Friday, December 28, 2012

12 weeks!

Yesterday Baby Pit turned 12 weeks old.

WHAT a rush it has been.

He is mostly sleeping through the night (though last night he was up at 4am because he had wiggled out of his swaddle blanket and scooted himself into the corner of his crib so he wasn't a happy camper) Otherwise he's been sleeping from about 10pm-7am and we couldn't be happier.

He is a REALLY happy baby too. He loves to be held but is also really content in this bassinet or bouncy seat just watching the world (or his big sister who just fascinates him). He just smiles and smiles and only really fusses when he's hungry, has a dirty diaper or right before he wants to take a nap. I have managed to get him on a pretty good schedule and for that I am proud. It makes life a lot easier when everyone knows what to expect and when.

As for Little Pit, she is doing really well as a big sister. She is still her funny, pesky, energetic self and still has the daily "I'm 2" tantrum, but for the most part she is just great.

We had a really nice Christmas here in PA after a week in Lake Placid, NY with Mr. Pit's parents. It was a snowy winter wonderland up there and we had a fabulous time relaxing at the resort and catching up with his family.

We came home the 21st and were thrust into the go-go-go of the season. Part of the madness (and fun) was that Baby Pit was the baby Jesus in our church's Christmas pageant. He was really good too and only fussed for the first couple of minutes and then slept through the rest. We got lots of rave reviews on his 'performance' and I was so pleased with how it all turned out. I was very proud the whole afternoon.

We then went to my parents house for Christmas Eve dinner (filet, yum!) and then came back to our house to set up for the next morning. Little Pit was pretty blown away by all the presents, and thankfully she LOVES all her presents, especially her LeapPad2 which was her big gift. She is playing it as I write this and she's so enthralled it's great. I feel like it's much better than TV, and though is a screen I feel as if she's still learning. (at least that's what I'm telling myself!)

I made out like a bandit on Christmas as my parents spoiled me rotten with tons of clothes from C.Wonder and Lilly as well as a new duvet, shams and a new headboard for our new bed. It looks so great, I'll take pictures eventually.

So, we're all happy and healthy. Lots of apologies for not blogging sooner, life with 2 is crazier than I thought it would be, but also MUCH better.

Here's some recent pictures :)

xoxo Mrs. Pit