Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ok, I admit it...I am a little bit of a bandwagon jumper as I did not faithfully follow the Phils from April of this year to the awesome apex that we reached last night. HOWEVER, being born and raised in this amazing city of ours, I was super happy to win the World Series last night and will proudly be at the parade down Market and Broad tomorrow at lunch time.

It was a little (ok, a lot) ridiculous that it was a 3.5 inning game, but the fact that we came out on top made it all worth it. Bud Selig, the commish of baseball was pretty lucky too, as if we had lost the game he would have turned into a modern day Mitch Williams and no one wants that, believe me!!

Anyways, I am super busy with a project here at work, but I HAD to post about the Phillies win and how I am going out at lunch today to buy paraphernalia to send to all my relatives who've since moved out of the City of Brotherly Love.

YAY Phillies!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Go Phillies Go!

So, unless you've been living under a rock for the past 2 weeks, you realize that my hometown Phightin' Phils are 1 win, yes, 1 WIN away from a World Series Championship tonight. I am so excited (as is the rest of my office) that no one quite knows what to do with themselves.
People have taken the day off of work to prepare (not me) and plan on taking the day off tomorrow to recover (again, not me)but I am still really excited to watch the game tonight and can't wait for the outcome and am hopeful for an awesome parade down Broad Street on Wednesday, yahoo!!!

Now, onto other things...I really figured out how to sew this weekend with the help of my awesome friend E. I got to see her house and meet her pitty pup, Cami, who is SO adorable and the house is fantastic. She and her BF R have done an amazing job sprucing up the house, and they aren't done yet, so I can't wait to see the final product. I learned a lot of things this weekend though, and I might as well tell you here why I was under E's watchful eye for almost 4 hours yesterday!

Sewing with any striped fabric is HARD. Especially when you aren't used to carefully measuring and pinning. E taught me the importance of pins, but I didn't take the stripes into consideration before I started sewing, so my finished product looks a little wonky, but I am still very proud.

Nylon is thicker than you think. E was a trooper and sewed a nylon keychain for me, and most of it was done by hand because we didn't want to hurt the needle on the sewing machine. All that really happened though was that E hurt her fingers, but it looks awesome. I will post pictures tonight if Mr. Pit ever gives me my laptop back. (but, since he needs it for the next 2 years in grad school, probably not so much)

Slower is better. E taught me how to 'hand sew' with the machine, and I can't tell you what a difference this makes. I am not very good with the foot pedal thing, so being able to start the row using my hand and cranking the needle down does amazing things to start the project.

Measure twice, then again, THEN cut. I didn't do this as I was too excited to get to sewing. E told me that over half of the issues with any garment come from NOT measuring correctly and not leaving yourself enough room to actually sew.

I learned a ton and can't wait to work on new projects. JoAnn's was having a huge sale over the weekend, so I will try to get up there another day this week to pick up some more supplies and see if I can start a real live project as opposed to just making them up as I go along. However, I think my first "Jewelry Envelope" as I call it, turned out really well.

Oh, and one more thing, don't forget to iron! This makes a HUGE difference in the look of the final product and makes it look THAT much more professional. Totally awesome!

Thanks again to E, R and Cami for hosting me yesterday!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Damn Monopoly

Seriously, McDonald's has GOT to stop doing the Monopoly game. It makes me crazy because I feel like I have to win. And, not only do I want to win, but that I will stoop to levels SO low, I should win just out of pity.
Now...some things you should know about me. I am not fat, but I am certainly not Gisele-like in any way shape or form. I have given up bikinis entirely as I do not have the stomach that I should or could, and I just feel cruel letting the world see how out of shape I actually am.
So, given'd think I would be smarter about what I eat. No, in fact, not at all and maybe the exact opposite. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I don't gain weight ever, but I don't lose it either, so I just sort of stay my always sort-of-overweight self.
HOWEVER, then comes along the McDonalds Monopoly game and all of that it out the window. Not only do you play by collecting the actual pieces, the pieces have codes on them so that you can play an entirely different game get 2 codes per item, so lately I have been getting a large fries or soda practically everytime I am within 100 feet of the restaurant, just so I can tear those tiny stickers off the box or cup and then run to my nearest computer to get my 'roll' so I can hopefully land on an entirely new property.
And no, I haven't won a damn thing yet except for 25% off of Foot Locker (who the F wants that?!) and a free medium fries. Awesome. So, now I am 10 MILLION calories fatter and have nothing to show for it except for water retention from all the salt I ate. NICE.
Maybe I need to use my 25% off coupon to get me some running shoes to burn this crap off...totally no fun.
The worst part is, I almost pulled someone elses cup out of the garbage today to check it for game pieces. If the sidewalk hadn't been so crowded I probably would have. Ugh, what have I gotten myself into?!
By the way, if you have ANY extra pieces that you don't plan on using, send them my way please!!
JK...well, not really...but, I will try to be better and not buy anything this weekend...really, I will!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quesadillas and Jeans :)

Yep, it's all in a days work. I am SO lucky that I work in Center City for the sole fact that I can get just about any type of cuisine in the world to eat for lunch, and that I am within blocks of fabulous shopping from discount Daffy's all the way to posh Coach and Ralph Lauren on Walnut Street.

Today for lunch I had a quesadilla from Qdoba...yum! And then I followed that up with some shopping at the Gap Outlet with my partners in crime J and J. I got jeans (I couldn't find 'skinny' jeans per se, but I got straight leg versions that I think should work well under my new boots), a cute red sweater (perfect for opening presents Christmas morning!), yoga pants (since my other pants are getting worn out from wearing them EVERY Monday to dance class) and then cute pink and navy striped gloves...all for $85 :)

I LOVE outlet shopping and gorgeous fall days. I tell ya, life is good at the moment.

Today is also the day of the Phillies Pep Rally down at City Hall and I saw a ton of people wearing Red in honor of our Phightin Phils...and I am excited to watch the end of the game when I get home tonight, woo hoo! Go Phillies!!!

Ok back to work!!

Shopping for Christmas...already?!

Yes folks, its only October 22nd, but the start of the Holiday season is well approaching, with some people trying to get as early of a leg-up as possible.

First off, I LOVE Christmas. I mean, completely adore it to the point that the day after Thankgiving isn't so important for the shopping to be done on that day (I hate shopping that day, its too crowded and makes me nervous),'s that I officially get to start decorating the house and that it my favorite task of all.

I will buy Christmas decorations in the middle of summer if they go with my chosen decor (Last year we had a red and silver theme, and this year will probably be similar) and then I carefully pack them away until Thanksgiving. The ornament above will be perfect for the tree, Pottery Barn here I come!!

This year I will have to wait to decorate our own house as we will be in NY with Mr. Pits family for Thanksgiving, but as soon as we get home Sunday the boxes come out of the attic and the decorating begins.

Tonight though, is the unofficial start of the holiday season, as it is the preview party for The Shipley Shops . The Shipley Shops is an event run by The Shipley School (my Alma Mater) and it hosts about 25 boutiques from all over and they can sell thier wares while raising money for the school at the same time. They always have tons of kids toys as well as great clothing, accessories and a ton of jewelry and fine art. I always see a ton of people I know as well, so it's as good for shopping as it is for the see-and-be-seen crowd. Plus, The Main Line Times is always there taking pictures of the pretty crowds, so it's always fun if you can get photographed to boot!

So, that's my plan for tonight and I couldn't be more excited. I love Christmas, thinking about Christmas and being able to shop while supporting my school is just awesome. Come on out tonight if you want, tickets are sold at the door and all proceeds go to Shipley and their scholarship fund!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hope is a theme of my life the past 5 days, more now than ever in my life before. Sure, I hoped that I would get into the college of my choice (check), hope that my high school crush would call, hope that I could make it to the gas station in Baltimore before running out of gas on the way down to school. But, this new hope, is a new kind of hope, and a kind of hope that is tireless, sad, and one that I don't want to have to deal with ever again, though I know I will.

These past 5 days I have been hoping for my Grandmother to recover from a car accident she was in on Thursday evening, driving to the grocery store in Naples, Florida. She has been in intensive care ever since, and my heart rate and stress level have not gone down a tinge since hearing the news early Friday morning.

My Grandmother is amazing. She is hilarious, kind, intelligent and witty. She has been married to my Grandfather for 62 years and they make an amazing couple and set of Grandparents. They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren, including 1 great-grandchild who is as cute as the sun in bright. She has complete control in complete chaos when the entire family descends on their lake house in New Hampshire in August, making full breakfasts and dinners each day for the ever changing crowds. She plays bridge regularly, and would often bet her car when playing me in Gin Rummy. (I never won the car because I could never beat her).

My fondest memory so far is when Nana was staying with me and my brothers while my parents went somewhere for the weekend. Nana had a rental car and we had a plan to go grocery shopping. The only thing was, we couldn't figure out how to get the headlights on. We had the windshield wipers going, the horn honking and the car beeping, but those blasted lights would NOT go on. We just laughed and laughed, the two of us with tears streaming down our face. We couldn't contain ourselves and finally gave up. We ended up having pizza delivered and going to the store in the morning when we didn't need headlights. We still laugh about it to this day and I always smile when I think of it.

That same year, the new kitchen renovation was completed and it was my job along with Nana to put the spices in the spice drawer. My mom wanted them alphabetical, so we thought it would be an easy enough task. However, since the precedence was made that Nana and I do nothing well but giggling together, the task of alphabetizing the spice drawer drew laughter not only from the two of us, but anyone else in the vicinity of the kitchen that day. Nana's laughter is contagious and while deciding if Nutmeg went before or after Oregano, the giggles set in, only to be stopped when the task was completed and the family grew tired of hearing our spelling mishaps.

So, what I am really hoping for, on top of a full recovery, is for another lifetime full of giggle filled afternoons, playing gin-rummy and deciding that neither of us would make another drawer of items be in alphabetical order ever. I want my children to hear their Great Grandmothers laugh, to be beaten in a game of Gin Rummy and watch a woman who never went to college keep up in conversation like she has been a business woman her whole life.

In reality, she got pregnant with my mom when she was 19, and had 3 children in a row in 1947, '48 and '49, and another in '61 and was an amazing Mother and wife and Grandmother, taking care of all the details for everyone including my Grandfather. She is a tireless leader of my mothers side of the family, and has more friends than you could ever imagine. If she had a facebook page she would be accepting friend requests for days and years. She and my Grandfather haven't lived outside Philadelphia since the 70's, but inevitably when they are visiting they see people they know everywhere, mostly due to my Grandmothers warm smile and amazing ability to remember names and faces. They both have long standing roots in the community, and mostly the weather (which doesn't allow for 12 months of golf) keeps them from living here today. The warm air of Florida is great for them, and my Grandfather is still active on the golf course and in thier community down there. My Grandmother still plays bridge regularly with a group down there, and is as sharp as she ever was.

Basically, I cannot imagine her not in my life, and this hope that I am feeling is as selfish as ever, but I want her here for me. For my kids, for their weddings and their kids. I am asking for anyone who reads this, to keep my Nana in your prayers. Thanks.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Learning to Fly...

...But I ain't got wings... (one of my ALL time fav songs from Tom Petty!)

That is how I feel about learning to sew. I thought it was a HUGE accomplishment that I figured out how to wind a bobbin (not well mind you), put the bobbin in the holder thingy, wind the thread (I LOVE the automatic threader spring!) and then get started...but from there I am lost.

I heard a good rule of thumb from M's god-mother, who said "don't sew unless there is fabric"...unfortuneatly we heard that a little late and had to fish the thread out of the bobbin more than once...though by the end of the night we had sucessfully sewed 2 d-rings onto 1 piece of ribbon. Huzzah!

I, and we, are pretty far from mass producing anything cute, much less worth purchasing, but we're getting there slowly but surely! I plan on practicing a lot this weekend and the goal is to sew grosgrain ribbon onto nylon webbing...wish me luck! I am also gaining a ton of inspiration from Stephanie at Creative Reveries who is awesomely creative and makes tons of clothes and quilts and does all sorts of cute gifts for her adorable her stuff!

I also found the site Sew Mama Sew and they have some great ideas and lots of forums for people to talk about their projects and problems and show off what they've made...very cool to see and lots to work towards!!

We also have some visitors coming tonight and I am really excited to see them. Mr Pits friend D and his wife L are coming from Chicago for a wedding in NJ, but are nice enough to drive down from Newark this evening and spend the night with us. They have not seen the house since we moved in, and have never met Lil' Pup since we got him last summer and haven't seen them since!
We plan on grilling some steaks, and I am going to make my famous mashed potatoes (well, probably only famous to Mr. Pit and I, but he loves them and I love being able to make something edible, so its a win-win!) as well as open a bottle of champage to celebrate a fun weekend with friends. My favorite champagne is "Sofia" by Coppola and it has sentimental value as its the champagne we toasted with at our wedding, and that I for one did not drink enough of that day! (Besides the fact I didn't eat anything that day besides a cheese sandwich made for me by C's mom, I could have used a glass of champagne or two to calm me down as I almost fainted on the way down the aisle!...I did recover enough to say my vows and not bawl my eyes out, and then I finally relaxed at the reception, phew!)
Anyways...that's what the weekend has in store, I might post again today since it's a bit slow at work. The highest ranking person right now in my department is about the 5th in line of being in charge over all, since the top 4 seem to be mysteriously missing this fabulous fall Friday...but I don't want to take too much advantage of a good thing, so I am going to go grab lunch, finish my work and try to make the 5:05 train home. If it's STILL this quiet later this afternoon maybe I will modify plans and try to hop on the 4:44, but we'll have to play it by ear.
Have a great weekend, enjoy this awesome weather, cheer for the Phillies next week, and if you know how to sew and want to teach me, I can pay you in mashed potatoes, grilled cheese and good conversation!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Artisinal Cheese and Kitchen Accessories

Afternoon Pit Fans!

I am feeling MUCH better than I was 2 days ago and have lots of news and fun topics for today.

First and foremost though, while I was eating my lunch today I browsed the Williams-Sonoma Catalog we got in the mail last night and I can't tell you how much that catalog motivates me! I am the farthest thing from a cook you could imagine (grilled cheese is my specialty, and my only specialty if you catch my drift) but nevertheless, reading this catalog makes me want to do great things in the kitchen! No, not like that! For goodness sake, get your mind out of the gutter! I mean it makes me want to cook, and by cook, I mean buy all the fun things in their catalog, and THEN cook thier yummy recipes! Even thier china patterns with roosters on them call out to me even though our house is currently without a rooster and I am not sure we need to add any...I still want to order the whole set, 12 please!

Second, the catalog has an entire section of specialty cheeses from the US and abroad, and I swear it is taking all of my strength not to spend $800 for approximately 8 lbs of cheese from all over the world. Everyone knows I am a cheese-aholic and the words 'goat cheese' might as well be the best aphrodisiac ever :) Mr. Pit knows this well and lets me regularly have my way with the cheese selection at Whole Foods (smart man) :)

Anyways, enough with the food talk, even right after lunch I am getting hunger pangs. Plus, it doesn't help that I work 2 blocks from
Tria which has the best wine and cheese menu in all of Philly. YUM.

Third...and this is exciting. I got a sewing machine last night. Got it all set up and didn't sew myself to any fabric yet, so its all good so far! I got tons of scrap fabric to mess around with, and $129 later I had a machine, tons of fun ribbon, webbing, fabric and thread. SO FUN! I did all of my practicing while listening to the debate in the backround, and let me tell you, I was so focused on not breaking the poor machine I hardly listened but knew enough that the headlines who said who 'won' today didn't suprise me.

AND, speaking of winning...YAY PHILLIES!!! World Series here we come!!! I have to admit that I am a known mush (a mush is someone who no matter what, when attending a game or event in person, the team that person wants to win, will lose) so I will not be attending any games though my little brother is flying back from San Diego for a long weekend and is trying to get tickets to whatever home game he can. All I have to say is GO PHILS! I promise I won't even be in the vicinity of Citizens Bank Park, and if you want, I won't even watch it on TV :)

So, thats what I have for today. M is coming over tonight to play with the sewing machine (which means I have to do a super-fast clean when I get home today) but it will be nice to have company :) Plus, Lil' Pup LOVES his Aunt M so he'll be as thrilled to see her as anyone.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Oh wait, I almost forgot...Congratuatlions to Leanne for winning Project Runway last night! Thank goodness it wasn't the whiny Kenley, woo hoo! And I LOVE that Tim Gunn was the guest judge, I love that man :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cranky doesn't even begin to describe it...

It, of course, being me. I don't know what is wrong with me lately, but I have been down in the dumps and can't figure out why.
On the outside, all is well and good.
Let me list the good things.
  • I am healthy.
  • Mr. Pit is healthy. And he loves me to boot, what more could a girl ask for?!
  • Lil' Pup is healthy and hasn't run away since we got the electric fence, horray!
  • I have a job.
  • Mr. Pit has a job.
  • Both jobs regularly send paychecks.
  • Health insurance is covered.
  • The mortgage has and will be paid.
  • The cars are being paid for.
  • We even have money for the occassional (1x a week or so) dinner out at a place of our choosing.
  • I have gotten nice new things this past month that make me smile when I look at them.
  • My family is healthy and awesome. My little brother is moving home from California and my Mom couldn't be happier. I am also excited to have him home as he is a super fun partner in crime.
Now, the things that have driven me up a wall and to near tears in the last 2 weeks.
  • I want to start a business but don't have a business plan, just a feeling and an 'idea'. This makes people nervous. This makes me angry. TRUST the idea.
  • Since no one TRUSTS the idea (except for M), no one thinks its a good idea to sink $3000 into a machine and materials. This again makes me angry. I have to start somewhere!
  • My boss is gone for 2 weeks (good) I have to do all my work and his (bad). This is a great opportunity for me to show my chops at work (good). I am terrifed (bad).
  • Home heating oil is expensive. $3.39 a gallon to be exact. Therefore, our house is cold. Always.
  • I was 3/4 of the way done my needlepoint (good)(note: most of this being done in sort of dim lighting). I was outside in the bright sun yesterday and realized that I had bought the wrong color to continue the pattern. I had to rip out hundreds of stitches. This almost made me weep. And then stab someone with my needlepoint needle. (bad)
  • The weather outside is awesome (good). I am stuck in my office (bad)
  • Both my friends in the office (that's right, I only have 2) are gone. There is nothing to do but work (and blog, though I am not really supposed to be doing that) (both bad)
  • I am PMSing big time. This, of course is better than the alternative (being pregnant)...or is it? (btw, I have totally had babies on the brain I am SO not ready, so why do I keep thinking about it?)
  • As I said above, my little brother is moving home. He is being an idiot about finding a job. This infuriates me beyond belief. Why do I care so much? He is 25 and can take care of himself, job or no job. Problem is, I can't STOP being his big sister. I can't stop telling him what to do and how to do it. It's ingrained in me.
  • And to top it all off...I have no Halloween costume. This is not earth shattering horrible news. This also makes me want to cry at various points in the day.

So, as you can see. I have NOTHING to complain about. Not a gosh darn thing. Poor me that I can't drop $3k on an embroidery machine while people lose thier homes in the wake of the sub-prime mortgage collapse. Poor me that I have to work all day making good money while people as qualified as me (if not more) lost thier jobs last week in the "reduction in force" of 2008.

Maybe if I took up running it would help. I hear it boosts seratonin? Can't I just take a pill and cook the corn? (name that movie people). Basically I want the easy way out. I want to wake up tomorrow and be in a good mood. I want to NOT care about the things I can't control (my little brother, the weather). I want to not drive my amazing husband to write emails that say "I feel like you are sinking, I want to help you".

But please. Someone. HELP ME.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wavy Wedding Dresses and one BIG decision gone awry

Afternoon Pit Fans,

so, first off, lets do our weekly run down of Project: Runway and see how we fared last night.

And let me say this, I can't TELL you how excited I was that their projects were wedding dresses. I am OBSESSED with wedding dresses. Choosing mine that I wore two years ago was some of the most fun I have ever had (and it was all done in a day as I found my dream dress after trying only 9 others on!) so I love any excuse to talk/think/dream about wedding dresses and what would have been if I hadn't bought mine. (See right, mine was SO plain and simple and impossibly me...I still want to wear it all the time and am thinking of getting it dyed Navy Blue so I can wear it to a ball or something in the future. What do you think?)

I have to say that I LOVED Kenley's dress with all the feathers. And, though I have seen pictures of the Alexander McQueen version, (See above) I don't think that Kenley is stupid enough to rip off his design so blantantly in front of such high-end fashion talent. Or if she is that dumb she deserves a smack...but I digress.

I also loved Leanne's wavy dress, though I wouldn't wear it myself, I think it is the peak of couture wedding dresses and I knew it would be an instant judge pleaser.

Heidi was as nice as could be to everyone, and when Tim Gunn cried I almost shed a tear msyelf.

Anyways, onto more important things...the big decision I was going to make was to make a purchase of an embroidery machine, namely the Singer Futura CE-250. Then, I had lunch with my friend E, whose mother sews A LOT who recommended nothing but a Bernina. Now, I for one had only ever heard of a Bernina but didn't know anything about it. What I did find out is that they are considered the Bentley of sewing machines, and if you can afford to take the 2nd mortgage on your house, you should buy one hands down. So, if the train is on time tonight (which come on, is it ever?) I plan on heading to the only store near us that sells these amazing machines and getting a demonstration of why I should spend half my monthly salary on one.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A new adventure

Afternoon Pit Fans! This fall weather certainly has me running at peak strength as it's too chilly to be lazy and too gorgeous to be sitting at home while you could be outside enjoying the changing leaves, crisp air and my favorite 4 legged friend :)

The past two days have been filled with "if...then" statements pertaining to the new developments on the "Project: New Company" front, and I promise to let you know when we are up and running.

So far though, it looks like I am going to buy only 1 of the 2 components I think I will need for this venture due to costs...but I am ok with it, as I know I need to start slow and don't want to spend a lot of money on things I am not sure I need right now.

Onto other more interesting news:
1) The boots FINALLY arrived. They are gorgeous. They fit perfectly. But...I am not sure I love them as much as I do on the model in the catalog that served as inspiration. That model was 5'10", way skinnier than me and in a way cuter outfit. When I tried them on last night with the outfit I had always planned on wearing with them, they just looked 'off'. The skirt was too long and since they have little to no heel, it made me look squat instead of lithe. I kept the outfit on and put on boots with a 3" heel and I instantly 'lost' 10 lbs an felt like I should have. So now I wonder, what on earth do I wear the no-heeled boots with?

Is it true that wearing your boots on the outside of your jeans trend has gone by the way side? What is the point of a knee high boot if you can't even see them under pants? Someone PLEASE tell me what to wear with them? They are SO tough and awesome looking, but they do me NO good if I can't wear them with anything!!

2) I am no longer selling ANYTHING on eBay. Ever. I sold one item and sold it specifically since I was duped myself on the size. It said "size 10" which is my size, only to rip the tags off, put it on and realize that I don't normally buy 1/2 sleeved-belly shirts. I had bought a kids size 10. So, I sold it on eBay as such and got a nasty email (well, 3 nasty emails) from the person that bought it that said she couldn't see how a 10 year old would ever wear it. Listen lady, NOT my problem. If you don't know what size or style your kid likes, that is NOT my problem. There were 2 pictures up there of the item, and if you has asked any questions of it I would have been happy to answer any and all. Idiot.
I apologize if I come off a bit harsh, but come on, you paid $10 for this shirt, what do you want, Gucci?

3) I am done ranting, just in case you wanted to know.

4) My boss is gone for the next two weeks starting on Friday. Holla! Not that I won't have a ton of work to do while he is gone, because I am actually certain that my work load will increase, however, he won't be here to bug me every 2 minutes, so I might actually be able to get things done. Sweet. (I also plan on using some of this time to work on "Project:New Company" but only on the sly. )

5) yeah, I don't have a 5, I just wanted to round out the list to make it look like I have lots of things to say. I plan on leaving in 5 minutes to catch the early train anyway and spend the evening with Mr Pit and Lil' Pup discussing oil prices and all that fun house stuff.

Have a great afternoon!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Uggs are on, Fall is here

So, I've officially given up any hope of an Indian summer, and am getting to be OK with the thought of Fall actually being here. The summer flew by faster than rabbit trying out outrun Lil' Pup (unfortunately for the rabbit, that rarely happens) but all I know is summer is gone and I am trying to not be incredibly annoyed when I wake up to 50 degree temperatures and the heat is officially been turned on.

I did however, have an amazing weekend in the Hampton's with the Family and my God-Mother who is a saint and the best hostess ever.

On the docket today for things to talk about are the following.

1) My boots have not arrived yet, but I am anxiously awaiting the box to be left on the front porch.

2) I have my dance class tonight, and though I am so tired, I am looking forward to waking up a bit and of course for seeing my BF "M".

3) Probably the most important of all is a choice of Halloween costumes. M is having a blow out party this year, as she did last year, and I have to be able to outdo my outfit last year (which was a big hit!) but I don't feel like dealing with buying something that I'll never wear again. Plus, I hate that Halloween is an excuse for girls to dress like sluts. I mean, where did this notion come from? It confuses me to the bitter end, and when searching online for things to wear, the only things I liked were those that were not made in my size (Winnie the Poo, Tigger, a big soft fluffy dog with ears and cute tail!) Alas, apparently as a grown woman you are not allowed to dress like a cute furry animal unless your midriff is showing and you're wearing knee high pleather boots. blah.

Someone tell me what to be for Halloween...please! Otherwise I'm going in my ski outfit for two reasons. 1- I'll be warm, and 2- I won't have to show any unnecessary skin unless I want to show off my ankles or my hands. And don't worry M, I'll promise to take off my ski boots before I come in the house!

So, that's what's on my mind for today, I am sure the week will bring lots more random thoughts and meandering posts, aren't you lucky readers?
I have Friday night plans with my Mom as the husbands are leaving us for the evening to participate in a golfers dinner and we are sure they will come back with some great stories as they do each year.

On top of that, there have been some late breaking developments on Project: New Company so I'll keep you posted on that. One Visa card could get a whole lot of exercise in the near future, but as Mr. Pit tells me frequently, you can't make money unless you spend money, so I am about to see how true that statement really is!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's not supposed to be elegant Heidi!

Ooh, well...that doesn't say much for Kenley's outfit now does it? That line above is from Project Runway last night (obvi) and it was laugh out loud good until the judges (bowing to producers I'm sure) allowed all 4 finalists to show their collection prior to Bryant Park.

WTF? What ever happened to letting people lose? Even people like Kenley who make for good tv?

You'll notice this happens now in the age of "self-esteem" and all that BS. When I was little I was picked last, dropped from soccer teams, didn't make the lead in the play and all that good stuff. You have to learn how to fail and fail gracefully when you're young, or else the real world is gonna really show you who's boss. I didn't have my parents go roaring into the coaches office to see why I didn't make the team or got pulled out of the game after half time, never to touch the field again. I just plain dealt with it and practiced harder the next time so I was better and didn't have to get taken off the field.

Anyways, I thought the ending to last nights show was lame that they let everyone through, especially after Kenley's purple-zilla monstrosity. Bones however was awesome albeit super gross (it involved an elevator shaft, yuck!)and I am almost half way done with my needle pointing project (a cuff bracelet that I am making for myself) so I am a happy camper this lovely Thursday afternoon.

In other good news, I bit the bullet and ordered the boots below. No, not the Coach ones, the Steve Madden wannabe boots. I figure if they fit well enough, they are totally worth it given the price. One small bummer is that they are not in stock, but hopefully they will be ready to go for next weekend.

Speaking of next weekend, Mr. Pit is playing in a golf tournament with my Dad all weekend, so Lil' Pup and I have a whole weekend for Mommy/Puppy bonding time. Thinking at trip to Valley Forge Park might be nice, plus, after a nice 5 mile long trail walk Lil' Pup should be napping away all afternoon.