Friday, August 28, 2009

Furry Friday!

Hi there! Meet Franklin!

Franklin is a Pomeranian puppy who is only 6 months old! Look at that cute face! I couldn't get the story of how Franklin ended up at MLAR, but who cares when YOU can take him home?

If only there were room in our house for another pup, Franklin might have had to come home with me, but since there's no chance of that...he's all yours :)

Check out Main Line Animal Rescue for more available dogs, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to take home a new buddy!

With the rain here in Philly today and tomorrow it doesn't look like Mr. Pit and I will be getting any golf in, but I might go to the outlets with my Mom if it stays yucky and try to take advantage of the 'back to school' specials!

Then on Sunday, is the NIGHT of ALL's BRITNEY!!!! We are going to see her concert down at the Wachovia Center and I couldn't be more excited (ok, so maybe I'm a LITTLE more excited to go to Little Dix Bay a week from today) but I am SO psyched to see this show.

I hope you all have fabulous weekends!!

XOXO Mrs. Pit


Dollface said...

have so much fun at brit brit!! she is supposed to be sooo much better the second time around, xxxxooo

Danielle said...

I love main line animal rescue and have donated to them before!

Thanks for the sweet comment. I really miss my Bo.

Nice to know there are other animal lovers out there who believe in rescuing animals. All my pets are rescues.