Monday, August 31, 2009

Best Week Ever

Hi friends, so this is my version of VH1's BEST WEEK EVER.

Last night, the first day of the week started with an extravaganza known at Ms. Britney Spears herself. The show was freaking incredible and I danced and sang and rocked out the whole time. The circus performers were insane (in between almost every act there was some sort of circus distraction) and Miss Thang herself was pretty darn good. She didn't sing a lick (not that I thought she would) and her dancers put her to shame, but the whole show was really cool and I'm really glad I got to see it. And, if I had my camera cord I would upload pictures to show you, but alas, I'll do that tonight.

Tonight we're packing for our trip for Friday. I can't freaking wait. My new swim suit came from JCrew on Friday and it's just as cute on as it is in the catalog and I am thrilled to wear it.

Tomorrow night I am cooking for my friend M and we're having girls night in while Mr. Pit is at his MBA class. I'm making lasagna and couldn't be more excited to both make it and eat it!

Wednesday night is Mr. Pit's 35th birthday and we are celebrating by going to the Phillies game! I also got his name and birthday put up on the jumbo-tron after the 4th inning, so I'll take pictures of that too! We are going with friends J and B and sitting in my companies box...sweet!!

Thursday isn't much, but it's the night before our trip, so I am sure I will be making last minute CVS runs as well as making sure I don't forget anything important like my flip flops or my new book (Time Travelers Wife...can't wait to read it!)

Friday we leave for Virgin Gorda! It's a 4 hour flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico, a 3 hour layover (which I could TOTALLY do without, but whatever) and then a half hour flight to Tortola, a half hour ferry ride, and we're there!!

Saturday is a beach and spa day. Mr. Pit is getting a massage and I am getting a manicure and then we're spending the rest of the day (as well as the other 4 days) on the beach or in the water. I haven't seen my turtle friends since our honeymoon so I'll have to find them and say hi again! (there are 2 resident sea turtles in Little Dix Bay and we found both the last time we were there)

And to top it all off, Sunday is my Birthday!!! I can't imagine a more perfect 29th birthday than to spend it in a beautiful place with my favorite person in the whole wide world. I think we're going to do dinner on the beach and do a lot of relaxing and a whole bunch of smiling at how lucky we are to be together and to live such a charmed life.

So, that's my week ahead and I couldn't be more excited and happy to experience it all. Oh, and speaking of birthdays, today is my friend W's birthday, Happy Birthday W!!!


Dollface said...

That does sound like the best week ever!! Im so totally jealous right now... I wish the weather was better here in NYC xxxooo

Black Labs and Lilly said...

Tortolla is one of my favorite places IN THE WORLD!!! Please pop over to Foxy's and have a drink for me!