Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A new adventure

Afternoon Pit Fans! This fall weather certainly has me running at peak strength as it's too chilly to be lazy and too gorgeous to be sitting at home while you could be outside enjoying the changing leaves, crisp air and my favorite 4 legged friend :)

The past two days have been filled with "if...then" statements pertaining to the new developments on the "Project: New Company" front, and I promise to let you know when we are up and running.

So far though, it looks like I am going to buy only 1 of the 2 components I think I will need for this venture due to costs...but I am ok with it, as I know I need to start slow and don't want to spend a lot of money on things I am not sure I need right now.

Onto other more interesting news:
1) The boots FINALLY arrived. They are gorgeous. They fit perfectly. But...I am not sure I love them as much as I do on the model in the catalog that served as inspiration. That model was 5'10", way skinnier than me and in a way cuter outfit. When I tried them on last night with the outfit I had always planned on wearing with them, they just looked 'off'. The skirt was too long and since they have little to no heel, it made me look squat instead of lithe. I kept the outfit on and put on boots with a 3" heel and I instantly 'lost' 10 lbs an felt like I should have. So now I wonder, what on earth do I wear the no-heeled boots with?

Is it true that wearing your boots on the outside of your jeans trend has gone by the way side? What is the point of a knee high boot if you can't even see them under pants? Someone PLEASE tell me what to wear with them? They are SO tough and awesome looking, but they do me NO good if I can't wear them with anything!!

2) I am no longer selling ANYTHING on eBay. Ever. I sold one item and sold it specifically since I was duped myself on the size. It said "size 10" which is my size, only to rip the tags off, put it on and realize that I don't normally buy 1/2 sleeved-belly shirts. I had bought a kids size 10. So, I sold it on eBay as such and got a nasty email (well, 3 nasty emails) from the person that bought it that said she couldn't see how a 10 year old would ever wear it. Listen lady, NOT my problem. If you don't know what size or style your kid likes, that is NOT my problem. There were 2 pictures up there of the item, and if you has asked any questions of it I would have been happy to answer any and all. Idiot.
I apologize if I come off a bit harsh, but come on, you paid $10 for this shirt, what do you want, Gucci?

3) I am done ranting, just in case you wanted to know.

4) My boss is gone for the next two weeks starting on Friday. Holla! Not that I won't have a ton of work to do while he is gone, because I am actually certain that my work load will increase, however, he won't be here to bug me every 2 minutes, so I might actually be able to get things done. Sweet. (I also plan on using some of this time to work on "Project:New Company" but only on the sly. )

5) yeah, I don't have a 5, I just wanted to round out the list to make it look like I have lots of things to say. I plan on leaving in 5 minutes to catch the early train anyway and spend the evening with Mr Pit and Lil' Pup discussing oil prices and all that fun house stuff.

Have a great afternoon!!


Ryan O'Brian said...

What, pray tell, is this new adventure? Shoot me an email at least, if you're not ready to divulge in "public."

Also, everyone at work (and you know where I work) is wearing flat heeled boots with jeans or cords tucked into them. Am considering a pair of them myself.

42 said...

I would like to see said boots before making a final determination on a purchase of my own. I completely understand the dilemma.