Monday, August 31, 2009

Best Week Ever

Hi friends, so this is my version of VH1's BEST WEEK EVER.

Last night, the first day of the week started with an extravaganza known at Ms. Britney Spears herself. The show was freaking incredible and I danced and sang and rocked out the whole time. The circus performers were insane (in between almost every act there was some sort of circus distraction) and Miss Thang herself was pretty darn good. She didn't sing a lick (not that I thought she would) and her dancers put her to shame, but the whole show was really cool and I'm really glad I got to see it. And, if I had my camera cord I would upload pictures to show you, but alas, I'll do that tonight.

Tonight we're packing for our trip for Friday. I can't freaking wait. My new swim suit came from JCrew on Friday and it's just as cute on as it is in the catalog and I am thrilled to wear it.

Tomorrow night I am cooking for my friend M and we're having girls night in while Mr. Pit is at his MBA class. I'm making lasagna and couldn't be more excited to both make it and eat it!

Wednesday night is Mr. Pit's 35th birthday and we are celebrating by going to the Phillies game! I also got his name and birthday put up on the jumbo-tron after the 4th inning, so I'll take pictures of that too! We are going with friends J and B and sitting in my companies box...sweet!!

Thursday isn't much, but it's the night before our trip, so I am sure I will be making last minute CVS runs as well as making sure I don't forget anything important like my flip flops or my new book (Time Travelers Wife...can't wait to read it!)

Friday we leave for Virgin Gorda! It's a 4 hour flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico, a 3 hour layover (which I could TOTALLY do without, but whatever) and then a half hour flight to Tortola, a half hour ferry ride, and we're there!!

Saturday is a beach and spa day. Mr. Pit is getting a massage and I am getting a manicure and then we're spending the rest of the day (as well as the other 4 days) on the beach or in the water. I haven't seen my turtle friends since our honeymoon so I'll have to find them and say hi again! (there are 2 resident sea turtles in Little Dix Bay and we found both the last time we were there)

And to top it all off, Sunday is my Birthday!!! I can't imagine a more perfect 29th birthday than to spend it in a beautiful place with my favorite person in the whole wide world. I think we're going to do dinner on the beach and do a lot of relaxing and a whole bunch of smiling at how lucky we are to be together and to live such a charmed life.

So, that's my week ahead and I couldn't be more excited and happy to experience it all. Oh, and speaking of birthdays, today is my friend W's birthday, Happy Birthday W!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Furry Friday!

Hi there! Meet Franklin!

Franklin is a Pomeranian puppy who is only 6 months old! Look at that cute face! I couldn't get the story of how Franklin ended up at MLAR, but who cares when YOU can take him home?

If only there were room in our house for another pup, Franklin might have had to come home with me, but since there's no chance of that...he's all yours :)

Check out Main Line Animal Rescue for more available dogs, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to take home a new buddy!

With the rain here in Philly today and tomorrow it doesn't look like Mr. Pit and I will be getting any golf in, but I might go to the outlets with my Mom if it stays yucky and try to take advantage of the 'back to school' specials!

Then on Sunday, is the NIGHT of ALL's BRITNEY!!!! We are going to see her concert down at the Wachovia Center and I couldn't be more excited (ok, so maybe I'm a LITTLE more excited to go to Little Dix Bay a week from today) but I am SO psyched to see this show.

I hope you all have fabulous weekends!!

XOXO Mrs. Pit

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Wants

Hi all, so I figured today since there wasn't much on the agenda, I'd show you a few things I've been lusting after lately.

First and foremost, you KNOW my love of Bungalow and all things Scout. Their bags come in handy in every situation known to man, and I am the proud owner of quite a few products.

THESE however, are new and I need them. You see, Christmas presents get tricky, especially with friends, and how much to you spend, and blah blah blah. Well, this cute wine tote saves the day. We stick in a bottle of our favorite red "Montepulciano de Abruzzi" and off we go to the party! So simple, so chic!

Even the name is fabulous! A spirit liftah it is :)

Secondly, this duvet set from Pottery Barn. It's called the Leslie and it's brand new. Mr. Pit knows about my slight obsession with bedding- we have LOTS of sheets and quilt options, but I love them and I think it can make or break the adorable is this?! Nice and bright and perfect for those dreary winter days to come.
Now all we have to do is to get Lil' Pup from jumping up on our bed to wake us up in the morning and then we can have a dog hair-free bed, horray! (though, I kind of like the exuberant Pitty greeting...he is SO excited to see us everyday, how many people do you know that react like that just from you waking up?!)

I hope everyone has great Wednesdays, the weather is perfect in Philly, warm and sunny and not too humid, I'll take it!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Manic Monday

Hi friends,
Our golf outing on Friday went great, and I even won the women's long drive contest :) I got to bring home a brand new 56 degree wedge, which fits perfectly and swings beautifully. My other wedge is a 55 degree, but this one is nice and heavy giving the ball a lot of loft and backspin, exactly what you need to get on the green and stay there. Needless to say, I was thrilled to win (even though I was only competing against 8 other girls) it's still nice to win!

We were tossed off the course due to lightning and rain twice, and the 2nd time stuck. I was ok with it though, 14 holes was enough, and then we got to have dinner earlier and I got to get home earlier, always a plus!

Mr. Pit and I then embarked on a totally lazy and awesome weekend, highlighted by lots of rain, lots of movies watched (and subsequently deleted from the DVR) and lots of good!

This week I have dinner with M on Wednesday, followed by dinner with friends A and E on Friday night at their new house, and then my company picnic on Saturday. Rumor has it one of the prizes is a WEEK of awesome is that?!

I have some fun posts coming this week, namely what I want for my birthday (which is a scant 13 days away!!) and what I am packing to go to Virgin Gorda in T-10 days, yahoo!!!

Hope you all had great weekends!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, August 21, 2009

Furry Friday!

Hi everyone!

Meet Pam! Pam is a Pitbull but as she has been a mama quite a few times (as well as just being a great girl) she is one of the MLAR favorites!

Here is the write up from the do you NOT want to go pick her up this minute?!

STOP!!!! Please don't just go on to the next dog because the breed desciption says Pit Bull Terrier. Pam totally thinks that she is a Golden Retriever. She is sweet and loving and thankful for all the attention that is shared with her. Pam was found left to die in a warehouse and obviously has had her share of puppies. Despite her troubled past, she has been thriving with the staff and volunteers of MLAR. She puts her head on your lap when you sit down with her and look up with those soft brown eyes. For "Seinfeld" fans... Kramer would be so enamored with our Pam!

I mean, who could say no to that little face?! Isn't she just screaming "take me home!!"

As always, feel free to check out Main Line Animal Rescue or PETFINDER for animals that need a home in your area.

I am off to my companies golf outing this afternoon and then have a lazy weekend ahead, I hope you all have great weekends!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hot hot hot!

Holy hotness batman! Philadelphia is determined to jack my AC bill through the roof this August and it doesn't show any sign of quitting. A thunderstorm here or there just isn't breaking this humidity, yikes! Anyways, I am sitting in the comfort of my air conditioned trailer, so I can't get too upset, but I think of the guys on my jobsite and I am wishing them lots of cool breezes up there in the building!

Anyways, some fun weekend stuff has started to come up, so it should be a nice relaxing weekend on the Main Line yet again.

Mr. Pit is playing golf on Saturday morning and I plan on using that time to sleep in and hit up Target to use my $25 gift card that I got for spending so much on my Visa...who knew shopping would one day pay me! Oh, and speaking of shopping, I scored a super cute tank top from Lilly last weekend in NYC and also got Mr. Pit some super cute shorts with Rhino's on them, for $39!!

Then we are going out to dinner with my parents to welcome some of their friends in town, and so I can meet their daughter who will be a freshman at Johns Hopkins this fall. I am a HUGE advocate of my alma mater, and I love getting to chat with people who are excited to attend. I am a part of the Engineering Alumni Association and I am always happy to chat about my experiences at school.

Sunday I am picking up my best friend and newly engaged C from the train with her fiance S, and then they are spending the week down in Avalon and I am sure they will spend quite a bit of time wedding planning. YAYAYAYAY!! I am so excited and happy for these two, and I can't wait to rehash all of my wedding planning memories and help them through this really really fun (and sometimes stressful) time!

So, it's a slow quiet weekend and I can't wait. I also get to go have lunch with my friend J who's last day at my company today as she is off to DC to start grad school. I will miss you so much J!!! But, one last lunch and some window shopping will stave off my sadness for at least a little while :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their weeks, and I was so happy to get 3 comments yesterday on my post, that's a blog record, horray! Now I guess I just have to keep picking controversial topics to keep my readership up, just kidding. I will stick to fun Lilly-fied bright posts, it's summer after all!!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two Things...

Hi there,
just two quick things to talk about today.

1. Forgiveness and 2nd chances. Preppy 50 and Loving Lilly brought up that everyone needs 2nd chances in this life, and in fact, America was founded on this exact principle.

I however, cannot yet give Michael Vick a 2nd chance. Sure, he served his time, which I think wasn't nearly enough (but that's for another day) and yes, he gets to live his life. What I don't think should happen, is that he should be allowed to play football for the NFL again. Playing a professional sport should be a privilege, not a right. He has a right at life outside of prison. I don't think he should be afforded the luxury of a multi-million dollar contract, even if he is a good football player. I think the NFL is being irresponsible by letting him play, and setting a horrible example for children, who know think that they can hurt animals, go to jail, and still play a sport. Where are the NFL's morals? Where is the high ground we are supposed to teach our kids?

2. THIS article in the New York Times is amazing. I love their Modern Love section and read it every week. This article is great and really shows how this wife and mother is WAY ahead of me, but I love her for it. She worked to save her marriage by ignoring her husbands mid-life crisis. Brilliant in it's simplicity, and it actually worked.

That's all I have for today, it's going to be another hot one in Philly today, so stay inside in the AC if you have it!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Monday, August 17, 2009

NYC, Gift Show, Engagement!

Hi all,
So I am back and exhausted from a really fun weekend in NYC.

Just a few things to highlight the amazing weekend as if I wrote about the entire thing you'd all get bored at leave.

#1 My best friend C, who I stayed with this weekend got engaged yesterday morning! I cried in the middle of the gift show when she told me on the phone. In front of customers, and security people. And I don't care. I have NEVER seen her more happy as I did this weekend I am so happy for her and S to start their life together. Also, our future kids are going to be BFF and we picked out outfits for them at Lilly on Saturday :)

#2 The Gift Show is the most unbelievable place I have ever been. Overwhelming doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how large and overwhelming this place is. I don't know how long it took them to build the Javits center (but I should, being in construction and all) but I have never been in a larger indoor space in my life. INSANE. The number of vendors was ASTOUNDING!!

#3 Bungalow ROCKS. I had SO much fun working the booth, meeting people and helping to sell products to new stores. It's really easy since the product basically sells itself and it's great to be a part of it. Plus, the people I got to work with were really fun and helpful and we had a great time despite being on our feet from 8-6 yesterday!

#4 My feet STILL hurt!

#5 I met Alyssa Tierney yesterday in my wanderings around the show floor and she COULDN'T have been nicer or more helpful. I was a huge fan already and now my fandom has grown :)

#6 Dinner at Peter Lugars was fun, but unfortunately it was due to our amazing company as opposed to our unparalleled dinner service. The waiter didn't even ask us how we were when he approached the table. Seriously he said 3 words to us the entire evening. Now, I don't like waiters who hover, but come on, at least engage us a little bit!

#7 Dinner at Peter Lugars is STILL in my belly. Steak was delicious, bacon was fabulous, potatoes were amazing and the spinach is their best side by far, as I already had heard. Total Yum. I just wanted a friendly smile and some banter with our waiter.

#8 I feel like I ran a marathon yesterday. We got home at midnight and I think I was asleep in 10 minutes after walking in the door. The alarm going off this morning at 6 am was the most unwelcoming sound I've ever heard. I am definitely taking a nap this evening before dinner and going to bed early!!

I hope you all had great weekends as well! If you ever get the chance to go to the gift show, DO IT, it's a site to see! Just wear good shoes and drink water, you put on miles and don't even realize it :)

Have a fabulous week,
xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, August 14, 2009

Furry Friday!

Good Morning All!

Well, to wipe away the (v)ICK from yesterdays football news, I present Bud for your adoption enjoyment!!

Bud is the FEATURED pet over at Main Line Animal Rescue this week so I had to put him on.

He is a lab/boxer mix and what a cutie :)

His write up from the great people at MLAR is this (I don't think the recommendation could be more glowing)

House trained, well behaved, and a perfect gentleman on a leash; he's a breeze. Bud would make a wonderful one-on-one companion for someone as he is quiet, loving, and devoted. Looking for a buddy? Look no further. Recently Bud had a handful of sleepovers with one of our volunteers and he was a perfect house guest. He totally enjoyed all the snuggletime, his favorite part of the day!

Go adopt Bud today, everyone needs a friend like him!!

To look at more dogs at Main Line Animal Rescue, just click HERE or for dogs in your area check out Petfinder

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am officially dropping any affiliation with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Upon signing criminal Michael Vick to a 2 year contract, I am officially NOT a fan.

I will not attend any games in person, and I will not go out of my way to watch any games.

Sorry Eagles, I used to love you, but once you give a contract to a man who is SUCH a heinous criminal, I just can't get behind you as an organization anymore.

You had your chance. There were 31 other teams that could have signed him, and in all honesty, none of them should have.

He should STILL be in jail. He should be tied to a tree and attacked by every single dog that he put through such pain and brutality.

I hope you lose every single game this season and I hope that Michael Vick is the root cause of every loss.

It was nice knowing you. Maybe I'll take up watching MLS Soccer...anything is better than Vick wearing Green and White.

I just...

...did something huge, and scary and awesome all at the same time.

The effort could turn into something awesome, or nothing at all...but regardless, I made the effort, put myself out there and now it's up to fate (if you believe in that, which I TOTALLY do).

Hope you are all having inspirational and amazing Thursdays despite this dreary weather!

Mrs. Pit

oh no!

My favorite dress from the fall collection is sold out online! Hopefully they have it at the Ardmore or King of Prussia stores, eek!

It's just so perfect with the rolled collar, oh well, I'll find it!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hi all, sorry I haven't been able to write.

My Grandmothers funeral was yesterday, and though while very very sad, it was wonderful in it's celebration of her life.

I am emotionally spent and it will take awhile to get out of my funk.

One thing I do have going for me though is that I am going to the Gift Show in NYC this weekend and I can't wait.

I am going up to NYC and staying with my very best friend and Maid of Honor, C, and going to dinner with other bridesmaids up there and I can't wait.

I'll update you soon on what I pick up, what I love, and everything else.

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last Day

Hi all,
So today is my last day of work...for 4 whole days! I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but with the vacations that we have taken recently, the average is a day and a half for a wedding where most of the time we're in a the fact that I don't have to go to work again until Monday is pretty incredible.

We are heading up to Albany tomorrow morning and then spending the day Friday in Saratoga and coming back for the wedding, and then Saturday we are headed to Saratoga again for the races.
I have my Lilly dress all picked out as well as my hat with my big pink and blue ribbon :)

Lilly Pulitzer is also holding an event at the Pink Paddock, a Lilly Via shop up there on Saturday, so I am doing my best to convince Mr. Pit that it's a stop we MUST make!

I have three dresses picked out for the weekend, a black Limited one shoulder number that I miraculously found in my closet at my parents house, and even more miraculously, STILL FITS! I think the last time I wore it was 2001, MAYBE 2002...thank god for lycra!

My dress for the wedding is my floral Badgely Mischka that it kind of my go-to semi-formal wedding dress but I haven't decided on shoes. Last summer I wore it with green suede heels that ended up coming off not soon after the ceremony, so this time I might go with a lower black pair, but we'll see.

Then, my dress for Saratoga is a white Lilly shift with silver accents. I may bring a spare pink and green shift just in case I don't want to wear something so form fitting (it's not a normal spacious Lilly cut) and the other one is roomier, so we'll see. It might be really hot, in which case I'll wear the green and pink so it will breath.

And of course I only have the one picture...this is the dress for the races :)

I won't be doing a furry Friday post this week as we're not bringing the MacBook, but I'll make up for it next week I promise!

Hope you all have great weekends!
xoxo Mrs. Pit

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I want these.

I know what you're thinking.

"Mrs. Pit, those look almost IDENTICAL to the ones you got LAST fall"

...I know, I know...but these have FUR at the top, FUR I say!

Of course I can't find them anywhere in my size. Blah.

It makes me sad...

When people can't spell...

and then CNN puts it on the front page.

It doesn't say much about the state of the American Education.


Monday, August 3, 2009

A Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

Morning friends,

Since it's Monday, and no one likes Mondays, I wanted to post two things that make a Monday a WHOLE lot better.

That's right, my two celebrity crushes.

Of course, neither of these men even hold a CANDLE to Mr. Pit...but I will say they are cute enough to feature.

Eye Candy #1...Channing Tatum. Look at those abs people. AND he can dance. YUM.

Eye Candy #2...Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is SO amazingly cute in (500) days of Summer.

With those pictures, enough said :)

Happy Monday!!

xoxo Mrs. Pit