Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Fun

So we have been to almost EVERY pumpkin patch in the area, and let me tell you, the kids LOVE IT. We have about 15 pumpkins and counting, seeing as every time we go Little Pit INSISTS that we bring one or more home. I don't mind a collection, so home they come.

Anyways, hope everyone's falls have been great. We're doing ok, though battling through colds and 1 case of pink eye- YUCK. It's what I get for having 2 toddlers though. Oh well. They're getting better and that's what matters.

Here are some fun fall pics of the kiddos and their beloved pumpkins and other fall activities!

 Baby Pit got a "Benny" bouncing bull for his birthday. He is a big fan. 
 He can also climb up the playset by himself now. He loves to give Mommy a near heart attack when he does it too. 
 It was unseasonably warm for his birthday party, so he's dressed in his summer finery even though it's October!
 Clearly, he LOVES cupcakes!
 And wagons, and pumpkins!
 LP LOVED that she was 'in charge' of the wagon. She is a bit bossy, just like her Mommy :)
 At pumpkin patch #2, and I promise, she dressed herself that day!
 He's working on his squats here, he didn't make it all the way up. 
 Free pony rides at the pumpkin patch, LP was in absolute HEAVEN!
 He got a 4 wheeler from his amazing Godmother. He was NOT thrilled that LP wanted to ride on it with him. 
 I don't know WHERE she learned how to pose like this, but, well, there you have it. 
Obviously, she likes having her picture taken! 
 Just smiling the day away...
 Proof that at one point that day, they shared with each other!
 He also seems to think he can do down the slide by himself too, um...yeah
Again, with the posing...NO CLUE where she got it, but there it is! 

Have a great day!
Mrs. Pit