Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who the EFF do these people think they are?!

This is the latest from People Magazine on the Jesse James/Sandra Bullock scandal:

"Jesse checked himself into a treatment facility to deal with personal issues," his rep said in a statement. "He realized that this time was crucial to help himself, help his family and help save his marriage."

What the HECK is he doing checking into rehab? Is he honestly going to pull a 'sex addiction' story like Tiger did? There is no sex addiction here OR in Tigers case. The case is simple. These men are married and don't like being with only one woman. So, they cheat. Then they get caught. Then they repent to the public and go to 'treatment'.

What they should do is go straight to a lawyers office to get the best representation they can to defend against their upcoming divorce. The fact that EITHER of these women are hesitating to divorce these men is crazy to me.

Marriage is a SACRED THING. Your wedding vows state that you will be FAITHFUL. If you really believed in marriage as an institution, or heck, even just a THEORY, and you were telling the truth when you said those words (which, you SHOULD HAVE BEEN!!!) going against that makes you a liar. You lied to your spouse, to your family, to your friends, to your community, to everyone else even remotely involved.

As I have said before, if you don't want to be faithful, DON'T GET MARRIED. It's that simple.

I just don't get why these celebrities (and probably plenty of other normal people as well, we just don't read about it) get married in the first place. They clearly aren't in it for the long haul, OR the right reasons. I don't of course have all the right reasons, but to be faithful to one person for the rest of your life has GOT to be one of them. Again, if being with just one person for the rest of your living days is too much for you to handle, then PLEASE step out of line at the altar and DON'T get married in the first place. That way, your spouse, family, friends and public (as with the celebritards) won't judge you.

We'll judge you for other things sure, but not for breaking your vow of faithfulness.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Amazing Amazon

In our never ending quest for baby products for Little Pit, I have been recommended a swing more times than I can count. This swing was recommended since it both runs on batteries AND plugs in, swings front to back AND side to side AND...the cutest part is that this swing has ears. That's right. EARS! I mean, can you BE more adorable?

Anyways, the point of this post is to RAVE about Amazon. Amazon found me this swing, brand new for $45 less than it would have been at Babies R Us, saving me a trip to the store that stresses me out more than any other (ok, maybe not as much as Macy's but it's right up there) AND it came with free shipping!

Amazon also found me white quilt hangers for $16 so that I can hang the Peter Rabbit quilt in Little Pits room since we can't put it in the crib.

I am also going to go back and see if I can find some used sleep training books and a copy of "the happiest baby on the block" as that has been recommended to us over and over again as well. I am certain I can find both!

Thanks Amazon!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hi all, it's a bit yucky here in the City of Brotherly love weather wise, but we had a great weekend, so this Monday is a good one no matter what. I have a lot to update you on, so I'm just gonna bullet point it out so it doesn't take pages and pages :)

1. Had an awesome time with my friend P visiting. We went out to a fun lunch, and even better dinner and a delicious diner breakfast yesterday. He was the easiest house guest ever, even asking permission to course you can!! It was great to catch up with him in person (he works half the year in Nigeria!) so seeing him was way better than emailing and talking on the phone. PLUS, I am so lucky that he and Mr. Pit get along so well and they had a great time watching basketball all afternoon on Saturday (I watched too but have no clue about anything so I am glad he could banter on with someone!)

2. Speaking of basketball, I am totally out of the running in my two March Madness pools. I had Syracuse/Baylor in the final. 'Cuse let me down last week and Baylor sucked it last night. Thanks boys. Mr. Pit still has a chance to be tied for 4th, so I think that works out to a little bit of cash if Duke loses next week. Here's hoping!

3. We went to Babies R Us on Saturday and I managed to get in and out without having a panic attack, yay! I find that store incredibly overwhelming and since Little Pit can't tell me what they will want or need, we need to just go around the store and guess at things. We did end up with a lot of great stuff though, and my awesome brother came over to install the baby gate at the top of the stairs and it's exactly what we needed and fits perfectly. Little Pup is NOT a fan since he is now essentially not allowed upstairs, but such is life when you're a dog.

4. My awesome brother also managed to fix the door to Little Pit's room so now it closes fully and can't be nudged open by curious little pitbulls. (Reason #2 for the baby gate at the top of the stairs). The door didn't latch properly for almost 3 full years, see, all it takes is having a baby and you get all sorts of chores done!)

5. We also managed to find a leak in our bathroom that is coming down through the basement of the ceiling. Good times.

6. Some awesome of right now the weather forecast for Easter is 79 and mostly sunny. If this isn't the best news I've heard in ages, I don't know what is. I have the CUTEST Lilly dress that I want to wear on Easter, and since the past few Easters have been sunny but COLD, this would just take the cake. We always go to our golf club for lunch and they have an awesome open patio and it would just be SO amazing to be able to sit in the sun and eat yummy food and relax as opposed to stand inside and watch the egg hunt next to a space heater like last year. And then NEXT year we can bring Little Pit to go egg hunting, how fun will that be?! So, hoping the forecast holds out and is correct...come on weather!!

That's about it for the recap, I will have nursery pics and belly pics later on this week, the nursery is really coming together, I love it!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Furry Friday!

Meet Bodie!

Bodie is a Shetland Sheepdog/Chihuahua mix and seriously, could that face BE any cuter? Bodie is only 3 and in desperate need of a home, won't you take this cute guy home this weekend?? It could be an early Easter present, eek, and a super cute one to boot!!!

Bodie is so playful and loving. His adorable personality is the biggest surprise. He absolutely loves his bath time and being brushed. His happy face will warm you all day long. Take Bodie outside for playtime and he is the energizer bunny that loves to be hugged. He can entertain himself for hours with tennis balls and play toys. He is looking for the ultimate playmate.

So, check out Main Line Animal Rescue for tons of animals that need homes this weekend and always. I'm telling you, the good karma you'll get from rescuing an animal will last you a LONG time!!

Sorry for the late and lack of posts this week. I came down with an eye infection on Tuesday and between drowning myself with drops, it still hasn't gone away, hence a follow up appointment this morning that ended up with my doctor just telling me to take the drops until the run out. Blah.

BUT, this weekend is going to be great. One of my best friends from college P is coming up to visit tomorrow and I am so excited because I haven't seen him since our wedding almost 4 years ago! We don't have a lot planned, but I am really looking forward to catching up with him in person as opposed to on the phone and via email like we have been for the past few years. We are also running lots of baby errands, as we want to finish off our registry needs and get some more decorative things up on the walls of the nursery. We got the mobile on the crib and things are all put away, so I will post pictures next week I promise!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Monday, March 22, 2010

What a weekend!

This past weekend was one of those weekends where it's almost unbelievable how great it was, and what made it great was about 100 different things coming together and aligning perfectly.

The baby shower that my mother in law threw for us was totally perfect. It was a gorgeous day weather wise, the food was fantastic, the company was great, the gifts were SO generous and plentiful and to talk to SO many people about how excited they are for our first child is just overwhelming. Both sets of Grandparents are really looking forward to getting to meet their first Grandchild, and Mr. Pit and I are all geared up to welcome Little Pit home.

The nursery is still just a room full of bags and boxes, but we're getting there in terms of what we need, and we picked up the crib mattress yesterday, so that is a huge thing now crossed off our list, horray! We are hoping over Easter weekend we can get a lot of things organized and put away, and I know we'll get it all done on time. Mr. Pit and I BOTH think that Little Pit is going to make an early arrival, and I can't say how I think that, I just have a feeling that this one is going to be ready to meet the world before the 30th of April (they are my child after all, I think it's pretty fitting, I've never been known to be one for the patience-gene!)

Anyways, it was a great weekend, my parents had a great time seeing my in-laws house for the first time (they have only met about 8 times in 7 years, and once was our wedding) but it was great, everyone gets along really well and it was a really really nice time overall.

We had a great ride down as well, no traffic to speak of, and we got home and got all our errands done in record time!

Now all I have to figure out is how to get home in time to change and make it to yoga by 6...I think a 4:30 departure from work is all that's going to get me there with this weather, so fingers crossed!

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, March 19, 2010

Furry Friday!

So, you all know how I rave about Main Line Animal Rescue, and the fact that there are PURE BRED DOGS at EVERY rescue in this country...our girl Glo is a shining example of that.

Do you realize that some people pay THOUSANDS of dollars for these dogs from breeders? And that little Glo here could be yours for $0...that's right, they will GIVE her to you if you can show you can provide her with a healthy, happy home, which I am sure all of you can.

I also have a soft spot for Shih Tzu's since my beloved Grandmother had them her whole life, and poor Puddle (her latest one) STILL looks for her everyday even though she passed almost 9 months ago.... Anyways...even though these dogs are small, they pack a whopping personality in a tiny little body and they are PERFECT lap dogs (even though all 70lbs of Little Pup thinks he is a perfect lap dog too!).

Here is her write up:
Happy, hearty, and loving, that's our Shih Tzu gal, Glo. If you know the breed, one hardly needs to elaborate on their virtues, but if you haven't been fortunate enough to experience the Shih Tzu, you are in for a treat. Beautiful Glo is just waiting for that special person she can call her own. Glo is bound to have many admirers so get to the head of the line and fill out your application today!

What a cutie to go adopt this fabulous weekend. As always, click HERE to go to Main Line Animal Rescue's website to go check out Glo and tons of other animals that desperately need forever homes.

With 2 weeks to go until Easter this weather couldn't be better, and I'm really hoping for a similar day come April 4th! Easter is one of my favorite holidays besides Christmas and I am really hoping for a warm day this year (last year it was sunny but freezing!).

Mr. Pit and I are headed up to New York this weekend to see his parents, and my amazing in-laws are throwing us a baby shower while we're up there. I am really looking forward to it as we haven't seen them since Christmas which was a while ago! We also plan on hitting Target on the way back since we don't have a crib mattress yet, and I can't get the crib set up with out at least that! I am also dying to check out the Liberty of London stuff there as well.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you Lilly Pulitzer and Garnet Hill!

This friends, is my new bedding from Garnet Hill and Lilly Pulitzer, courtesy of Facebook.

I didn't tell anyone when it happened, but since I got the package in the mail yesterday I couldn't resist.

You know those contests that companies sometimes run on Facebook, where you have to comment and tell them your favorite thing and then you could win it? Well, Lilly did this two weeks ago in honor of their collaboration with Garnet Hill, and wouldn't you know they picked MY comment as a winner, and I got this coverlet and the two shams in the mail yesterday!!

I couldn't believe I won, I mean, I don't win ANYTHING ever, and lo and behold I got an email from a person at Lilly last week telling me that I had one and that I should expect a package from Garnet Hill shortly. Said package was on our front porch yesterday and the new stuff went RIGHT on the bed (after washing the sheets of course, I couldn't have my fancy new coverlet on top of slept in sheets!)

Mr. Pit is even a fan, and it really brightens up our room (we had a navy blue duvet on the bed for the winter, so this is perfect and spring like!!

So, to everyone out there who never bothers to enter contests because they are convinced they'll never win, listen to my story, it might just be you!!!

Thanks again to Lilly and Garnet Hill, I love the new coverlet and shams, I am so thrilled!!

Hope everyone has a great day, I think we might see sun today, yay!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Before and After...the Nursery!

Hi everyone,
It was a great and busy weekend in the Pit house, and we got everything we wanted to get done completed, even in the pouring rain of Saturday.

The guest room bed, dresser and chair came out of the room, the rugs were steam cleaned and Sunday the crib, dresser, bookcase and glider were all brought in and set up.

I love the way it all turned out, I am really excited with everything. So, to tell the story a little better, here are pictures

Lil' Pup supervising from downstairs

The old dresser in the corner

The bed and chair, pretty much what you saw when you walked in the door

Our one and only guest bed now lives in the garage...sorry guests!

The new layout! Changing table in the corner, bookcase under the window and the crib against the wall where the bed was.

The new glider in the corner, it glides AND reclines! And yes, the bookcase needs to be organized!
The crib! I liked it in the store and now I love it. The lines are just perfect, and Mr. Pit and my brother says it was a cinch to put together :) The picture of the fish will also come down upon Lil Pit's arrival and will be replaced with his or her monogram, thanks to Decal Monograms!!

Now all we need is a mattress and to get all the bedding cleaned and put on there, but that is all for another weekend.

Oh yeah, and that wicker horse was Mr. Pits when he was little and living in Thailand, so Lil' Pit already has their first pony :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Friday, March 12, 2010

Furry Friday!

Meet Mick! I thought in honor of upcoming St. Patrick's day I would show off a dog with some Irish heritage...but in this case I just chose one with an Irish name :)

Mick is a Chow-Chow and look how handsome he is?! I love the lion-like mane that Chows have, too freaking cute. Don't you just want to snuggle with him, what a cozy buddy he would make!

Here's his write up:

Mick is a Chow Chow, one of the oldest known breeds of dogs. He is somewhat smaller than the breed standard and has a reddish/cinnamon colored coat with a "lion-like" mane around his very handsome face. Mick always looks like he is smiling and often shows off his pearly white teeth and "blue" tongue. He is very nice to walk and he rarely pulls on the leash. He has a hoarse bark that sounds like he's whispering secrets to you. Unfortunately, Mick had a severe flea allergy when he came to MLAR and needed a VERY short haircut to facilitate his healing. Once his hair grows back, Mick is going to be an even more popular guy. In the meantime, I bet he'd be willing to wear a very stylish coat. (Martha Stewart has a number of Chows and often features them on her show.) Beat the rush and fill out an application for Mick today.

What a catch this boy seems like, click HERE to go to Main Line Animal Rescue's website to check out all the great animals they have there that desperately need a home. With spring coming up in 8 short days, don't you need a new friend for the new season and beyond?!

The weather is going to be yucky on the Main Line this weekend, so we might put off picking up the glider for the baby's room. We're going to play it by ear because I really want the whole room complete by the end of the weekend, but I'm not going to trudge out in an awful nor'easter to get a newly upholstered chair.

Other than the weather I am really looking forward to the weekend, and wish everyone the best!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Scout is out with a new line!!

So you all know I am a HUGE fan of this brand...and they are out with new patterns as well as new shapes and sizes for their bags and bins!

I can't say enough good things about this company or it's products. I've raved before and I'm raving again now...they've really upped their game and I want just about everything on the site.

They also just started a new page on Facebook, so search for it and if you are one of the first 100 fans, you have the chance to win a HUGE prize pack!!

So, get on over to Scout by clicking here and check out all the new spring things!

Don't forget to enter code "SPRINGFEVER" at checkout for 10% off!!

Best In-Laws EVER!

After a seemingly long week at work so far, I came home to find THIS in our living room last night!!

Uppababy Vista in Alex (Orange)

Mr. Pit's parents, my AWESOME in-laws bought it for their grandchild, and I am just in awe of how generous everyone is. I knew I married into a great family years ago, and Mr. Pit and I are SO SO SO lucky to have such supportive amazing parents during this process. Between the bookcase last weekend and the totally rad stroller of yesterday, I'm not sure it can even GET better?!

PLUS, this stroller took about 2 minutes to get out of the box AND put together. The wheels just snap right in and the whole contraption folds up into hardly anything when you take the bassinet out...totally cool :) Plus, the orange color is awesome and totally gender neutral friendly!!

So, that is the highlight of the week. Tonight I have yoga, to which I haven't been in ages due to random things happening on Thursday nights over the past month, but tonight I am definitely going and am really looking forward to an hour and a half of ME time :)

Hope all is well with everyone, we're supposed to get some pretty nasty rain here the new few days, so if you're somewhere sunshine-y, enjoy!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Calm and content

Ok, so I hate to sound like one of those women that can't function without their husbands, because I know I can, as do my friends, however...I can't say that I am not a whole lot happier having Mr. Pit back at home with no plans to leave the country again anytime soon (not without me at least!) I picked him up at the airport yesterday around noon and I haven't been able to stop smiling since. He looks great after 10 days away, albeit a little sunburned from his one day on Ipanema beach. He had a great time and learned a lot and I think he's as happy to be home as I am to have him here.

Yesterday afternoon we ran a bunch of errands and had a fun dinner of all appetizers (we do this about twice a month) so we plowed through crackers, cheese, veggies, dip, hummus and pitas and ended the meal with microwave S'mores and icecream :) The plan is to eat at home as much as we can this week since we know we'll be out Saturday night and I'm out to a girls brunch on Sunday, with Little Pit coming in NO time it's probably not the best idea to be running around going out to dinner all the time (though some would argue to do that NOW since we definitely won't be able to later).

Anyways, today I get to have lunch with my friend E and this always makes me happy. We have the best time catching up, and since she's my only friend who works in Center City, it's a treat to be able to see her during the week. Then this week is relatively quiet on the activities front which is nice, especially since our weekend is already packed with switching over from guest room to babys room.

Not much else to report on, I think I've narrowed down a 'coming home' outfit for Little Pit, but when I went to look for it yesterday it had been purchased over the weekend, so now I'm on the hunt for a Kissy Kissy footed onesie with the bunnies and carrots on it...if you have found it online let me know!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Mrs. Pit

Monday, March 8, 2010

The good, the bad...and the bookcase

The good:
The weather here was SPECTACULAR all weekend. It ALMOST makes up for the horrendous amounts of snow we've gotten in the last two months. It was sunny, warm when you stood in the sun and the snow melt was significant so I was thrilled.
I had a really fun lunch AND dinner with my friend M and that totally saved my Saturday from being boring and lame. During same lunch and dinner I found 2 fabulous parking spots which cost me the total of 25 cents for the afternoon and evening...and in the little tiny town that we are in this was cause for MAJOR celebration!
I went to my parents for dinner last night and my brother and I made hamburgers from scratch and they were delicious. Good grilling T, seriously, SO GOOD.
The bad:
Mr. Pit is STILL not home. That's right folks, he was supposed to get in yesterday at 11am, but due to flooding in Rio the crew couldn't make it to the plane and timed out before they got there, then when they finally left they couldn't make any connections in Miami yesterday. However, he did take off this morning and is supposed to land at 11am.
This delay caused me to do nothing but shop yesterday...BUT...I only spent $30 mostly because everything else I was looking for eluded me.
The Bookcase:
My Mom and I ended up finding the PERFECT bookcase for Little Pit's room. I had been scouring the Pottery Barn Kids catalog for AGES and had seen this bookcase but didn't consider it because of it's size...but then I saw it in person and realized it would be perfect. Even more perfect than that was that they had it IN STOCK so I didn't have to pay shipping. PLUS, Mom decided it was her gift from her and my Dad, so I had to pay a whole lot of nothing, thanks Mom!

So this is it...cute right?!

And we got white baskets with green and white polka dot liners...I can't wait to put it all together next weekend!!

Oh yeah, and thats our plan for this coming weekend...Saturday we're going to take the room apart (and by 'we' I mean Mr. Pit and my brother) and move everything out and then the rug cleaning people are coming by Saturday afternoon to clean every rug in the house, yippee! Then Sunday we're going to put the room together (and again, by 'we' I mean Mr. Pit and my other brother who's very handy) and they will put together the crib, glider and bookcase, and lug the dresser/changing table upstairs and put everything where it belongs! And, don't worry, there will be before and afters taken I promise :)

That's it for the weekend, I am practically bouncing out of my seat for Mr. Pit to get home, 10 days is the longest we've gone without seeing each other since we were married (I know, I'm a big baby, you don't have to tell me) so I can't wait to see him. Also trying to figure out if it's worth a vacation day to go pick him up from the airport or try to work all day and leave a little early...we'll see.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Mrs. Pit

Friday, March 5, 2010

Furry Friday!

Morning all! Meet Sissy! Sissy is a female lab mix who was rescued from the streets and brought to MLAR for recuperation. She is doing really well per her write up, and desperately wants a home so she can improve even more! Plus, she's only about 2 years old, which makes her even more appealing if you want a dog that's already housebroken...and who doesn't?

Here is her write up:

Sissy is a gentle lab mix who was rescued from the streets of Philadelphia. When she first came to us she was very skinny and very scared - she didn't have an easy life you could tell. But thanks to the patience of the volunteers and staff, she has come out of her shell already and learned to trust humans again. She now walks proudly around the farm with her head held high and her tail up. It was a wonderful transformation to watch and to see how resilient dogs truly are. She is a young girl, maybe 2 years old, and when she gets in the field you realize her age since she runs SO fast and all over the fields. She is such fun to watch! If you'd like to continue on with the progress we've made with Sissy please fill out an application and come meet this cute girl!

How great does she sound? Click HERE for more information on how to adopt Sissy or any of the other animals at Main Line Animal Rescue!

Sorry for not posting more this week, my schedule has been a bit off with Mr. Pit out of the country, but he gets back Sunday morning and I can't wait to go pick him up at the airport.

Today I actually have a half day so I can go home and meet the insurance adjuster since we had a leak in our roof/ceiling/window area during the last storm and we need to get it repaired before the big spring rain storms come in. Then tomorrow I plan on heading out to the outlets in Lancaster to see if I can find a white bookcase for Little Pit's room. It's amazing how such a little piece of furniture can be so expensive and elusive! But, I am determined to find one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and it still cute enough to hold all the fun picture books we got!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jake...oooooh Jake

So, I know I can't be the ONLY one who watched The Bachelor finale last night, but I have to say that ABC did a TERRIBLE job of keeping us guessing...I could tell it was going to be Vienna by 9:10pm or so, and then even more so with Jake's weirdness on the boat towards Tenley.

I also decided that men must just LOVE impetuous girls. There wasn't much wrong with Tenley, which Jake even said out loud more than once. I am convinced that as much as girls want a 'bad boy', boys want a 'bad girl' too! I think Jake really liked that she was super young, didn't ever think about what she said before she said it, and was always ready for an adventure.

I don't personally know Vienna (duh), so I can't say she's a bad person- come on, how many of us talk behind our friends backs on a daily basis, much less about girls we don't know? We can't all sit up on our high horse and say she was awful, because living in a house with 24 other girls fighting over 1 guy sounds pretty awful to me too! Don't get me wrong, I certainly didn't LIKE her during the show, but I think it's ridiculous to think all the girls would be bonding around the pool for 6 weeks and come away as best friends.

While I don't think she played her cards right for being on national TV for 2 hours a week, I don't think she's not necessarily good for Jake. He doesn't seem to want to settle down right away (contrary to how he started the show) so maybe a girl like Vienna is just the ticket. Think about it, now they get to do a huge press junket for the next few weeks and I'm sure they'll be 'hosting' parties at Tao in Las Vegas in no time. When he does want to get married and have kids I can almost guarantee he'll end up with someone like Tenley.

Ali, to me, would have been the obvious choice for him, as they both seem clean and shiny and perfect, but I really think that Jake liked the 'bad girl' side of Vienna and realized that the controversy could get him a lot farther in show business rather than the safer choice of Tenley.

Anyways, that's just my 2 cents on the subject. In all honesty I found Jake to be a tedious bachelor after about the first 2 weeks, especially with every episode being 2 hours long, I sort of didn't care what happened at the end. Plus, since he cried almost every episode I found him annoying and needy by the time it was all said and done.

Anyways, have a great Tuesday!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

Oh, and thanks for the comments yesterday on what I should do while Mr. Pit is gone, getting pampered is a fabulous idea!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Yep, I still owe ya

This weekend completely got away from me, I had friends in town and had the BEST weekend that I wasn't anywhere near my computer much less the TV until about 8 last night and then just couldn't get it together to put together anything of much interest for a blog post.

On top of that Mr. Pit is in Brazil for the week, which throws me off since he rarely travels for business, so I'm going it alone this week. I am SO impressed with people who's spouses regularly travel, I know eventually you get into the swing of things, but sleeping alone is less than fun, and coming home to an empty house each night is tough too (yet another reason I was SO happy I had friends in town this past weekend, the house was never empty until they left last night...tear!) But, it's only a week (he gets in Sunday morning and I will be at the airport to pick him up) and I know I can get through it. I am just feeling extra whiny and hormonal, boo.

I do thankfully have appointments and lots of fun dinner dates this week, so I know time will fly by if I play my cards right and keep my chin up.

I will post more Vegas pictures soon, as well as a mid-week Furry Friday post, can't forget about the pups just because I'm busy!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mrs. Pit