Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shopping for Christmas...already?!

Yes folks, its only October 22nd, but the start of the Holiday season is well approaching, with some people trying to get as early of a leg-up as possible.

First off, I LOVE Christmas. I mean, completely adore it to the point that the day after Thankgiving isn't so important for the shopping to be done on that day (I hate shopping that day, its too crowded and makes me nervous),'s that I officially get to start decorating the house and that it my favorite task of all.

I will buy Christmas decorations in the middle of summer if they go with my chosen decor (Last year we had a red and silver theme, and this year will probably be similar) and then I carefully pack them away until Thanksgiving. The ornament above will be perfect for the tree, Pottery Barn here I come!!

This year I will have to wait to decorate our own house as we will be in NY with Mr. Pits family for Thanksgiving, but as soon as we get home Sunday the boxes come out of the attic and the decorating begins.

Tonight though, is the unofficial start of the holiday season, as it is the preview party for The Shipley Shops . The Shipley Shops is an event run by The Shipley School (my Alma Mater) and it hosts about 25 boutiques from all over and they can sell thier wares while raising money for the school at the same time. They always have tons of kids toys as well as great clothing, accessories and a ton of jewelry and fine art. I always see a ton of people I know as well, so it's as good for shopping as it is for the see-and-be-seen crowd. Plus, The Main Line Times is always there taking pictures of the pretty crowds, so it's always fun if you can get photographed to boot!

So, that's my plan for tonight and I couldn't be more excited. I love Christmas, thinking about Christmas and being able to shop while supporting my school is just awesome. Come on out tonight if you want, tickets are sold at the door and all proceeds go to Shipley and their scholarship fund!

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