Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A lot's been going on 'round here!

Hi all!

So, I'll get the big news out of the way and I'll let Little Pit tell you herself...

That's right! Baby #2 is due September 28th...but we all know how finicky due dates are, so I normally just say the end of September.

How do I think Little Pit will react? Well, not well would be my guess, but maybe the next 6 months she'll start to get a handle on the fact that perhaps the world does not solely revolve around her (I admit it took me a good 20 years to get that for myself)

She's really been into pushing my buttons lately, and she's made a scene at all of her classes the past few weeks as well, so I'm not sure exactly what's going on. Her favorite thing is to just get spaghetti legs and lie down on the floor. Normally I ignore her until she gets up and starts getting with the program, but this morning I removed her from class because I was so at the end of my rope I couldn't stand another 15 minutes of her tantrums over nothing. The other moms probably thought I was nuts, but it's my time too, and frankly if she's lying down and not enjoying herself at class or at least learning something, I find it a waste of both my time and hers to be there. Plus, she disrupts class for everyone else who is having a good time. I admittedly had very little patience this morning as the day started where she refused to let me change her diaper. Once that happens I know it's going to be a LONG day.

I know she's almost 2 and this behavior is just her way of showing independence, but I want my obedient fun kid back! Where did she go? Why is everything such a struggle these days?
This is the look I get from her 99% of the time these days. I bring her out to a fun place to do fun things and she still gives me a look like she hates me. URGH!!!

Most days I am so excited to have a 2nd child, but some days, like today, I am kind of dreading it, thinking to myself...what the heck am I getting myself into?! They will be 2 years and 5 months apart when it's all said and done and holy cow I hope this terrible beginning 2's thing is over!!

I am very happy and thrilled to have another baby, really I am. It was planned and talked about and this baby is being brought into a home with lots of love and a tyrant for a big sister. Anyone with a toddler has to agree with me that some days are harder than others, and unfortunately for me, this is one of those days. She's napping now (thank goodness) and hopefully she wakes up on the right side of the crib and we can have a nice afternoon.

Wish us luck!

Friday, March 9, 2012


So, not sure I have mentioned this, but I am my BFF B's Maid of Honor for her wedding in June.

Two things...ME- MAID OF HONOR, what WHAT?! Seriously, this girl has 1,000,000 friends. ALL way cooler than me, but I get the #1 spot. ME! (imagine me saying that like Reese Witherspoon does in Legally Blonde). Anywho, I'm pretty excited about it. (read, I must tell people 100 times a day, I feel like I'M the one getting married!)

I am supposed to plan the bridal shower (as the entire world screeches to a halt). In New York City.

You guys, I don't know a THING about New York City except how to get on a train, get there and then hail a cab where I have to go. I have been known to navigate the subway successfully a few times, but honestly, the whole city scares the daylights out of me. I am NOT a city girl. Nope, suburbs THROUGH and THROUGH.

Anyways, for WEEKS I have been calling places, reaching out to friends old and new for suggestions and everything was just SO expensive. Now, I live outside Philly, NOT in some small town in some weird state where they don't have things like afternoon tea. I feel like I know about what it should cost. What it should NOT cost is $40 a person. PLUS rental fees for the space PER HOUR. Come on now, seriously?

So, I reached out to the woman who knows everything about everything and has New York City wrapped around her finger. Why I didn't reach out to her earlier still escapes me. I figure if anyone knew anything about anything, it would be her. If she lived in Philly (which she did when her husband went to law school with my Dad) Philly Magazine would just make one phone call for the Best of Philly issue and it would be to her.

This amazing woman is my Godmother T (do you all have Godmothers? I have two lucky me! Seriously, best thing that ever happened to me...sorry Mr. Pit, other than you and Little Pit of course!)

T (she used to be Aunt T but won't let me call her that any more on account that I am now 31) called around and then offered her fabulous apartment up for the afternoon. (She has the most amazing views of Lower Manhattan). So, we now have a caterer all lined up, I'm renting linens down here, my awesome Mom S is doing all the flower arrangements and the whole freaking thing is set in 4 little emails.

What's awesome about her too is that I never in my mind even thought of asking her for her apartment as it's a HUGE undertaking to host 40 people wether you know them or not, but she offered it right up as if it were a restaurant down the street. Because that's who she is. THE kindest, most generous person I've ever met. You have no idea how much easier this makes my life. PLUS, it cuts down on the costs tremendously. Just 2 days ago this shower was costing me and the bridesmaids an absurd amount for a 2 hour tea, and now we can get by with a small donation from each bridesmaid and we're set.

I was so overwhelmed at the thought of navigating New York City by myself on a Saturday in June trying to find the spot that I had booked from 100 miles away, all while trying to keep costs down for everyone while providing B the amazing afternoon she deserves.

Just wanted to give some major generosity kudos to my amazing Godmother T, and to my Mom who has already come up with some fabulous floral designs for the afternoon. Bonus props if anyone can give me a discount code for Minted so I can get the invitations on the cheap...anyone? Anyone?

I also have NO idea how I even have the energy to write this post at 11pm on a Friday night, I think it is just knowing that things are set and that I can move forward on planning the fun Bridal Shower Mad Libs?! Oh yes, it's happening!

I hope everyone has great weekends and catch up on sleep tonight as we lose an hour tomorrow night with daylight savings.

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Monday, March 5, 2012


Hi all,
So this weekend I worked a big lacrosse event and I have a lot of left over inventory from the day.

I wanted to offer it to you all before I sent it back to the warehouse.

I am selling everything for $5 less than what the website offers it for, and all shipping is $5 (it's $8.95 on the site)

Here is a little bit of what I have.

If you want to check out the website and then email me to see if I have something in a specific pattern, click HERE to get to the Scout Sport section of the Scout Website.

Email me at if you are interested in anything!

Little Draw in Flamingo $30

Little Draw in Barbara Stripesand Blue $30

Little Draw in Barbara Stripesand Coral $30

Little Draw in Flashback Paisley $30

Little Draw in Green Eyed Lady Paisley $30

Little Draw in Ombre Charles $30

Little Draw in Rad Paisley $30

Zip It and Rip It in Ombre Charles $50

Zip it and Rip It in IndigoGo $50

Zip It and Rip It in Indigo Girl $50

Big Draw in Ombre Charles $45

Big Draw in Brittany Stripe $45

Big Draw in Green Eyed Lady Paisley $45

Big Draw in Indigo Girl $45

Game Day Tote in Green Eyed Lady Paisley $40
Play Girl Play Tote in Racey Lacey $40

I have a few more bags, but like I said, email me at if you are interested in anything here or anything on the website. I am happy to make special orders for people with the same pricing.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!

xoxo Mrs. Pit