Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Less Ranting, More Wishing

Hi Folks, sorry for all the ranting the last two posts, I swear I am not a bitter or angry person!

So, on to more fun topics...I have a few more things (purchases) that I want to make or at least dream about making!

One fun site I found is one of a girl I know (well, I know her sister and her brother who went to my school, she, Liz, went to another near by sort-of rival school, but, I digress) who now makes gorgeous letter pressed stationery out of New York. It is totally adorable and perfect for gifting this upcoming holiday season. Check out her site Linda and Harriett for super cute paper products that she designs herself. My favorite is the die-cut labels with cute ribbons to attach to gifts. Watch out Pit fans, you all know what your presents will look like this winter!

Another fave is this Ralph Lauren Sweater Dress unfortunately, I am 28, not 6...and it doesn't come in big kid sizes...but maybe when Mr Pit and I have a little Pit of our own I can dress her in cute clothes like this. One day!

Then, in keeping with the pink thing, this is my newest desire (and sort of a need...but try convincing that to Mr Pit who can't understand why I don't use the laptop I already have) This Dell 1525 Inspiron in you guessed it...Bright Pink. Honestly, I think I need a new computer, and how fitting it would be in Pink! Plus, then I could hook it up to my new embroidery machine! Just a thought.

Ok, enough retail therapy for now, back to work. The project I am working on got extended AGAIN but really it just means more work.

Enjoy this lovely early fall afternoon!

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