Friday, March 5, 2010

Furry Friday!

Morning all! Meet Sissy! Sissy is a female lab mix who was rescued from the streets and brought to MLAR for recuperation. She is doing really well per her write up, and desperately wants a home so she can improve even more! Plus, she's only about 2 years old, which makes her even more appealing if you want a dog that's already housebroken...and who doesn't?

Here is her write up:

Sissy is a gentle lab mix who was rescued from the streets of Philadelphia. When she first came to us she was very skinny and very scared - she didn't have an easy life you could tell. But thanks to the patience of the volunteers and staff, she has come out of her shell already and learned to trust humans again. She now walks proudly around the farm with her head held high and her tail up. It was a wonderful transformation to watch and to see how resilient dogs truly are. She is a young girl, maybe 2 years old, and when she gets in the field you realize her age since she runs SO fast and all over the fields. She is such fun to watch! If you'd like to continue on with the progress we've made with Sissy please fill out an application and come meet this cute girl!

How great does she sound? Click HERE for more information on how to adopt Sissy or any of the other animals at Main Line Animal Rescue!

Sorry for not posting more this week, my schedule has been a bit off with Mr. Pit out of the country, but he gets back Sunday morning and I can't wait to go pick him up at the airport.

Today I actually have a half day so I can go home and meet the insurance adjuster since we had a leak in our roof/ceiling/window area during the last storm and we need to get it repaired before the big spring rain storms come in. Then tomorrow I plan on heading out to the outlets in Lancaster to see if I can find a white bookcase for Little Pit's room. It's amazing how such a little piece of furniture can be so expensive and elusive! But, I am determined to find one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and it still cute enough to hold all the fun picture books we got!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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