Friday, October 17, 2008

Learning to Fly...

...But I ain't got wings... (one of my ALL time fav songs from Tom Petty!)

That is how I feel about learning to sew. I thought it was a HUGE accomplishment that I figured out how to wind a bobbin (not well mind you), put the bobbin in the holder thingy, wind the thread (I LOVE the automatic threader spring!) and then get started...but from there I am lost.

I heard a good rule of thumb from M's god-mother, who said "don't sew unless there is fabric"...unfortuneatly we heard that a little late and had to fish the thread out of the bobbin more than once...though by the end of the night we had sucessfully sewed 2 d-rings onto 1 piece of ribbon. Huzzah!

I, and we, are pretty far from mass producing anything cute, much less worth purchasing, but we're getting there slowly but surely! I plan on practicing a lot this weekend and the goal is to sew grosgrain ribbon onto nylon webbing...wish me luck! I am also gaining a ton of inspiration from Stephanie at Creative Reveries who is awesomely creative and makes tons of clothes and quilts and does all sorts of cute gifts for her adorable her stuff!

I also found the site Sew Mama Sew and they have some great ideas and lots of forums for people to talk about their projects and problems and show off what they've made...very cool to see and lots to work towards!!

We also have some visitors coming tonight and I am really excited to see them. Mr Pits friend D and his wife L are coming from Chicago for a wedding in NJ, but are nice enough to drive down from Newark this evening and spend the night with us. They have not seen the house since we moved in, and have never met Lil' Pup since we got him last summer and haven't seen them since!
We plan on grilling some steaks, and I am going to make my famous mashed potatoes (well, probably only famous to Mr. Pit and I, but he loves them and I love being able to make something edible, so its a win-win!) as well as open a bottle of champage to celebrate a fun weekend with friends. My favorite champagne is "Sofia" by Coppola and it has sentimental value as its the champagne we toasted with at our wedding, and that I for one did not drink enough of that day! (Besides the fact I didn't eat anything that day besides a cheese sandwich made for me by C's mom, I could have used a glass of champagne or two to calm me down as I almost fainted on the way down the aisle!...I did recover enough to say my vows and not bawl my eyes out, and then I finally relaxed at the reception, phew!)
Anyways...that's what the weekend has in store, I might post again today since it's a bit slow at work. The highest ranking person right now in my department is about the 5th in line of being in charge over all, since the top 4 seem to be mysteriously missing this fabulous fall Friday...but I don't want to take too much advantage of a good thing, so I am going to go grab lunch, finish my work and try to make the 5:05 train home. If it's STILL this quiet later this afternoon maybe I will modify plans and try to hop on the 4:44, but we'll have to play it by ear.
Have a great weekend, enjoy this awesome weather, cheer for the Phillies next week, and if you know how to sew and want to teach me, I can pay you in mashed potatoes, grilled cheese and good conversation!!

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