Friday, January 22, 2010

Furry Friday!

Meet Bob! I chose Bob today because today's date is a palindrome, and I love those :)
See 01-22-10, cool huh? So, Bob is also a palindrome, and I just thought it fit. PLUS, he's pretty darn cute right?!

Here is his write up from the staff at MLAR, go check him out this weekend!!

Ever hear of a movie called "What About Bob"? No one in the film knows what to do with this guy named Bob. He is a bit peculiar but a nice enough fellow; never hurt anyone, and often makes the other characters laugh. So what could you do about MLAR Bob? He is a natural clown with a personality that would make Bill Murray (he plays Bob in the movie) proud. And hey, don't let his "natural highlights" fool you, this sweet guy has plenty of energy . Even if the big directors have never been able to leash Hollywood actors the way they'd prefer, the volunteers concur MLAR Bob is great for a leash walk. Added bonus: MLAR Bob is so cool he's already house trained. No therapy required.

I know it doesn't seem like a big deal that he is house trained, but I can't TELL you how awesome it was when we brought Lil' Pup home and didn't have to worry about him messing anything in our house up. He has NEVER soiled in the house, even when he was sick last year, and he's never eaten anything he wasn't supposed to either, so shoes and belts and bags are all safe!! I am sure Bob is the same way, and it's worth it's weight in gold for a dog to be out of their puppy stage!!

Go check out Bob this weekend, it's a perfect weekend for it, and he'll be your new best friend by the time the playoffs come on TV Sunday at 3!!

Mr. Pit has a whole bunch of school work to do this weekend, but we have a fun party to attend Saturday night and I have 2 friends coming over for lunch on Sunday so I'm really looking forward to that!

Next week is a short week for me(only 3 days!)as we head up to Okemo for 4 days on Thursday morning :)

So while Mr.Pit is doing this:
I'll be doing this: Believe me, if I didn't have Little Pit in my belly I'd be right out there with him, but since skiing is a no-no while you're pregnant, especially as far along as I am, I am going to take advantage of Okemo's wi-fi network in their lodge and catch up on my needlepointing. I have an entire project I haven't even started yet!

Hope everyone has great weekends!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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