Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hi there Blogland!

So sorry for the incredibly long delay in posts. The little one is SO wonderful and makes us so happy, but since it requires two hands to type, there isn't so much time for that these days!

Some updates on the Little Pit:
*Last Thursday she weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds 14.5 ounces, and at her 8 week appointment today I am almost positive she will have broken 10 pounds...I can't believe how fast she grows!

*The last two night she has slept through the night. 2 nights ago was 9:30 to 5:30 and last night was 9:45 to 6:30. As if I didn't love the child enough already!

*She loves her mobile. She can stare at it for the longest time, just fascinated by it. Then she squeals and moves her arms and legs all over the place...too flipping cute.

*She also loves her swing. She stares at the rainforest animals until she falls asleep. AMAZING thing and worth every penny, thanks Amazon!

*The Swaddle Me blanket by Kiddopotomus MUST get a Nobel Peace Prize, or a prize of that nature. It is the only thing that works to get her to sleep so now we own 3...and they are SO easy to use and she is such a good sleeper now that we have her wrapped in that thing. BRILLIANT.

*She loves her Vitamin D drops...I think she thinks it is candy or something. Again, adorable.

*She smiles now. REAL smiles with a giggle thrown in every once in a while. Though elusive to the camera, she just about bowls me over every time she does it.

Anyways, now that she's asleep again I'm going to try get some more shut eye before she wakes up again.

All is well with Mr. Pit and I as well, it is our 4 year wedding anniversary on Thursday...it's gone so quickly!

Hope all is well with everyone, here's a picture of the Little Pit herself :)

xoxo Mrs.Pit