Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hi guys,
Sorry for the long time between posting, the 3 day weekend was a whirlwind of mini road trips, lots of good food and lots of sleep :)

Saturday morning I was all prepped to sleep in, when I got a call from my darling mother who needed help prepping flowers for our church the next day. She said she needed as much help as she could get, so I recruited 2 AMAZING friends who came and helped and really saved the day. N, and A, I owe you SO big time! It's also N's birthday today, Happy Birthday N!!

After all the flowers were arranged I went home and to meet up with some new friends for a little road trip down to Kennett Square and Talula's Table. The restaurant/store/market is everything I wished it would be and more. We ate delicious food and pretty much bought them out of cheese, bread and other condiments they are famous for. One of my favorite finds is a cinnamon-sugar butter that is made right in Chester County. Un-freaking-believable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cinnamon toast, and this butter is magical. Plus, the 4 kinds of cheeses we got were amazing. We pretty much spent the entire weekend eating what we bought at the market, SO SO SO good and I am so glad that we still have some goodies left. Goat Cheese Gnocchi anyone? That is our dinner tonight, yum!!

Sunday was a yucky weather day, but we still managed to knock off our to-do list of cleaning out yet another closet and went to Baby Supermart to look at furniture. It's a great store, but I wasn't blown away by their selection, so we are sticking with our original registered-for crib. I am however on the hunt for a tall white bookcase, so let the craigslist stalking begin! We also went down to my parents house for our weekly Sunday dinner and made chicken and rice that was absolutely delicious if I do say so myself (since I made it!)!

Monday we both took advantage of the holiday, slept in and met with a new contractor and painter about our ideas for the first floor and basement. We are getting closer to a decision on both, and I will be sure to document the whole thing with pictures when and if we actually move forward. Silly things like getting money from our tax return are really seeming to matter lately, so we're trying to figure that out and then make a move, crossing fingers!!

This week is pretty strange work wise. My boss is out on paternity leave this week, his 4th daughter Lauren was born via C-Section last Friday. My other boss is moving to another jobsite full time on Monday, and there is a huge meeting today about stone and then the CEO of our entire company is coming to walk OUR jobsite on Friday, yikes! Plus, there were layoffs last week, so everyone is in a wierd flux of anxiety and nerves. Anyways, I'm just trying to keep my head down and stay out of the fracas as much as I can, wish me luck!

At least I have some fun things coming up in the next few weeks to keep me nice and busy. Our friend C is back from Afganistan after a pretty long tour, so her coming home party is Saturday night and I'm really looking forward to it.

Then next weekend we are taking a 4 day weekend to go up to Okemo in Vermont so Mr. Pit can ski and I can shop or hang out at the lodge. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of needlepointing and internet surfing, I really hope they have wi-fi in the lodge, thats for sure!

Then there is Superbowl weekend which I love because C and A's parents throw the BEST Superbowl party ever, and it's A's birthday on February 3rd :)

Then it's Valentines day weekend and we're off to Vegas for our Baby-Moon! We are staying at the Venetian and have reservations at Bouchon and CraftSteak while we're there as well as some spa stuff at Canyon Ranch, yippee! Can you believe that all of that is going on in the next 4 weekends?! Insane!

So, that's our life in a nutshell for the next 4 weeks, and then after that we have our all-day birthing class at the end of February, this time is just flying!! Little Pit will be here before we know it, eek!

I hope you all had great holiday weekends!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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Dollface said...

babymoon sounds great!! will u post any baby bump photos?? xxxoo