Friday, January 29, 2010

Furry Friday- Sort of...

*UPDATE* I learned how to put a photo in via apple...Thanks JAK!!!

Hi guys!
Well, I am doing exactly what I wanted to be when I planned this trip ages ago, namely, sitting inside, by a warm fire, with wi-fi and lots of fun crafting projects, while Mr. Pit endures 5 degree temperatures to ski Okemo. Alas, I think he'll be in shortly for some warming up!

I would do a Furry Friday post, but since I'm on my MacBook, I don't know how to get pictures uploaded like I do on my PC at work. If anyone knows an easy solution, please let me know! I know I've had the computer for almost 8 months now and the only thing I can do is get on the internet and play with iTunes...oops!

But, even if I can't post a picture, I can still tell you about Brandy! Brandy is a Cocker Spaniel at Main Line Animal Rescue and he is a favorite of all the staffers at MLAR.
Click HERE to go to Brandy's page! This is her write up...

Ok - apologies to the band Looking Glass, but MLAR couldn't resist: The sailors say "Brandy, you're a fine girl" (you're a fine girl) If you're looking for loyal, obedient, affectionate, and adorable.... then Brandy is your match. You won't need to give her a silver chain for around her neck, MLAR provides a beautiful red premier-brand martingale collar and name tag. "What a good dog you would be" (such a fine girl) MLAR's Brandy may not serve you whisky or wine, but she will be your walking partner OR your napping partner...take your pick! "Yeah your eyes could steal a sailor from the sea"... Take one look at her sweet brown eyes and you just might find your new best friend!

Can you resist that write up? I know there's no picture, but just imagine a cute as a button Cocker Spaniel and Brandy is your girl!

Anyways, Mr. Pit and I had a great time at the Okemo Inn last night, if you ever find yourself in Central Vermont and need a place to stay, go here! It was perfect and quaint, really close to town, and the homemade breakfast was perfection!

We are loving our stay up here so far, and I can't wait until Little Pit is old enough to ski so we can put them in ski school and then they can ski with us :)

Hope all is well with everyone and you all have great weekends!

Oh, and a HUGE shout out to A who is dog sitting Lil' Pup this weekend and to my brother Z, who is walking him during the day to give him a break. You guys are AWESOME!!

Talk to you all soon!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In 24 hours

I will have packed for Okemo in record time, probably cried after leaving the dog (I hate hate hate leaving him, his little face is just so sad as if he doesn't understand that we're ever coming back, it kills me!), driven 6 hours and landed in beautiful Ludlow, Vermont for the next 3 days.

Oh yeah, and the HIGH temperature for downtown Ludlow on Friday...a whopping 10 degrees. And Saturday, predicting around 15, topping it off with a high on Sunday of 20.

I don't know HOW we manage to pick the coldest weekend EVERY single year we go on this trip. Maybe it's because we ALWAYS go the weekend before the Super Bowl, and this happens to be the coldest weekend of the year, but this is getting ridiculous...especially because it's in the 30's today, how can it drop 20 degrees in 48 hours?!

Oh well, I can't REALLY complain since it's not as if I am the one who has to survive frozen on a chairlift going up the mountain, and I can be snuggly and warm in the lodge all day...I just don't want Mr. Pit to lose a finger or toe in this cold! AND I can't complain because the coldest ever was 3 years ago when it was -32 on the top of the mountain, and we skied ALL day until I fell and dislocated my collarbone and ended up in the ER for the rest of the afternoon. SWEET.

This year my plan is to hang out in the lodge on Friday (our friends don't join us until Friday night), and then Saturday I don't even think I'll go the mountain but rather watch movies and stay in the rental house with the kids. I am bringing lots of DVDs and the laptop, so I am sure I will be entertained :)

PLUS, above is my new needlepoint project, isn't it cool? I have to needlepoint the 'band' part, and then when it gets finished it comes back with a fancy black patent leather huh? I love love LOVE the pattern too, it will be fun to work with, and hopefully not too boring.

The only thing the frozen temps are good for is the fact that I won't be willing to go out to go it's a benefit for my bank account above all else!

We also get to celebrate our friend K's birthday on Friday (her birthday is tomorrow but she and hubby K and their ridiculously adorable daughter S arrive Friday night with the rest of the crew) so cake and ice cream for everyone!!

I may or may not blog from the mountain on Friday, hopefully the wifi works, and I am also breaking out the new camera as well, so hopefully I'll have lots to upload! I know I owe some belly pics too, we were really good the first 20 or so weeks but we've gotten all the way to 27 without any since Christmas, so I'm working on it I promise!

Hope everyone has great days and enjoy the rest of your week!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Glider!

So, we finally ordered the glider for Little Pit's room...and here it is!

This isn't the fabric we got, but just imagine it with a blue and white ticking stripe, like this one, and that will be THE chair!!

I am so excited that it's a big item ticked off the we just need a crib and maybe a bookcase if I can find one I like...who knew it would be so hard to pick out a freaking simple bookcase?!

Hope everyone had great weekends!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, January 22, 2010

Furry Friday!

Meet Bob! I chose Bob today because today's date is a palindrome, and I love those :)
See 01-22-10, cool huh? So, Bob is also a palindrome, and I just thought it fit. PLUS, he's pretty darn cute right?!

Here is his write up from the staff at MLAR, go check him out this weekend!!

Ever hear of a movie called "What About Bob"? No one in the film knows what to do with this guy named Bob. He is a bit peculiar but a nice enough fellow; never hurt anyone, and often makes the other characters laugh. So what could you do about MLAR Bob? He is a natural clown with a personality that would make Bill Murray (he plays Bob in the movie) proud. And hey, don't let his "natural highlights" fool you, this sweet guy has plenty of energy . Even if the big directors have never been able to leash Hollywood actors the way they'd prefer, the volunteers concur MLAR Bob is great for a leash walk. Added bonus: MLAR Bob is so cool he's already house trained. No therapy required.

I know it doesn't seem like a big deal that he is house trained, but I can't TELL you how awesome it was when we brought Lil' Pup home and didn't have to worry about him messing anything in our house up. He has NEVER soiled in the house, even when he was sick last year, and he's never eaten anything he wasn't supposed to either, so shoes and belts and bags are all safe!! I am sure Bob is the same way, and it's worth it's weight in gold for a dog to be out of their puppy stage!!

Go check out Bob this weekend, it's a perfect weekend for it, and he'll be your new best friend by the time the playoffs come on TV Sunday at 3!!

Mr. Pit has a whole bunch of school work to do this weekend, but we have a fun party to attend Saturday night and I have 2 friends coming over for lunch on Sunday so I'm really looking forward to that!

Next week is a short week for me(only 3 days!)as we head up to Okemo for 4 days on Thursday morning :)

So while Mr.Pit is doing this:
I'll be doing this: Believe me, if I didn't have Little Pit in my belly I'd be right out there with him, but since skiing is a no-no while you're pregnant, especially as far along as I am, I am going to take advantage of Okemo's wi-fi network in their lodge and catch up on my needlepointing. I have an entire project I haven't even started yet!

Hope everyone has great weekends!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time to get judgy...

So, the top baby names of 2009 has officially been released and I have to say while I am surprised at some, I am astounded by others.

The number 1 boys name is Aiden...too trendy if you ask me, but I don't mind it. Plus, since I loved Aiden on Sex and the City, I am ok with it. The number 1 girls name is Isabella, which really surprises me because I have at least heard or have known of people with names on the list, and I can't name one person I know personally, have heard of via the blog world or celebrity who named their daughter this. Maybe I'm wrong?

Here are the names that just plain annoy me.

Girls #7- Madelyn. This isn't a name. The name is Madeline. These retards just spelled it wrong and now it's a whole new name. If I worked at a hospital or social security office I wouldn't allow for such retarded re-thinking of names.
Girls #16 Kaylee. Again, this isn't a name. If you really want to name your daughter this, at least come up with a more fitting way to spell it. What are we all hooked on phonix here? How about Kayleigh atleast, yikes.
Girls #48 Makayla. Same theme. You take a real name and re-spell it. I dont like it even a little. What is it with people adding Y's to everything these days?! The real name is Michaela, as in the female version of Michael.
Girls #66 Jordyn. HOLY heck this one makes me mad. The name is Jordan. Just spell it like it should be spelled and I'd be fine!!!

That's it for the girls, I could do more but I'm exhausted just looking at those 4.

The boys aren't as bad at all, though I do have one gripe with the name Caden. I mean, are people just putting letters together to make new words and therefore new names? This one is number 7 too! I mean, it's not a bad name, it's just so weird to me that people have to come up with completely new names for their kids. Can't you pick something that exists already?

And this folks, is EXACTLY why we aren't telling anyone the names we have chosen for our future Little Pit. I am NOT the most judgmental person out there I swear, but EVERYONE has opinions on names, myself included obviously! Interestingly enough, our 'boy' name isn't in the top 100, though it's quite common, and our girl name isn't either, though much less common. Mr. Pit's name made it into the top 20 for boys, but my name isn't top 100 either, even though it was top 3 in 1980 when I was born!!

Here is the full list from Top Baby Names of 2009

And that is my rant of the day :) Oh, and feel free to flame me if your name is Kaylee, Makayla, Jordyn or Madelyn, I know I'm judgy!! (and I have friends named Jordan and Kayleigh!) I just want people to spell them right!!


Hi guys,
Sorry for the long time between posting, the 3 day weekend was a whirlwind of mini road trips, lots of good food and lots of sleep :)

Saturday morning I was all prepped to sleep in, when I got a call from my darling mother who needed help prepping flowers for our church the next day. She said she needed as much help as she could get, so I recruited 2 AMAZING friends who came and helped and really saved the day. N, and A, I owe you SO big time! It's also N's birthday today, Happy Birthday N!!

After all the flowers were arranged I went home and to meet up with some new friends for a little road trip down to Kennett Square and Talula's Table. The restaurant/store/market is everything I wished it would be and more. We ate delicious food and pretty much bought them out of cheese, bread and other condiments they are famous for. One of my favorite finds is a cinnamon-sugar butter that is made right in Chester County. Un-freaking-believable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cinnamon toast, and this butter is magical. Plus, the 4 kinds of cheeses we got were amazing. We pretty much spent the entire weekend eating what we bought at the market, SO SO SO good and I am so glad that we still have some goodies left. Goat Cheese Gnocchi anyone? That is our dinner tonight, yum!!

Sunday was a yucky weather day, but we still managed to knock off our to-do list of cleaning out yet another closet and went to Baby Supermart to look at furniture. It's a great store, but I wasn't blown away by their selection, so we are sticking with our original registered-for crib. I am however on the hunt for a tall white bookcase, so let the craigslist stalking begin! We also went down to my parents house for our weekly Sunday dinner and made chicken and rice that was absolutely delicious if I do say so myself (since I made it!)!

Monday we both took advantage of the holiday, slept in and met with a new contractor and painter about our ideas for the first floor and basement. We are getting closer to a decision on both, and I will be sure to document the whole thing with pictures when and if we actually move forward. Silly things like getting money from our tax return are really seeming to matter lately, so we're trying to figure that out and then make a move, crossing fingers!!

This week is pretty strange work wise. My boss is out on paternity leave this week, his 4th daughter Lauren was born via C-Section last Friday. My other boss is moving to another jobsite full time on Monday, and there is a huge meeting today about stone and then the CEO of our entire company is coming to walk OUR jobsite on Friday, yikes! Plus, there were layoffs last week, so everyone is in a wierd flux of anxiety and nerves. Anyways, I'm just trying to keep my head down and stay out of the fracas as much as I can, wish me luck!

At least I have some fun things coming up in the next few weeks to keep me nice and busy. Our friend C is back from Afganistan after a pretty long tour, so her coming home party is Saturday night and I'm really looking forward to it.

Then next weekend we are taking a 4 day weekend to go up to Okemo in Vermont so Mr. Pit can ski and I can shop or hang out at the lodge. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of needlepointing and internet surfing, I really hope they have wi-fi in the lodge, thats for sure!

Then there is Superbowl weekend which I love because C and A's parents throw the BEST Superbowl party ever, and it's A's birthday on February 3rd :)

Then it's Valentines day weekend and we're off to Vegas for our Baby-Moon! We are staying at the Venetian and have reservations at Bouchon and CraftSteak while we're there as well as some spa stuff at Canyon Ranch, yippee! Can you believe that all of that is going on in the next 4 weekends?! Insane!

So, that's our life in a nutshell for the next 4 weeks, and then after that we have our all-day birthing class at the end of February, this time is just flying!! Little Pit will be here before we know it, eek!

I hope you all had great holiday weekends!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, January 15, 2010

Furry Friday!

This Furry Friday is a special one, because Mr. Pit himself picked out the pup of the week, Fudge.

Meet Fudge! His description is great, and as I've said of a lot of dogs from this facility, if Lil' Pup didn't have to be an only child, Fudge would probably live with us!!
Here is his description from the site, doesn't he sound fun!!!

It has been said that there are basically two types of Labrador Retrievers; Food Labs and Ball Labs. Fudge is definitely a Ball Lab. He will play catch with you all day if your arm holds out. His energy is boundless and his enthusiasm will bring a smile to your face. He's not all play; he has good manners also. He will sit on command and give you his paws, as long as you promise to play ball afterwards. He's strong and energetic, and will require a firm hand, but he will make somebody a playful and loving companion.

As always, check out Main Line Animal Rescue's site for all sort of animals that desperately need homes. We're supposed to get a storm in the area on Sunday so take tomorrow to go get an animal that really needs you!!

Main Line Animal Rescue

Mr. Pit and I are off to Kennett Square tomorrow to go check out Talula's Market ( Talula's Table is the famous impossible to get reservation opened by the former owners of Django, my favorite restaurant from our days in Old City). The attached market is famous for it's cheese selection as well as it's carry-out case- I hear you can even get their famous Goat Cheese Gnocchi, yum!!! Doesn't it look delicious?!

Then we both have Monday off so we're having more contractors come in to do some pricing on the work we want done- not that I don't want to do it with the first guy, I just know that from being in construction you should never make a decision without at least 3 sets of pricing for every project. It helps keep everybody honest, and gives you a good idea of what the center line is for your project. Always, always tell contractors that you are getting more than just them to price something, otherwise they'll take full advantage of your naivete and add in lots of extra's for no reason. If you are ever doing any work to your house and want advice on contractors, insurance, codes...anything, email me! I've been doing this for almost 10 years now, and I am constantly advising family and friends on the how-to's of home improvements by contractors. I don't want anyone spending unnecessary money!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Thanks to whomever got me this subscription as a gift! I just got an email saying I would start to get the magazine next month, but it doesn't tell me who it is from, so if it's you, THANK YOU!!!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend= WIN

Hi all,
We ended up having one of those great weekend that you LONG for after a few weekends of travel and insanity and I couldn't be happier.

Friday night we stayed in, made a delicious dinner and ended up passing out as soon at The Soup was over at 10:30...lame, but brilliant as we were both exhausted from the work week.

Saturday we got up early-ish and started in on our de-cluttering clean up of the various closets in the house. It is AMAZING the ridiculous things I save and refuse to get rid of (any and all cardboard boxes, paper bags with handles, any sort of large plastic bag, any box that any piece of electronic equipment came in, you get the idea) so Mr. Pit convinced me to purge some of my strange things and we cleaned up 2 closets and brought out 2 huge trash bags before 10am! Then it was off to Bucks County to look at some baby furniture I had found on Craigslist.

Now, Craigslist can go either way in terms of quality, truthfulness and everything else that goes into an online sale listing. However, we made out like bandits. First, the family selling this furniture was amazing and perhaps the nicest people ever. Their kids were adorable, thier house was amazing and we really really lucked out with the pieces. We ended up buying the whole set, crib, dresser, changing top, and then the lady selling it was nice enough to throw in the changing table pad (they are a custom size for this table), the crib mattress, an adorable diaper caddy from Pottery Barn and 2 Peter Rabbit prints that she had gotten for her nursery. We ended up loading BOTH cars to the brim and stayed to hang out with our new friends for an hour! It was by far the best furniture experience ever and everyone came out a winner.

To celebrate our good Craigslist fortune, we stopped for lunch at P.F. Changs (oh yeah, my brother helped move stuff and allowed us to borrow him and his huge SUV for this trip, so lunch on us was the least we could do). Anyways, none of us had ever been there and we were SO pleasantly surprised. The food was amazing and their chocolate cake is to DIE FOR. I got a piece to take home after spying it on the dessert cart on the way in and OMG, totally amazing. I am a chocolate cake expert and since Little Pit has given me QUITE a sweet tooth, this cake really tops any that I've had. The cake is nice and cakey and smooth and the icing is a perfect consistency and not layed on too thick (I hate too much icing), just delicious. I think we might be having P.F. Changs a lot more often now :)

Then of course, as if we hadn't been busy enough, we decide to go home, make chili, invite 6 people over, and before they get there for the Eagles game, we (*I*) decide that the Christmas tree has GOT to come down. So, while Mr. Pit was working away in the kitchen on his famous and delicious chili, I took to taking down all the ornaments and decorations. We finished up in about an hour, but then it took another hour to get our ginormous tree out of the stand and out the door. It was quite a site to see this HUGE tree get dragged through this TINY door opening when we didn't struggle that much bringing it in (it was wrapped from home depot when we brought it home, duh!) So, by 8:30 the house was clean, chili was cooked and the Eagles choked...but we had a great time seeing our friends after the holidays and it was a great excuse to clean up the house and put away Christmas.

Sunday I went to the outlets with my Mom, went out to lunch with Mr. Pit and then we came across another great baby furniture discovery. We walked past Kids N' Kribs on our way to lunch and I thought we should stop in to see what it was all about (all I had heard was that it was crazy expensive) but I was SO uninformed! We found the exact glider we wanted for $150 less than what we thought we could find it for, plus, their lead time on the chair is only 4 weeks, compared to the 10 weeks we were quoted at Bellini...amazing! So, we looked at fabrics and decided on one, and we plan on ordering it in about a month so it gets here in March. YAY!

The rest of yesterday was spent dozing on the couch and watching lots more football and our sick VH1 addiction- Tough Love. I normally wouldn't admit to watching such a show, but we also watch Jersey Shore for the 'make fun of' factor, and seriously, for laughing purposes, these shows are tops. You can't even believe that these people AREN'T acting!!

Anyways, I've babbled long enough, now I can show you what we got this weekend, yay!!

This is the dresser:
This is the changing table top:(Ours actually has a blue and yellow toile cover on the changing pad, so don't get excited that it's pink, that is from the website!)

This is the chair we decided on: Except we're getting ours covered in a blue and white ticking stripe fabric to contrast with the yellow walls and green in the bedding...yay! (and again, don't read into the blue, I promise that we have NO idea if Little Pit is a boy or a girl, so the room will be yellow green and blue)

The nursery is really coming together, I'm so excited!!

Hope you all had great weekends as well!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, January 8, 2010

Furry Friday!!

Welcome back to Furry Friday 2010!!!
I mean, do I really even need words for this one? How CUTE is he?? This is Richie and he just turned 1 in December. He is a German Shepard/Basset Hound mix and might just be the cutest thing (besides Lil' Pup of course) I've ever seen :)

As always, check out Main Line Animal Rescue for tons of available dogs and cats and other animals that are in desperate need of adoption. Believe me, they need you more than you could ever know, and isn't one of your New Years resolutions to be more giving? More selfless? Then adopt an animal, it's a win/win for everyone!!

On the home front news, we are going up to Bucks County tomorrow to look at and perhaps purchase the dresser and changing table set from the Craigslist listing and I couldn't be more excited. We have to buy the crib also, but I'm thinking that I might just give it to my parents to use in their house, that way we won't have to lug a pack n' play over there if we want to sleep over. Brilliant huh? Plus, the price is just SO right for the whole thing that it's worth purchasing the crib even if we don't use it in our own house.

Then I'm headed out to the outlets on 422 with my mom to return some Christmas gifts gone awry (my brother says his sweater is too itchy, and my moms sweater is too small) but I love shopping so I'm the last to complain!

Then we may or may not have people over for the Eagles game on Saturday night, they played so poorly last Sunday it makes me nervous to even be near a TV with the game on, but hopefully they got that out of their system and they'll kick some butt down in Dallas.

I hope you have some great plans for the weekend!

Happy Friday!!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nesting, Continued...

Yeah, so I may or may not have invited a contractor over last night to review my elaborate plans that now include moving two walls, painting, adding 2 skylights and possibly making the kitchen have cathedral ceilings, now we're just waiting on pricing and I had Mr. Pit look into a home equity loan...oops :)

Other than that I think I may have found the dresser we wanted from Bellini on I am just waiting for an email back from the person to see if they will sell it separately from the crib, which I am hoping they will. Cross your fingers!!!

Mr. Pit is going to the Villanova basketball game tonight, which gives me the opportunity to eat cereal for dinner (he hates it when I do that) as well as play with my new wrapping paper organizer. Lame as it sounds, I can't wait to get all our paper in one place and then throw the whole thing in the attic.

OOH, also, a new episode of Mercy is on tonight, and I will be sure to set the DVR to record the whole series as opposed to just one show like I did in the fall. YAY for good TV coming back!!

Hope you had great days!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Oh's happening. The phenomenon known as nesting has officially happened to me. I have a whopping 16 weeks before Little Pit is scheduled to come into the world, but that hasn't stopped me from pricing out the following:

*Changing tables from the following companies
-Pottery Barn Kids
-Land of Nod
-All 3 via their own websites and Craigs List hoping for a steal

-Same kind of thing, hoping to maybe get a dresser instead of a specific changing table

*Armoires even though I know they won't fit in Little Pit's room

*Strollers even though we already picked ours out, now I'm second guessing

*Every other thing on our registry that I am now second guessing after talking to friends with little ones

*Putting in new windows in the kitchen

*Moving a wall in the basement

*Painting the entire first floor

*New towels for our bathroom (The Company Store is having a sale, can you blame me for looking?!)

*Clothes from the following stores
-Banana Republic
-Old Navy
-Vineyard Vines (their Whale of a Sale is awesome!!)
-Lands End
-Ann Taylor
-Ann Taylor Loft

*New cars
- yeah, I don't really have an excuse for this except that I am convinced it's going to be really hard for me to get Little Pit in and out of the car in a car seat because my silly Grand Cherokee back doors don't open as far as I want them too. Mr. Pit thinks this is silly and irrational and most of all WAY out of our price I'll stop looking, but it worries me!

And yeah, everything else in the world that is for sale, or could be going on sale anytime soon or was on sale in the past...I have priced it and talked to Mr. Pit about buying it. Poor guy!

So, that's what's going on with me. A lot of virtual shopping, a LOT of second guessing and some serious instincts to make my house even more of a home!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Decade in Review

I saw this on someone else's blog and I thought it was a neat way to remember some of the bigger things that happened in the last 10 years.

So, here life in the last 10 years:

2000- I was a sophomore/junior at Johns Hopkins. Went from living in a quad with my 3 best friends to living in an apartment for the first time with my then best friend. By October of 2000 we are not speaking (ugh). I get my first dog, Morgan, as an 8 week old puppy in a McDonald's parking lot. She was in a cardboard box, and the woman selling the puppies said she would shoot them if no one bought them...yikes! So, $25 later I had a puppy on my lap driving home. NOT a fun phone call made to my parents shortly after that. I realized then how much money a dog cost- and a sick puppy at that. NOT easy money for a 20 year old. But we got through it.

2001-That spring I was not on speaking terms with my roommate, and we had 2 dogs in our tiny apartment. Started dating a new guy, his pre-med status held great allure (though looking back I have NO idea why). That summer I moved into my own apartment, just me and my pup. It was a great change for me. Then 9-11 happened. This changed a LOT of relationships for me as I seemed to react quite differently than everyone around me- definitely a grow-up moment for me as a recognized the fact that I could take control of what relationships I wanted vs. not.

2002- Graduate from Johns Hopkins in the spring. Boyfriend at the time decides he can't take anytime off to come see me graduate (red flags started flying a long time before this, but this was the kicker). I cried graduation night because I had wasted so much of my senior year spending time with him and no time with my friends like I should have. I move out of Baltimore the day after graduation. I move up to New Jersey for my new job in August. The new landlord says my pup is too big for the apartment. She is adopted by a family in my parents neighborhood. I cry for weeks. Boyfriend and I break up in October. I cried for weeks over the dog. I shed nary a tear over the boyfriend...

2003-I move out of my original NJ apartment into an apartment with friends in Hoboken. I know I should love it but I am homesick and hate it. I meet Mr. Pit in June. I kiss him for the first time in July. We are seriously dating long distance by August. I quit my job and move back to Philly in December.

2004- I move into my new apartment on New Years Day. The movers end up losing one of my boxes that has yet to be recovered or 'found' as they first say it was delivered to me and I signed for it, then later admit they lost it. It had all my plates and bowls wrapped in my favorite t-shirts. I still miss those shirts. I start my new job. Mr Pit and I are madly in love. We live about 6 blocks from each other and see each other 6 nights out of 7. By this point I KNOW I will marry him.

2005- Mr. Pit and I start seriously talking about getting married. By the spring we are looking at rings. Mr. Pit proposes in August on a picnic in Pound Ridge, New York, on our way up to Lake Placid for a week. I haven't stopped smiling since :) I had my 25th birthday party at Bourbon Blue in Manayunk. It is 80 of our friends and family and it still stands out as one of the best parties I've ever been to/thrown or had anything to do with.

2006- We registered in January, finalize linens in February, transportation in March, invites went out in April, wedding shower in May and got married in June. We honeymoon in St. Lucia and Virgin Gorda. It was the most relaxing 12 days of my life. I quit my job in September and join a company that I think has TONS of potential in the Philadelphia construction world.

2007- We both got tired of living in the city and commuting to the suburbs, so we bought a house we both adored in a suburb we love and have lived there ever since. The move this time was without peril or stress and by the end of the year we have most of the house furnished. In August we adopted Lil' Pup and he's been with us every since. I start hating my job and quit in November. (the company would go under in mid-2009). I start working at the company I first tried to work for when I graduated from school and never got an interview then. This time around I had my job offer by the end of the sit-down. I start working in the city again- total irony since we JUST moved out of the city 5 months prior.

2008- No job movement, no house movement, no new pets (well, some new fish but who can keep track of those!). We take trips to Vermont to ski, to Vegas to party, to New Hampshire to relax and otherwise are just a very happy married couple. Mr. Pit starts grad school at Villanova. We make new friends and are thrilled by the prospects that his MBA brings.

2009- Start off the year well at work and think I am making great progress in the department I am in. I get taken out of that department and moved to a jobsite over Easter weekend. It takes me a few months to get over the shock of the move and get used to being 'onsite' again. As a result of this, Mr. Pit and I decide we will start trying for a Little Pit. We got to 3 of 5 weddings by August. I find out I am pregnant and we get to celebrate the great news down in Virgin Gorda. We come back to go to wedding #4. We didn't say a word about being pregnant to anyone as we were only 8 weeks. But, by the end of the weekend everyone is telling us congratulations. I guess when they saw me not drinking it was enough for them to assume. We dont even tell our families until the end of September. In October we finally get our 12 week ultrasound and all our wishes are confirmed, we have a healthy baby. In December we get our 20 week ultrasound and are even more thrilled to see 10 fingers, 10 toes and the tiny little heart beating away. We have a great Christmas with both families and celebrate the new year up in Massachusetts with wedding #5 of 5 for the year.

2010-Not much to report on so far, but we have already seen 2 set of friends on New Year's day, put 1000 miles on 2 cars in just under 2 weeks and will go to Vermont for 4 days at the end of January for our annual ski-weekend with friends. In February we are going to Vegas for our 'babymoon' and in March my mother in law is throwing us a shower up in New York. Then, April is the month of Little Pit- unless of course he or she is late, then May will be, but either way, we'll be home those two month for sure! That's as far as we've gotten for this year, and I can't wait!!

I hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year and past decade like I did. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful husband, great supportive family on both sides and the best friends a girl could ask for.