Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend= WIN

Hi all,
We ended up having one of those great weekend that you LONG for after a few weekends of travel and insanity and I couldn't be happier.

Friday night we stayed in, made a delicious dinner and ended up passing out as soon at The Soup was over at 10:30...lame, but brilliant as we were both exhausted from the work week.

Saturday we got up early-ish and started in on our de-cluttering clean up of the various closets in the house. It is AMAZING the ridiculous things I save and refuse to get rid of (any and all cardboard boxes, paper bags with handles, any sort of large plastic bag, any box that any piece of electronic equipment came in, you get the idea) so Mr. Pit convinced me to purge some of my strange things and we cleaned up 2 closets and brought out 2 huge trash bags before 10am! Then it was off to Bucks County to look at some baby furniture I had found on Craigslist.

Now, Craigslist can go either way in terms of quality, truthfulness and everything else that goes into an online sale listing. However, we made out like bandits. First, the family selling this furniture was amazing and perhaps the nicest people ever. Their kids were adorable, thier house was amazing and we really really lucked out with the pieces. We ended up buying the whole set, crib, dresser, changing top, and then the lady selling it was nice enough to throw in the changing table pad (they are a custom size for this table), the crib mattress, an adorable diaper caddy from Pottery Barn and 2 Peter Rabbit prints that she had gotten for her nursery. We ended up loading BOTH cars to the brim and stayed to hang out with our new friends for an hour! It was by far the best furniture experience ever and everyone came out a winner.

To celebrate our good Craigslist fortune, we stopped for lunch at P.F. Changs (oh yeah, my brother helped move stuff and allowed us to borrow him and his huge SUV for this trip, so lunch on us was the least we could do). Anyways, none of us had ever been there and we were SO pleasantly surprised. The food was amazing and their chocolate cake is to DIE FOR. I got a piece to take home after spying it on the dessert cart on the way in and OMG, totally amazing. I am a chocolate cake expert and since Little Pit has given me QUITE a sweet tooth, this cake really tops any that I've had. The cake is nice and cakey and smooth and the icing is a perfect consistency and not layed on too thick (I hate too much icing), just delicious. I think we might be having P.F. Changs a lot more often now :)

Then of course, as if we hadn't been busy enough, we decide to go home, make chili, invite 6 people over, and before they get there for the Eagles game, we (*I*) decide that the Christmas tree has GOT to come down. So, while Mr. Pit was working away in the kitchen on his famous and delicious chili, I took to taking down all the ornaments and decorations. We finished up in about an hour, but then it took another hour to get our ginormous tree out of the stand and out the door. It was quite a site to see this HUGE tree get dragged through this TINY door opening when we didn't struggle that much bringing it in (it was wrapped from home depot when we brought it home, duh!) So, by 8:30 the house was clean, chili was cooked and the Eagles choked...but we had a great time seeing our friends after the holidays and it was a great excuse to clean up the house and put away Christmas.

Sunday I went to the outlets with my Mom, went out to lunch with Mr. Pit and then we came across another great baby furniture discovery. We walked past Kids N' Kribs on our way to lunch and I thought we should stop in to see what it was all about (all I had heard was that it was crazy expensive) but I was SO uninformed! We found the exact glider we wanted for $150 less than what we thought we could find it for, plus, their lead time on the chair is only 4 weeks, compared to the 10 weeks we were quoted at Bellini...amazing! So, we looked at fabrics and decided on one, and we plan on ordering it in about a month so it gets here in March. YAY!

The rest of yesterday was spent dozing on the couch and watching lots more football and our sick VH1 addiction- Tough Love. I normally wouldn't admit to watching such a show, but we also watch Jersey Shore for the 'make fun of' factor, and seriously, for laughing purposes, these shows are tops. You can't even believe that these people AREN'T acting!!

Anyways, I've babbled long enough, now I can show you what we got this weekend, yay!!

This is the dresser:
This is the changing table top:(Ours actually has a blue and yellow toile cover on the changing pad, so don't get excited that it's pink, that is from the website!)

This is the chair we decided on: Except we're getting ours covered in a blue and white ticking stripe fabric to contrast with the yellow walls and green in the bedding...yay! (and again, don't read into the blue, I promise that we have NO idea if Little Pit is a boy or a girl, so the room will be yellow green and blue)

The nursery is really coming together, I'm so excited!!

Hope you all had great weekends as well!

xoxo Mrs. Pit


Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

I love the new furniture! Very cute!

Black Labs and Lilly said...

So glad that everything worked out with the craigslist ad! The new nursery pieces are adorable!!

I am going through OTH withdrawl, can't wait for it to come back!