Friday, March 19, 2010

Furry Friday!

So, you all know how I rave about Main Line Animal Rescue, and the fact that there are PURE BRED DOGS at EVERY rescue in this country...our girl Glo is a shining example of that.

Do you realize that some people pay THOUSANDS of dollars for these dogs from breeders? And that little Glo here could be yours for $0...that's right, they will GIVE her to you if you can show you can provide her with a healthy, happy home, which I am sure all of you can.

I also have a soft spot for Shih Tzu's since my beloved Grandmother had them her whole life, and poor Puddle (her latest one) STILL looks for her everyday even though she passed almost 9 months ago.... Anyways...even though these dogs are small, they pack a whopping personality in a tiny little body and they are PERFECT lap dogs (even though all 70lbs of Little Pup thinks he is a perfect lap dog too!).

Here is her write up:
Happy, hearty, and loving, that's our Shih Tzu gal, Glo. If you know the breed, one hardly needs to elaborate on their virtues, but if you haven't been fortunate enough to experience the Shih Tzu, you are in for a treat. Beautiful Glo is just waiting for that special person she can call her own. Glo is bound to have many admirers so get to the head of the line and fill out your application today!

What a cutie to go adopt this fabulous weekend. As always, click HERE to go to Main Line Animal Rescue's website to go check out Glo and tons of other animals that desperately need forever homes.

With 2 weeks to go until Easter this weather couldn't be better, and I'm really hoping for a similar day come April 4th! Easter is one of my favorite holidays besides Christmas and I am really hoping for a warm day this year (last year it was sunny but freezing!).

Mr. Pit and I are headed up to New York this weekend to see his parents, and my amazing in-laws are throwing us a baby shower while we're up there. I am really looking forward to it as we haven't seen them since Christmas which was a while ago! We also plan on hitting Target on the way back since we don't have a crib mattress yet, and I can't get the crib set up with out at least that! I am also dying to check out the Liberty of London stuff there as well.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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Dollface said...

Have so much fun in NY!!!! and thank you for the comment, it made me smile :) xxxxoo