Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In 24 hours

I will have packed for Okemo in record time, probably cried after leaving the dog (I hate hate hate leaving him, his little face is just so sad as if he doesn't understand that we're ever coming back, it kills me!), driven 6 hours and landed in beautiful Ludlow, Vermont for the next 3 days.

Oh yeah, and the HIGH temperature for downtown Ludlow on Friday...a whopping 10 degrees. And Saturday, predicting around 15, topping it off with a high on Sunday of 20.

I don't know HOW we manage to pick the coldest weekend EVERY single year we go on this trip. Maybe it's because we ALWAYS go the weekend before the Super Bowl, and this happens to be the coldest weekend of the year, but this is getting ridiculous...especially because it's in the 30's today, how can it drop 20 degrees in 48 hours?!

Oh well, I can't REALLY complain since it's not as if I am the one who has to survive frozen on a chairlift going up the mountain, and I can be snuggly and warm in the lodge all day...I just don't want Mr. Pit to lose a finger or toe in this cold! AND I can't complain because the coldest ever was 3 years ago when it was -32 on the top of the mountain, and we skied ALL day until I fell and dislocated my collarbone and ended up in the ER for the rest of the afternoon. SWEET.

This year my plan is to hang out in the lodge on Friday (our friends don't join us until Friday night), and then Saturday I don't even think I'll go the mountain but rather watch movies and stay in the rental house with the kids. I am bringing lots of DVDs and the laptop, so I am sure I will be entertained :)

PLUS, above is my new needlepoint project, isn't it cool? I have to needlepoint the 'band' part, and then when it gets finished it comes back with a fancy black patent leather huh? I love love LOVE the pattern too, it will be fun to work with, and hopefully not too boring.

The only thing the frozen temps are good for is the fact that I won't be willing to go out to go it's a benefit for my bank account above all else!

We also get to celebrate our friend K's birthday on Friday (her birthday is tomorrow but she and hubby K and their ridiculously adorable daughter S arrive Friday night with the rest of the crew) so cake and ice cream for everyone!!

I may or may not blog from the mountain on Friday, hopefully the wifi works, and I am also breaking out the new camera as well, so hopefully I'll have lots to upload! I know I owe some belly pics too, we were really good the first 20 or so weeks but we've gotten all the way to 27 without any since Christmas, so I'm working on it I promise!

Hope everyone has great days and enjoy the rest of your week!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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