Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you Lilly Pulitzer and Garnet Hill!

This friends, is my new bedding from Garnet Hill and Lilly Pulitzer, courtesy of Facebook.

I didn't tell anyone when it happened, but since I got the package in the mail yesterday I couldn't resist.

You know those contests that companies sometimes run on Facebook, where you have to comment and tell them your favorite thing and then you could win it? Well, Lilly did this two weeks ago in honor of their collaboration with Garnet Hill, and wouldn't you know they picked MY comment as a winner, and I got this coverlet and the two shams in the mail yesterday!!

I couldn't believe I won, I mean, I don't win ANYTHING ever, and lo and behold I got an email from a person at Lilly last week telling me that I had one and that I should expect a package from Garnet Hill shortly. Said package was on our front porch yesterday and the new stuff went RIGHT on the bed (after washing the sheets of course, I couldn't have my fancy new coverlet on top of slept in sheets!)

Mr. Pit is even a fan, and it really brightens up our room (we had a navy blue duvet on the bed for the winter, so this is perfect and spring like!!

So, to everyone out there who never bothers to enter contests because they are convinced they'll never win, listen to my story, it might just be you!!!

Thanks again to Lilly and Garnet Hill, I love the new coverlet and shams, I am so thrilled!!

Hope everyone has a great day, I think we might see sun today, yay!!!


Dollface said...

beautiful!! glad Mr. Pitt likes it too, xxxooo

suburban prep said...

How wonderful!!
Congratulations on your win.

mFw said...

So cute! You're lucky to win!