Monday, March 15, 2010

Before and After...the Nursery!

Hi everyone,
It was a great and busy weekend in the Pit house, and we got everything we wanted to get done completed, even in the pouring rain of Saturday.

The guest room bed, dresser and chair came out of the room, the rugs were steam cleaned and Sunday the crib, dresser, bookcase and glider were all brought in and set up.

I love the way it all turned out, I am really excited with everything. So, to tell the story a little better, here are pictures

Lil' Pup supervising from downstairs

The old dresser in the corner

The bed and chair, pretty much what you saw when you walked in the door

Our one and only guest bed now lives in the garage...sorry guests!

The new layout! Changing table in the corner, bookcase under the window and the crib against the wall where the bed was.

The new glider in the corner, it glides AND reclines! And yes, the bookcase needs to be organized!
The crib! I liked it in the store and now I love it. The lines are just perfect, and Mr. Pit and my brother says it was a cinch to put together :) The picture of the fish will also come down upon Lil Pit's arrival and will be replaced with his or her monogram, thanks to Decal Monograms!!

Now all we need is a mattress and to get all the bedding cleaned and put on there, but that is all for another weekend.

Oh yeah, and that wicker horse was Mr. Pits when he was little and living in Thailand, so Lil' Pit already has their first pony :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit


Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

It looks great!

Emily Kathleen said...

Love it! The nursery is absolutely beautiful...and I love the wicker horse!

Dollface said...

This is beautiful! thanks for sharing with us, I love it! xxxoo