Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hot hot hot!

Holy hotness batman! Philadelphia is determined to jack my AC bill through the roof this August and it doesn't show any sign of quitting. A thunderstorm here or there just isn't breaking this humidity, yikes! Anyways, I am sitting in the comfort of my air conditioned trailer, so I can't get too upset, but I think of the guys on my jobsite and I am wishing them lots of cool breezes up there in the building!

Anyways, some fun weekend stuff has started to come up, so it should be a nice relaxing weekend on the Main Line yet again.

Mr. Pit is playing golf on Saturday morning and I plan on using that time to sleep in and hit up Target to use my $25 gift card that I got for spending so much on my Visa...who knew shopping would one day pay me! Oh, and speaking of shopping, I scored a super cute tank top from Lilly last weekend in NYC and also got Mr. Pit some super cute shorts with Rhino's on them, for $39!!

Then we are going out to dinner with my parents to welcome some of their friends in town, and so I can meet their daughter who will be a freshman at Johns Hopkins this fall. I am a HUGE advocate of my alma mater, and I love getting to chat with people who are excited to attend. I am a part of the Engineering Alumni Association and I am always happy to chat about my experiences at school.

Sunday I am picking up my best friend and newly engaged C from the train with her fiance S, and then they are spending the week down in Avalon and I am sure they will spend quite a bit of time wedding planning. YAYAYAYAY!! I am so excited and happy for these two, and I can't wait to rehash all of my wedding planning memories and help them through this really really fun (and sometimes stressful) time!

So, it's a slow quiet weekend and I can't wait. I also get to go have lunch with my friend J who's last day at my company today as she is off to DC to start grad school. I will miss you so much J!!! But, one last lunch and some window shopping will stave off my sadness for at least a little while :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their weeks, and I was so happy to get 3 comments yesterday on my post, that's a blog record, horray! Now I guess I just have to keep picking controversial topics to keep my readership up, just kidding. I will stick to fun Lilly-fied bright posts, it's summer after all!!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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Dollface said...

Sleeping in and shopping at Target sounds dreamy!!! Have so much fun and stay cool doll, xxxooo