Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You're Lucky I'm Bored

Ok, I admit...that's not me speaking in the title, that's the one and only Chuck Bass, from you guessed it, Gossip Girl. That was definitely one of the best lines of the night, as I thought the fashion show plot line got a little boring. Though, it did show Blair at the height of her cattiness (and my favorite ironic line was Blair telling Darota to "never go to high school Darota, the girls are mean, nasty and have NO manners!") ha! I mean really, coming from Blair?!? Too much. I was definitely pleased with the show and the evening over all.

Dance class went well, though I think the teacher HATES me because all I do is laugh. I used to think I was coordinated, but trying to mimic her for an hour once a week is proving both impossible and hilarious at the same time.

But, onto SUPER fun news...we finally made plans for a vacation JUST the two of us. Not that we don't LOVE our friends, because we do, and they are exceptionally fun and awesome to vacation with...however, the last time we vacationed just the two of us was our honeymoon. Mmm, just thinking about the perfection that was Ladera in St. Lucia and Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda makes me weep for the beach...but I am really excited for our next ALONE trip.

We will be spending 3 delectable nights at the Snowy Owl Inn in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire for 2 full days of skiing, snuggling and hopefully ice skating if we have time. I adore New Hampshire as it's where my family has gone each and every summer since my Mom was a little girl. I, however, have never been up there any other time than August, so I am really looking forward to being there in the snowy throes of winter with just my darling husband and my super cute PINK ski outfit. (Come on now, you didn't think I skied in all black did you?!)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Boots, Reindeers and Sushi...all in a normal Monday kind of way

Happy lunch time Pit Fans...it's another great Monday here in the City of Brotherly Love.
Our Phightin' Phils clinched the division this weekend, so I had a lot of very happy family members, including my Dad and lil' brother out in San Deigo who was cheering them on from a Philly themed bar near the beach. (They also serve Philly cheesesteaks on real Amoroso bread that gets shipped there fresh every morning, how cool!)

In other news...I may have found myself a pair of boots that will stave off my hunger for the REAL thing. These are Madden Girl "Zarah" and they are less than 1/4 of the price of the boots from Coach...so I may get them now in lieu of the real thing (hoping my Christmas Bonus is enough for the boots and perhaps a few months worth of home heating oil!)

Speaking of Home Heating Oil...if anyone knows how we can get some for less than $3 a gallon, I will bequeath you my first born (well, not really, but something REALLY REALLY good!)Seriously, the price of oil is SO high at this point I am considering setting the thermotstat at 55 and piling on wool sweaters from now until April. Good thing Lil' Pup has his own sweater (and no, he does NOT like wearing it, but it was so cute I couldn't resist). He will also wear this sweater for his annual picture with Santa (Pit friends, get ready for another fridge worthy Christmas card this year!!) But, hey, atleast I don't dress him up like an ACTUAL reindeer!

Back to my yummy sushi lunch from Di Bruno Brothers check ya later after my hip-hop dance class tonight and of course Gossip Girl !!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


So, on this rainy Saturday with nothing planned for this evening, I convinced Mr. Pit to go to the King of Prussia mall with me, with the promise of Cheesecake Factory for dinner as a bribe. It worked and turned out to be one of the most successful shopping trips EVER.

But, first things first. The title of this post is dedicated to my all time favorite comedian, Jim Gaffigan . One of his skits is about IHOP, and how its weird that all the restaurants are shaped like churches. Hence, chanting "pan-a-an-cakes" while walking into the restaurant. Click HERE to see one of his best bits. Too freaking funny. I've seen him live a handful of times and each one is better than the last. I sing "pan-a-a-an-cakes" to Mr. Pit every time I go into a store that is my personal Mecca (Lilly, Polo, Coach) it's an inside joke and only Mr. Pit really gets it since he was with me the first time we saw Jim Gaffigan live...but anyways. I'm babbling.

NOW, onto the shopping.

First, we hit White House/Black Market and got a SUPER cute skirt for work. Looks like half of a Chanel suit, and I plan on wearing it with a crisp white button down and knee high black boots. Woo hoo! I am trying to do that whole "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" thing, and since I sort of gave up in the summer (I wore a LOT of Polo's with a lot of khakis, and even resorted to flip flops one slow week in August) it's time I start dressing the part. Plus, since yearly reviews are coming up in November, now is definitely the time to break out the big guns. Wish me luck.

Second, and the MOST exciting purchase tonight (and possibly of 2008, no joke) are the Lilly Pulitzer flats I got at the Lilly Store...ON SALE...last pair left...IN MY SIZE! I mean really, how often does that happen? I searched for them HIGH AND LOW on eBay and elbowed my way to the front of the shoe section at the warehouse sale earlier this summer, but a 9 1/2 in green with a pink flower was no where to be found. Alas, a random Saturday night at the Lilly store in the mall, was my nirvana. There on a shelf, all by itself, under a great big "SALE" sign, were my green "Color In Bloom" flats. Even better, they were reduced from $258 to $79!! I mean, I would have paid $199 for them and these shoes were less than the skirt I bought above. Too good to be true. Mr. Pit just smiled and waited patiently while I tried them on just to verify that they were in fact my size and not cruelly mis-labeled...and they fit like a gem. I think they might make their appearance on Tuesday if the weather is good. There is NO way I am wearing these babies in the rain.

So, we're home now watching college football (which is perfect for needle pointing by the way. Plus it makes Mr. Pit happy that I am in the same room, as he feels he has someone to make comments to and isn't just yelling at the TV, though he does that too)

I am deliriously happy with my purchases (which also included a gorgeous Tumi wallet for Mr. Pit and some make up for me at Sephora) and can't wait for tomorrow morning since the plan is to go to The Classic Diner for breakfast...honestly the best omelettes in all of PA, yum!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

TV addictions and my plans for tonight

WOO HOO! Its back on in T-7 hours and I couldn't be more excited. Among the many things I am absolutely obsessed with is my television viewing schedule which includes the fabulously addictive Grey's Anatomy. I can't get enough of the Mer-Der drama and I always look forward to whatever is upsetting Izzie in any given week. Plus, take the two Mc-Yummy doctors and you've got yourself one hell of a show.

Among my other favs are (in no particular order):

Gossip Girl, even though I know it's aimed at a demographic 10 years younger than I, I still can't get enough of all the snarka-rific comments that can only come from a private school. I thought my school was bad back in the 90's, but oh no, Serena and Blair have this place ALL figured out, and if they don't rule the school, no one will. I especially liked in this past week's episode the slow Reservoir Dog-esque montage of Serena and her followers coming into the court yard...HOLLA! That was so bad ass! (And I really did scream out loud at the television afterwards, scaring the sleeping little pup up from his nap and prompting Mr. Pit to ask if something was wrong from downstairs. "Nothing wrong, just loving Gossip Girl this week!")

Project Runway, though I am the farthest thing from fashion forward, I adore this show and I can actually get Mr. Pit to watch it with me because of the lovely Heidi Klum. Last nights episode was a weird one (really, its season 5 and that's all they could come up with?) but I liked some of the outfits. Jarell's "pop" outfit for Kenley was fierce (I miss you Christian!) but her outfit for Leann was a travesty. To quote my very own lovely mother "Did she fall off a turnip truck"? How on earth did Kenley think that outfit was in any way shape or form "hip hop"? Even LL Cool J thought it was pathetic...and no Kenley, crying won't get you anywhere. High waisted pants for hip-hop? Come on!! Even this preppy follower knows you can't get away with a Lilly Dress if you're trying to look legitimate while listening to Lil' Kim!

The Office: How can you not adore this show? It makes me laugh out loud at every episode (my favorite being the one where Jim comes to work dressed like Dwight and says all these Dwight-isms and makes Dwight go crazy, too funny)

And last but not least: BONES. I totally think that some of the body parts stuff is gratuitous and I am a total squeamish baby when it comes to that, but I adore the banter between Bones and Booth (I especially like the name Seely...what do you think for a potential "little Pit" name Mr. Pit? hee hee, just kidding, but I do really like it!)

I don't want to say anymore because I don't want people to think that all I do is watch TV, I swear I get out of the house on a regular basis! But, I love my shows and I can't wait for the premiers tonight!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Less Ranting, More Wishing

Hi Folks, sorry for all the ranting the last two posts, I swear I am not a bitter or angry person!

So, on to more fun topics...I have a few more things (purchases) that I want to make or at least dream about making!

One fun site I found is one of a girl I know (well, I know her sister and her brother who went to my school, she, Liz, went to another near by sort-of rival school, but, I digress) who now makes gorgeous letter pressed stationery out of New York. It is totally adorable and perfect for gifting this upcoming holiday season. Check out her site Linda and Harriett for super cute paper products that she designs herself. My favorite is the die-cut labels with cute ribbons to attach to gifts. Watch out Pit fans, you all know what your presents will look like this winter!

Another fave is this Ralph Lauren Sweater Dress unfortunately, I am 28, not 6...and it doesn't come in big kid sizes...but maybe when Mr Pit and I have a little Pit of our own I can dress her in cute clothes like this. One day!

Then, in keeping with the pink thing, this is my newest desire (and sort of a need...but try convincing that to Mr Pit who can't understand why I don't use the laptop I already have) This Dell 1525 Inspiron in you guessed it...Bright Pink. Honestly, I think I need a new computer, and how fitting it would be in Pink! Plus, then I could hook it up to my new embroidery machine! Just a thought.

Ok, enough retail therapy for now, back to work. The project I am working on got extended AGAIN but really it just means more work.

Enjoy this lovely early fall afternoon!

Stainless Steel Appliances and the Misguided Masses

Watching my one of my favorite shows last night (House Hunters on HGTV) I was again astounded at the reasons people give for not liking a house, and in the end use to justify NOT buying the otherwise perfectly nice affordable home. Paint colors can be changed, rugs re-done, just about anything non-structural can happen in a matter of days or weeks prior to move in. People, these items should NOT be a deal breaker!

But, here's the most annoying thing about these shows, and since I'm IN the construction industry, I especially get to be annoyed.

Stainless steel appliances are NOT better than other appliances.

Behind that shiny facade is the same freaking machine as you had before, only now its harder to clean! Have you ever gotten finger prints from a toddler or a nose mark from a dog on a stainless steel anything? If not, try it and good luck making your dishwasher look like new. EVERY time you clean the stainless steel surface you put minuscule scratches into it and then from far away you can see the little circular scrub marks no matter how lightly you scrub or with which fancy towel the sales people sold you on that 'won't hurt the surface' HA! You got duped. You got talked into a mid-range appliance for a high-range price for nothing else than a shiny front.

They are all the rage now, and you don't see any 'renovated' home without them...but seriously, take a quick look at ANY online appliance store (Sears, Lowe's, even Costco) and the stainless steel version of every appliance is $100-$300 higher than its same sister model in black or white.

If you think that you HAVE to have stainless steel when you move into your new home, think again about the maintenance of the front (you want it to look shiny all the time?, don't touch it!) and the fact that you are paying that much more for what it looks like as opposed to how it runs. Ever had a refrigerator punk out on you in the middle of summer? NOT FUN. Check consumers reports and buy the best brand with the best reliability you can and if it happens to come in stainless steel and you can afford it, good for you. If not, buy it in black and it will still look like a bad-ass kitchen.

That's the daily morning rant for you all. I have a busy day in front of me with a big project due today at work. So enjoy the sunny weather on the East Coast and think twice before buying stainless steel appliances.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oprah, Puppy Mills and People Magazine

Puppy Mills suck.

The fact that they are not completely illegal is astounding to me.

For those of you not familiar with what a 'puppy mill' is, a brief explanation is simple and sickening.

Hundreds of dogs are bred each year to produce as many puppies as possible in living conditions you wouldn't subject your worst enemy to. Sires and dams are forced to live stacked on top of each other in wire cages with no bottoms and the only time they get to come OUT of the cages is when they are being bred or giving birth. These poor animals spend the majority of thier life unable to turn around, lie down, or stand at all comfortably as their paws dig into the metal. The dogs in the bottom cages perhaps have it worst of all, as there is nothing to catch the feces from the dogs above them.

Then, when these poor dogs are deemed too old to produce any more litters, they are routinely shot and killed and buried on the farmers land.

These poor dogs NEVER see a pat on the head, a scratch on the belly, or a night on a soft rug by a warm fire. These moms get to spend only 4 weeks with thier puppies (most good breeders recommend puppies stay with thier mothers for 8 weeks or more) and the puppies go from the farm to a petstore to sit in an even MORE cramped space waiting to be bought.

Puppy Mills are rampant in parts of central Pennsylvania, and Bill Smith (creator of Main Line Animal Rescue) and Oprah have done an expose on just how horrible these living conditions are for these poor animals. Bill has made it his mission to save dogs from central PA Puppy Mills and is working with local politicians and lobbying the state to have more strict laws enforced to regulate how these animals are being treated.

As of now in the state of Pennsylvania, dogs are considered livestock and therefore can be 'disposed of' (as the farmers call it) as such. It is not illegal to shoot a dog in the head in the State of Pennsylvania. WTF? How is that possible? This is the kind of thing that gets my blood BOILING and I want to do as much as I can to get the word out so we can shut down these 'farms' until they agree to better living conditions for all the animals they house.

PLEASE read the links below, they give a lot of information on all the good work that Bill and other dog rescuers are doing and thankfully the Oprah segment (which is re-airing tomorrow!!) has done a lot to uncover this seedy underbelly of dog breeding.

This is the Main Line Animal Rescue site that will link you to the Oprah story and the feature this week in People Magazine

Owning a dog or any animal for that matter is a privilage, not a right. Treat your animal as you would any other member of the family.

Adopt a dog from a shelter, try this one I guarantee they will have the breed you want!

Don't EVER buy a pet from a pet store. You are asking for trouble with the animals health (a very large percentage of puppy mill pups have been inbred and come riddled with disease) Pet stores are KNOWN for getting thier dogs from commerical breeders as opposed to private breeders who actually KNOW what they are doing. Plus, pet store owners know that you don't want to hear that they get thier dogs from a puppy mill, so they will tell you they don't. If you MUST buy a dog from a pet store, make sure to research the store, and the breeder they claim they get thier dogs from. If it is a responsible breeder you will be able to cross check them on www.akc.org or a number of other Kennel Club websites.

Also, don't sell yourself short by saying you'll only buy a pure bred dog. Pure breds are great (I grew up with a pure bred Portuguese Water Dog) but the mutts and mixes in shelters NEED YOU! Seriously, if you need points to get you to heaven, or for your karma...rescue an animal from a shelter. They will pay you back 100 fold with thier love and thanks.

And if you think that shelters only have pit bulls and 'bully breeds' a) check out a pit, you might like them. They were the original "Nanny Dog" used specifically to take care of children in the early 1900's. b) There are NO bad dogs, only bad owners. Don't shy away from dogs at shelters because you think they are bad dogs. 99% of the time its the owners who didn't know how to care for them or just plain didn't want the responsibility once they puppies grew into dogs. Dogs that aren't adoptable won't be there in the first place.

Thats all I have to say about the subject for now, I get pretty worked up about the whole subject and the whole thing makes me sad and mad and wanting to go home and give my rescue dog a great big hug (and a new toy).

So please, check out the above links and watch Oprah tomorrow at 4!
(BTW, thats my rescue pit puppy in the pic up there. Pretty ferocious looking huh?)

A Few Obsessions for Fall

So, I might as well get on with it...I have a confession.
There is ALWAYS something or things that I want to buy at any given moment.

They can go from small (a spoon rest for the stove that I just actually bought on Sunday) to large (the Corvette I was talking about earlier, that's a 2001 by the way, my favorite model year).

I might as well get these 'wish list' items out into the universe in case some person is looking for what to buy me as an early Halloween present or something!

Here are just a few.

*Coach Whitley Boots in Whiskey (9 1/2 to be exact!) they couldn't be cuter!

* Lilly Pulitzer Flats in Pink of course!

*This Super Cute Lilly Pulitzer Sweater Dress

*I am wishing for someone to invite us to a fall wedding so I can wear this CK Bradley dress

*And most of all this... Singer Futura CE-250 embroidery machine so I can monogram everything I own!

That's all of my wish list for now (believe me there's always more!)

Tell me readers, what are YOU wishing for?

Here We Go!

Welcome to The Preppy Pit Bull.

This blog is going to be my outlet for all things ME, including but not limited to:

My likes, dislikes, rants, raves, obsessions, cravings, musings, ideas and the like.

It will also be a place where you can track my budding business (mostly an idea at this point, more on that later) my profession(s) (both current and dreamed), my wish list of items to purchase for me (Coach Whitley Boots) or other people (as I would love to one day buy my husband a Red Corvette, and my Mom a greenhouse, and a number of other things) and anything else that seems relevant in my little life.

I hope to make people smile, sometimes laugh outloud, but mostly entertain those who happen upon this blog on purpose or just by chance.

By the way, our dog is a rescued pit bull, hence the name of the blog. He is the sweetest dog on the planet and he is an amazing ambassador of the breed and all it's misconceptions. If this blog does nothing else, atleast those who read it will know that all pits are not bad dogs, just unfortunate that some pits have bad owners.