in 13 months, yay! I am also thrilled because C's sister A moved down to the Main Line, so now we're closer than ever...a win win if I've ever heard of one :)

Hope you all have awesome Halloweens and weekends, I hope the pending rain doesn't spoil anyones trick or treat outings!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Ok, so I have to admit that I have had cravings for a LONG time. I mean, from when I was little. I was always in the mood for something specific food-wise, so now that I'm pregnant it's just magnified. However, it is not that fun, because everything I crave is on my DO-NOT-EAT list for pregnant people.

I almost lunged across a table at a meeting today because my boss was eating a hoagie that looked SO delicious I could barely stand it. cold cuts for this one. With the risk of listeria, it's bad for the baby to even go near a deli counter. KNIFE.TO.MY.HEART. I LOVE cold cuts. A turkey and american cheese sandwich is about the best thing ever. And no, I can't have one until at least May.

Oh, and don't get me started on sushi. I freaking LOVE sushi! I can still eat the cooked stuff, so California Rolls are ok, as are any rolls with eel in them, but all I want is a Philly Roll (Salmon and cream cheese, sometimes with avocado, sometimes without) OMG, I want it so badly. May can't come soon enough to get some of that in my tummy. YUM.

Those are really the only two things I've been craving craving, but it's nearly impossible since my lunches at work were normally one of the two! Now they consist of a different Au Bon Pain soup each day, which are delicious, but definitely not affordable!

Anyways, I shouldn't complain, I've had a really easy time with everything else, I just really want a big fat wawa shorti and I can't have one, wah!

What do you crave...I can't be the only one, can I?!

Hope everyone has a great week and Halloween!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Funday

Hi all,
Mr. Pit and I had a great weekend despite the downpour on Saturday.
Some highlights included...
*Getting my halloween costume at Walmart for $16. TOTAL.
*Buying my first maternity clothes. Actually not as dowdy or gross as I thought they'd be. Plus, I got them at quite a discount, so I'm pleased with the purchases. I wish I could afford Pea in the Pod, but Motherhood will do for my first set of stuff.
*We watched Bottle Shock on Saturday night, amazing movie that I had never even heard of!! You have to see it, amazing!
*We had another amazing dinner at Spice in Newtown Square. Totally yummy Indian and Thai food, and we saw some great friends too, a great end to the weekend :)

Tonight I had my 14 week doctors appointment and everything went well. The babies heartbeat clocked in at 150 bpm, which is slower than the first two times, but still healthy and loud. It was the first time Mr. Pit heard it on the doppler and the smile on his face was priceless. I don't go in for another 4 weeks and then I have another ultrasound in 6 weeks, and then we'll be half way through, crazy huh?!

I am having a REALLY hard time not buying anything for the nursery yet, but I told myself if I can wait until after Christmas, I can get even more for my money. So, yeah, that's what I'm trying to do...I'll let you know how it goes!

Oh and I love One Tree Hill...even 41 minutes into it, it's SO good this week!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Oh, and the Scout Home Show is officially ON! It's November 7th, from 12-5 so if you want directions to my house, let me know, I'd love to have you!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Furry Friday!

Hi all and welcome to yet another edition of Furry Friday!

Meet Reily!

Reily is a beagle/boxer mix, and just look at that face, too cute! Here is her write up from our friends at Main Line Animal Rescue

Reily is an adorable mix of boxer and beagle (and who knows what else!). She has a very short coat so low shedding and beautiful black and white markings. Reily is a very sensitive dog, and she is overwhelmed in the shelter environment, but once she is outside in the play yards she is a totally different dog - she wags her tail non-stop, gives kisses, runs and plays and really enjoys herself. She just needs a bit of time to adjust to new situations and she truly is sensitive so she needs an owner who will be patient with her and allow her time to adjust to new experiences and environments. She will be so grateful and you'll get the cutest, sweetest affectionate girl in return. She is a volunteer favorite - that cute face and soulful eyes get us every time! She is totally housetrained and good on a leash. If you think Reily may be the right fit for you, please fill out an application and come meet her.

Go out and adopt Reily this weekend! The rain won't last long and Sunday is a great day for a walk at Valley Forge :)

Mr. Pit and I are headed to the Shipley Shops tonight for an alumni event and then we have a pretty low key weekend which I'm really looking forward to. Mr. Pit is going to homecoming at Villanova on Saturday (as he's a current Wildcat in their MBA program) but I am going to needlepoint instead. I have a project I have to get done before the Clara Wells trunk show at Stitch Haus in November! Other than that I am going to head up to the mall to buy my first pair of maternity pants...yes, not so flattering, but when the buttons won't close, something's gotta give. Plus, I've been going to work in yoga pants for the past 2 weeks, and while I don't think anyone minds, I want to dress a little more professionally if I can.

Oh, and the biggest announcement of all, I am hosting another Scout Home Show on November 7th from 12-5. I am getting ALL of their new products and patterns and there will be tons of incentives and free stuff just for stopping by! Below are two pictures of what I'm offering, email me at for details!

The first picture is the new pattern- choco-pink and the second is the new 'spirit liftah' wine tote!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh, hi!

Hi guys, sorry for the delay in posting, there is a lot of drama going on at work lately and I am trying my best to stay under the radar and out of trouble, which for one means staying off the blogs and facebook :(

But, I did have a great weekend with the big USC win over Notre Dame. Mr Pit made some fabulous chili and we had friends over and were as social as possible given the yucky freezing rainy weather.

Then last night, Mr Pit had a school meeting so I snuggled up with Lil' Pup and watched my two favorite hours of TV every week, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl.

OTH was awesome last night. The Renee drama while annoying is a good plot twist, but I have to say I'm a little worried about Millicent in this big bad world of modeling. Miss Alex "I'm a slutty model" was also getting on my nerves and I was thrilled when Brooke fired her. I am a HUGE Brooke fan, and I liked how she stood up for herself this season. I am Brooke, hear me roar! Plus, I don't want her to break up with Julian, he is such good eye candy after all!

Now, onto Gossip Girl...I hate to say this, but last night I was bored! Even with the whole Chuck Bass I've kissed guys before thing, I wasn't impressed. Blair is turning into a caraciture of herself and frankly it's old. I liked how she sat with Vanessa at the end, but please, her story is done. I am not happy that she and Chuck are fighting, but Blair has to learn how to play nice, especially with those you love. The Serena/Carter thing is old too...I totally figured he wouldn't want the bail out and leave anyway, he's trouble and she should have known. SNORE.

Hopefully my 2 favorite shows can finish strong at the end of the fall, One Tree Hill looks like it's in the bag, Gossip Girl however, has work to do.

Until the next time I can sneak a blog in, have a great week!

Mrs. Pit

Oh, and anyone in the Main Line Area remember that Shipley Shops starts on Thursday!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Furry Friday!

Hi all, welcome to Furry Friday!

Meet Sissy!
Sissy is a 2 year old lab mix who was rescued in downtown Philly. She loves to run and play and would be a great addition to your family!

Here is Main Line Animals write up of her...she sounds awesome!!

"Sissy is a gentle lab mix who was rescued from the streets of Philadelphia. When she first came to us she was very skinny and very scared - she didn't have an easy life you could tell. But thanks to the patience of the volunteers and staff, she has come out of her shell already and learned to trust humans again. She now walks proudly around the farm with her head held high and her tail up. It was a wonderful transformation to watch and to see how resilient dogs truly are. She is a young girl, maybe 2 years old, and when she gets in the field you realize her age since she runs SO fast and all over the fields. She is such fun to watch! If you'd like to continue on with the progress we've made with Sissy please fill out an application and come meet this cute girl!"

So, as always, click HERE to go to Main Line Animal Rescue's site and check out a dog or cat for yourself and your family today!

In other news, it's really gross and yucky in Philly today, my car thermometer said 37 when I was driving into work...and it's pouring rain and will be that way for the next 2 days. This is the kind of day that I just want to curl up on the couch and do a whole lot of nothing! But, alas, a whole work day is in front of me, oh well!

And to answer a question posed from yesterday, we are NOT finding out the babies gender. As curious as we are, we really want to hold out until the day off and then we'll name the baby that day as well. That way we don't have to discuss the name or gender with people for the next 6 months.

Mr. Pit and I have a completely open weekend this weekend and I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow and get a lot of stuff done around the house. I think I have about 2 weeks of mail to go through as well as getting our winter/cold weather clothes down from the attic.

Hope you all have great weekends!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here's the news!

A drumroll please...

I am 3 months pregnant with our first baby!

Mr. Pit and I saw the baby this morning on an ultrasound and it was no less than incredible. I cried, and I think I even saw a tear from Mr. Pit himself. It was amazing to see this little tiny person! We saw arms and legs and fingers and toes and the baby was moving all around, jumping, bouncing, sucking it's thumb...totally unbelievable. Everything measured healthy and we couldn't have had a nicer ultrasound technician. She got us some great pictures, which I can't download here because they are now PDF's, but I will try to get them converted to jpegs so I can show them to you.

The ultrasound technician measured the babys head, and the nuchal fold (a skin flap at the back of the babies neck) as well as the crown-t0-rump and when my doctor gets that info this afternoon it will confirm our due date. Right now the doctor thinks it is between the 30th of April and the 1st of May, so these measurements will tell us which side of Aries or Taurus the baby will be :)

We are really really excited and happy and are looking forward to the next 6 months to get the house ready as well as ME ready for this whole delivery thing!

My other news is regarding my ALL TIME favorite brand of SCOUT by Bungalow, but I don't really have anything to confirm yet, but hopefully there is another trunk show or two in the works as well as some online fun as well. I was down in DC earlier this week to hash it all out so that was that fun adventure!

Hope all is well with you all, the weather is yucky here in Philly and will be for the next 4 days (gotta love NorEasters!) but it's all sunny and happy in my head :) :)

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ridiculous want of the day...

I want these...yes, two of them, to go above our bed.

A few things about these lovely wings...

1. I can't afford these. Not even one. But they are beautiful anyway. ($675 each!)
2. I love angels, and I love the notion of having wings. These are by far the best thing I've ever seen in the PB catalog.
3. Our bedroom isn't even big enough for these to hang on the wall, any wall! Our house isn't even big enough, not even the living room!
4. Anyone wanna buy me one or both for Christmas anyway?!

Ha, have a great day, lots of news tomorrow!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Furry Friday- Meet Euna!

Aw, this poor girl REALLY needs a home! Euna was rescued from a commercial breeding facility- that's right folks, a puppy mill. Euna was bred and bred until she couldn't do it anymore, and would have likely been shot by the farmer if not rescued by MLAR first.

Here is her write up from Main Line Animal Rescue:

"Euna was rescued from a commercial breeding facility and is still trying to get used to life at MLAR. She is very timid and needs someone to go VERY slowly with her - allowing her to go at her own pace. She will require patience and understanding as she learns how the "outside world" works and learns to trust humans - she hasn't had good experience with that until she came to us! For these reasons, Euna will need to go to someone with a lot of dog experience, a calmer household and a very secure traditional fence. If you think you are the right type of person for Euna please apply today"

THIS is the kind of dog that really makes me upset, a poor dog who has NO idea that human kindness even exists and has done nothing to deserve the kind of life she had at the puppy mill. THIS is the kind of dog that should make you think twice before buying any animal from a petstore. Just imagine their poor mom stuck and locked in a cage all day giving birth to more litters than any one dog should birth in their lifetime...then, if you can live with THAT image, go ahead and buy that doggie in the window. If not, go to a place like Main Line Animal Rescue, and rescue an animal that NEEDS a home.

I'll get off my soap box now and wish you all a wonderful weekend. I have a busy weekend of golf, needlepointing and even lacrosse!

Mrs. Pit

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Busy Bee

Hi guys,
Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I've been alternatively really busy and really not, so I've either had a ton to talk about and not enough time to blog, or nothing to blog about, so I don't!

I have a few huge things in the works, including a trip down to DC on Monday which I can tell you about when I get back as well as a meeting a week from now that I am really looking forward I can tell you all about that stuff next week when it's final and done with, I don't want to jinx anything by talking about it too soon...but keep your fingers crossed!

In other news, 2 friends of mine got engaged last night and I am really really happy for them. Best Wishes to you M and D!! I found out via text so I can't wait to talk to her about how he did it and when and where they want to get married! Knowing them, they'll do Italy or a boat off St. Barth's, but either way I want to be there!!

I also have another wedding coming up on New Years Eve of this year and I have yet to buy a dress...oops! I will though, I just have to make it to the mall with enough time to try stuff on and bring the right shoes (something I always forget!) Also hoping that maybe they'll be another Rue La La sale that I can take advantage of in the next two's hoping!

Look forward to Furry Friday tomorrow, and I promise, next weeks posts will be way more interesting!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A few good things...

1. The hot water heater is fixed. Thanks to my awesome brother who came over to our house today so that Mr. Pit and I could go to work. He monitored the repair man and even got them to not charge us any labor costs. So, $511 later, we have a working hot water heater and hot water to shower, do laundry and run the dishwasher. HALLELUJAH. I know it sounds like a small thing, but really, you need hot water more often than you think!

2. Monopoly at McDonalds started today. You KNOW how obsessed I am with this game. With the eating of the fatty food-not so much, but I still can't turn down a nugget, and there's always someone to eat all of those you can get 6 game pieces for less than $6...for a chance at 1 Million Dollars...come on, if that's not incentive I don't know what is. I also managed to convince my co-workers to give me their game pieces so I can use their codes to play online as well. I am determined to win something more than a small fry this year!

3. I have my sewing class tonight. I normally spend most of the 2 hours confused and yelling at my machine, but last week I finished my first project and even though I sewed the straps on wrong, I am still quite proud. Tonights project is a coin purse. I have super cute fabric for it and I think THIS will be the week when I actually figure it out :)

4. Did I mention the hot water was fixed?!

5. It's freaking gorgeous outside. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but the rest of the afternoon should be glorious, so I might have to take a little stroll to the jobsite to check things out, just so I can be outside.

6. Totally random, since I showered at my parents house last night I used Pert Plus to wash my hair. My hair is just as soft and managable as it was when I washed with my own fancy stuff...who knew?! Not that I think I'll use it all the time because I don't really care for the smell, but it's good to know that it won't ruin anything!

7. I am finally caught up on Mad Men...completely. All 3 seasons so far. I did this in a span of 2 months. That is a LOT of TV in that time, but it was totally worth it, that show is SO GOOD!

Thats most of my good news for the day...hopefully your week is going well too!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, October 2, 2009

Furry Friday- Meet Simone!

Aw, will you look at this sweet girl?! The write up for her couldn't be more positive, you should take her home today!! It's the perfect fall weekend to pick up a pup, you can take a nice walk, play in the leaves...come on, you know you want to!!

Here is Main Line Animal Rescues write up on our girl Simone:

Perfect age, perfect size, and perfect temperament. Simone is a lovely middle sized (16 inches at the shoulder) dog who has a beautiful white coat. She walks well on a leash, gets along well with other dogs, and loves to sit on your lap or lean up and snuggle against you. She is a little timid at first, but after a couple minutes with you she warms up and her sweet personality comes through. She has a gentle way about her and is one of the prettiest girls at the farm. If you want a loyal friend with a low maintenance personality then fill out an application for our quiet Simone.

You have to be sold by now don't you?! As always click HERE to go to Main Line Animal Rescues site to look for lots more animals that need adoption :)

Not much on the calendar for the weekend. As of late last night we had heat but the hot water won't be fixed until Monday afternoon at the earliest, so it looks like I'll be using other peoples showers in the mean time to stay clean. The dishes will just have to hang out in the dishwasher for a bit and the laundry will pile up, but if by Monday night it's fixed, I'll be happy.

I am off to get pumpkins and mums tomorrow and then to the needlepoint place in the afternoon, and hopefully I'll get some blankets made as well for friends who just had new babies as I am a bit behind on that kind of stuff.

Hope everyone has great weekends!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not to complain...but

We have no heat. OR hot water. All seemed fine when we got our delivery of home heating oil last week. We turned the heat on and off it went.

Then, yesterday, I got home, it was a bit chilly so I turned the thermostat up and NOTHING. NOTHING happened. AT. ALL.

I work in construction. I know that when you flip a switch, or turn a dial, SOMETHING should happen. Nope, not a thing. So, me and my handy self went down to inspect our little heating unit and alas, was met with NOTHING. The reset button did NOTHING. Turning the entire unit on and restarting it did NOTHING.

Sorry to be a complainer, but this is NOT acceptable when it gets down to 35 degrees at night like it did here last night.

The repair person (note: I didn't say MAN on purpose) is supposed to be calling me any minute to tell me when they're coming. And let me say this, they are NOT leaving until my heat is on and my water is scalding.

That is all.

Oh, and I really *DO* love fall, I just don't like being cold, and I really want to shower!