Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's not supposed to be elegant Heidi!

Ooh, well...that doesn't say much for Kenley's outfit now does it? That line above is from Project Runway last night (obvi) and it was laugh out loud good until the judges (bowing to producers I'm sure) allowed all 4 finalists to show their collection prior to Bryant Park.

WTF? What ever happened to letting people lose? Even people like Kenley who make for good tv?

You'll notice this happens now in the age of "self-esteem" and all that BS. When I was little I was picked last, dropped from soccer teams, didn't make the lead in the play and all that good stuff. You have to learn how to fail and fail gracefully when you're young, or else the real world is gonna really show you who's boss. I didn't have my parents go roaring into the coaches office to see why I didn't make the team or got pulled out of the game after half time, never to touch the field again. I just plain dealt with it and practiced harder the next time so I was better and didn't have to get taken off the field.

Anyways, I thought the ending to last nights show was lame that they let everyone through, especially after Kenley's purple-zilla monstrosity. Bones however was awesome albeit super gross (it involved an elevator shaft, yuck!)and I am almost half way done with my needle pointing project (a cuff bracelet that I am making for myself) so I am a happy camper this lovely Thursday afternoon.

In other good news, I bit the bullet and ordered the boots below. No, not the Coach ones, the Steve Madden wannabe boots. I figure if they fit well enough, they are totally worth it given the price. One small bummer is that they are not in stock, but hopefully they will be ready to go for next weekend.

Speaking of next weekend, Mr. Pit is playing in a golf tournament with my Dad all weekend, so Lil' Pup and I have a whole weekend for Mommy/Puppy bonding time. Thinking at trip to Valley Forge Park might be nice, plus, after a nice 5 mile long trail walk Lil' Pup should be napping away all afternoon.

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Gavin said...

Mr. Pit told her to save up for the COach boots but Mrs. Pit needs instant satisfaction. Ha ha.