Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh, hi!

Hi guys, sorry for the delay in posting, there is a lot of drama going on at work lately and I am trying my best to stay under the radar and out of trouble, which for one means staying off the blogs and facebook :(

But, I did have a great weekend with the big USC win over Notre Dame. Mr Pit made some fabulous chili and we had friends over and were as social as possible given the yucky freezing rainy weather.

Then last night, Mr Pit had a school meeting so I snuggled up with Lil' Pup and watched my two favorite hours of TV every week, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl.

OTH was awesome last night. The Renee drama while annoying is a good plot twist, but I have to say I'm a little worried about Millicent in this big bad world of modeling. Miss Alex "I'm a slutty model" was also getting on my nerves and I was thrilled when Brooke fired her. I am a HUGE Brooke fan, and I liked how she stood up for herself this season. I am Brooke, hear me roar! Plus, I don't want her to break up with Julian, he is such good eye candy after all!

Now, onto Gossip Girl...I hate to say this, but last night I was bored! Even with the whole Chuck Bass I've kissed guys before thing, I wasn't impressed. Blair is turning into a caraciture of herself and frankly it's old. I liked how she sat with Vanessa at the end, but please, her story is done. I am not happy that she and Chuck are fighting, but Blair has to learn how to play nice, especially with those you love. The Serena/Carter thing is old too...I totally figured he wouldn't want the bail out and leave anyway, he's trouble and she should have known. SNORE.

Hopefully my 2 favorite shows can finish strong at the end of the fall, One Tree Hill looks like it's in the bag, Gossip Girl however, has work to do.

Until the next time I can sneak a blog in, have a great week!

Mrs. Pit

Oh, and anyone in the Main Line Area remember that Shipley Shops starts on Thursday!


Dollface said...

Didnt watch GG so skipped over that part. But with OTH... Renee needs to go, is she telling the truth?? And Brooke is so amazing, I agree... xxxoo

Her Preppiness said...

Love Shipley Shops

Danielle said...

I still liked GG. It wasn't my favorite episode but it was enjoyable enough.

I have missed the last 3 (or so) episodes of OTH. I wasn't really loving it, but maybe I should go back to it?