Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time to get judgy...

So, the top baby names of 2009 has officially been released and I have to say while I am surprised at some, I am astounded by others.

The number 1 boys name is Aiden...too trendy if you ask me, but I don't mind it. Plus, since I loved Aiden on Sex and the City, I am ok with it. The number 1 girls name is Isabella, which really surprises me because I have at least heard or have known of people with names on the list, and I can't name one person I know personally, have heard of via the blog world or celebrity who named their daughter this. Maybe I'm wrong?

Here are the names that just plain annoy me.

Girls #7- Madelyn. This isn't a name. The name is Madeline. These retards just spelled it wrong and now it's a whole new name. If I worked at a hospital or social security office I wouldn't allow for such retarded re-thinking of names.
Girls #16 Kaylee. Again, this isn't a name. If you really want to name your daughter this, at least come up with a more fitting way to spell it. What are we all hooked on phonix here? How about Kayleigh atleast, yikes.
Girls #48 Makayla. Same theme. You take a real name and re-spell it. I dont like it even a little. What is it with people adding Y's to everything these days?! The real name is Michaela, as in the female version of Michael.
Girls #66 Jordyn. HOLY heck this one makes me mad. The name is Jordan. Just spell it like it should be spelled and I'd be fine!!!

That's it for the girls, I could do more but I'm exhausted just looking at those 4.

The boys aren't as bad at all, though I do have one gripe with the name Caden. I mean, are people just putting letters together to make new words and therefore new names? This one is number 7 too! I mean, it's not a bad name, it's just so weird to me that people have to come up with completely new names for their kids. Can't you pick something that exists already?

And this folks, is EXACTLY why we aren't telling anyone the names we have chosen for our future Little Pit. I am NOT the most judgmental person out there I swear, but EVERYONE has opinions on names, myself included obviously! Interestingly enough, our 'boy' name isn't in the top 100, though it's quite common, and our girl name isn't either, though much less common. Mr. Pit's name made it into the top 20 for boys, but my name isn't top 100 either, even though it was top 3 in 1980 when I was born!!

Here is the full list from Top Baby Names of 2009

And that is my rant of the day :) Oh, and feel free to flame me if your name is Kaylee, Makayla, Jordyn or Madelyn, I know I'm judgy!! (and I have friends named Jordan and Kayleigh!) I just want people to spell them right!!

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mFw said...

I totally agree with you. Especially the making up new names part. I have a friend who spells her name Madalyn which i find just as strange if not worse than the popular spelling.