Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hi all, it's a bit yucky here in the City of Brotherly love weather wise, but we had a great weekend, so this Monday is a good one no matter what. I have a lot to update you on, so I'm just gonna bullet point it out so it doesn't take pages and pages :)

1. Had an awesome time with my friend P visiting. We went out to a fun lunch, and even better dinner and a delicious diner breakfast yesterday. He was the easiest house guest ever, even asking permission to course you can!! It was great to catch up with him in person (he works half the year in Nigeria!) so seeing him was way better than emailing and talking on the phone. PLUS, I am so lucky that he and Mr. Pit get along so well and they had a great time watching basketball all afternoon on Saturday (I watched too but have no clue about anything so I am glad he could banter on with someone!)

2. Speaking of basketball, I am totally out of the running in my two March Madness pools. I had Syracuse/Baylor in the final. 'Cuse let me down last week and Baylor sucked it last night. Thanks boys. Mr. Pit still has a chance to be tied for 4th, so I think that works out to a little bit of cash if Duke loses next week. Here's hoping!

3. We went to Babies R Us on Saturday and I managed to get in and out without having a panic attack, yay! I find that store incredibly overwhelming and since Little Pit can't tell me what they will want or need, we need to just go around the store and guess at things. We did end up with a lot of great stuff though, and my awesome brother came over to install the baby gate at the top of the stairs and it's exactly what we needed and fits perfectly. Little Pup is NOT a fan since he is now essentially not allowed upstairs, but such is life when you're a dog.

4. My awesome brother also managed to fix the door to Little Pit's room so now it closes fully and can't be nudged open by curious little pitbulls. (Reason #2 for the baby gate at the top of the stairs). The door didn't latch properly for almost 3 full years, see, all it takes is having a baby and you get all sorts of chores done!)

5. We also managed to find a leak in our bathroom that is coming down through the basement of the ceiling. Good times.

6. Some awesome of right now the weather forecast for Easter is 79 and mostly sunny. If this isn't the best news I've heard in ages, I don't know what is. I have the CUTEST Lilly dress that I want to wear on Easter, and since the past few Easters have been sunny but COLD, this would just take the cake. We always go to our golf club for lunch and they have an awesome open patio and it would just be SO amazing to be able to sit in the sun and eat yummy food and relax as opposed to stand inside and watch the egg hunt next to a space heater like last year. And then NEXT year we can bring Little Pit to go egg hunting, how fun will that be?! So, hoping the forecast holds out and is correct...come on weather!!

That's about it for the recap, I will have nursery pics and belly pics later on this week, the nursery is really coming together, I love it!!

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Black Labs and Lilly said...

Wouldn't it be amazing if Sunday's weather is warm and sunny??? I can't remember the last time Easter felt like Spring!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for Lilly weather!