Monday, May 14, 2012

Where my mind is lately...

We had our 20 week ultrasound for Baby Pit last week and everything went swimmingly. We got tons of pictures of the Littlest Pit and are still in the dark as to the gender, which is what we wanted. Everything is growing as it should and BP looks 100% healthy and happy.

What I am experiencing at this point though is a frustrating limbo of sorts.

September is going to be insane as Little Pit is starting Nursery School (2 mornings a week, 9-12pm) and Baby Pit will make an arrival (hopefully) at some point that month. I want to prepare LP as much as I can for the arrival of her younger sibling, and we need to prepare the house. With 20 weeks to go though it's insane to start buying furniture now...and even harder still when I don't know what furniture I want.

It's not that I don't know what color or style crib I want for BP, it's wether or not we move LP out of the crib and into a toddler bed, or into a twin bed, or leave her in her crib and buy a new crib for BP.

I know that these are all incredibly little/minor/ridiculously first world problems...but it's what I've been thinking about right, wrong or otherwise.

Here are my trains of though.

A) Buy BP a new crib because LP LOVES hers and it's not broken, so why change? She has enough changes coming in September, why disturb her sleep?
B) Buy LP a toddler bed and give BP the crib.
C) Buy LP a twin bed and give BP the crib.

I don't want to own two cribs. Two cribs that will eventually end up in our garage or basement or somewhere and we won't be able to sell them because who buys a used crib these days? Per the ads on Craigslist....NO ONE. There are tons of listings that have been there forever...

LP's crib converts to a toddler bed and then into a is that another reason to buy another convertible crib and let them get a TON of use out of it? Does anyone actually do this?

If I buy LP a toddler bed I have to buy ANOTHER bed down the line when she's too big for it...if I buy her a twin now I'm done buying her furniture until college! (I realize this is a stretch, I got a full size bed when I was in high school, but it's not out of the question, right?)

Toddler beds are not inexpensive, but they tend to be less than cribs. Twin beds go the same way...there is one I am dying over in Pottery Barn Kids, and they have a very similar toddler bed version. But, I'll spend whatever I need to make the right choice for LP, I just have no idea what that is!

I think LP would transition well into a bed as she's a great sleeper and seems to understand her nighttime routine and all that...but do I want to lose out on sleep two separate times with two separate kids? Is 2 years and 3 months too early to transition her anyway?

Of all the people I have asked...I have gotten as many answers as there have been I am no further towards my decision. Everyone makes GREAT points. EVERYONE's kids are still alive and happy no matter what they chose to do.

Any of you Mom's of toddlers have any advice?

It's not as much the cost issue as it is...will she sleep? Will we sleep? Is it worth it to move her and 'rock her world' even more than it already will be? (If we do transition her and give her crib to BP, she would get her new bed in early August so we'd hopefully have two full months to get her sleeping again)

Otherwise everything else is fine...I am the only one driving myself crazy on this one. Mr. Pit thinks I am absolutely nuts for thinking of all this stuff, especially 4 months early.

Am I crazy? I think I am just trying to nest and since we cant do anything to the nursery yet, this is how I am manifesting that desire (oh yeah, and I thought cleaning out the garage on Sunday was a good idea as well, OY).

Any advice would be great!

xo Mrs. Pit