Friday, August 21, 2009

Furry Friday!

Hi everyone!

Meet Pam! Pam is a Pitbull but as she has been a mama quite a few times (as well as just being a great girl) she is one of the MLAR favorites!

Here is the write up from the do you NOT want to go pick her up this minute?!

STOP!!!! Please don't just go on to the next dog because the breed desciption says Pit Bull Terrier. Pam totally thinks that she is a Golden Retriever. She is sweet and loving and thankful for all the attention that is shared with her. Pam was found left to die in a warehouse and obviously has had her share of puppies. Despite her troubled past, she has been thriving with the staff and volunteers of MLAR. She puts her head on your lap when you sit down with her and look up with those soft brown eyes. For "Seinfeld" fans... Kramer would be so enamored with our Pam!

I mean, who could say no to that little face?! Isn't she just screaming "take me home!!"

As always, feel free to check out Main Line Animal Rescue or PETFINDER for animals that need a home in your area.

I am off to my companies golf outing this afternoon and then have a lazy weekend ahead, I hope you all have great weekends!

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Dollface said...

nice!! I love these dogs... esp bc of Thunder... xxxoo