Friday, October 9, 2009

Furry Friday- Meet Euna!

Aw, this poor girl REALLY needs a home! Euna was rescued from a commercial breeding facility- that's right folks, a puppy mill. Euna was bred and bred until she couldn't do it anymore, and would have likely been shot by the farmer if not rescued by MLAR first.

Here is her write up from Main Line Animal Rescue:

"Euna was rescued from a commercial breeding facility and is still trying to get used to life at MLAR. She is very timid and needs someone to go VERY slowly with her - allowing her to go at her own pace. She will require patience and understanding as she learns how the "outside world" works and learns to trust humans - she hasn't had good experience with that until she came to us! For these reasons, Euna will need to go to someone with a lot of dog experience, a calmer household and a very secure traditional fence. If you think you are the right type of person for Euna please apply today"

THIS is the kind of dog that really makes me upset, a poor dog who has NO idea that human kindness even exists and has done nothing to deserve the kind of life she had at the puppy mill. THIS is the kind of dog that should make you think twice before buying any animal from a petstore. Just imagine their poor mom stuck and locked in a cage all day giving birth to more litters than any one dog should birth in their lifetime...then, if you can live with THAT image, go ahead and buy that doggie in the window. If not, go to a place like Main Line Animal Rescue, and rescue an animal that NEEDS a home.

I'll get off my soap box now and wish you all a wonderful weekend. I have a busy weekend of golf, needlepointing and even lacrosse!

Mrs. Pit

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Beth Dunn said...

You too, have a great weekend. And I hope the doggie finds a loving home asap!! xoxo