Monday, January 4, 2010

A Decade in Review

I saw this on someone else's blog and I thought it was a neat way to remember some of the bigger things that happened in the last 10 years.

So, here life in the last 10 years:

2000- I was a sophomore/junior at Johns Hopkins. Went from living in a quad with my 3 best friends to living in an apartment for the first time with my then best friend. By October of 2000 we are not speaking (ugh). I get my first dog, Morgan, as an 8 week old puppy in a McDonald's parking lot. She was in a cardboard box, and the woman selling the puppies said she would shoot them if no one bought them...yikes! So, $25 later I had a puppy on my lap driving home. NOT a fun phone call made to my parents shortly after that. I realized then how much money a dog cost- and a sick puppy at that. NOT easy money for a 20 year old. But we got through it.

2001-That spring I was not on speaking terms with my roommate, and we had 2 dogs in our tiny apartment. Started dating a new guy, his pre-med status held great allure (though looking back I have NO idea why). That summer I moved into my own apartment, just me and my pup. It was a great change for me. Then 9-11 happened. This changed a LOT of relationships for me as I seemed to react quite differently than everyone around me- definitely a grow-up moment for me as a recognized the fact that I could take control of what relationships I wanted vs. not.

2002- Graduate from Johns Hopkins in the spring. Boyfriend at the time decides he can't take anytime off to come see me graduate (red flags started flying a long time before this, but this was the kicker). I cried graduation night because I had wasted so much of my senior year spending time with him and no time with my friends like I should have. I move out of Baltimore the day after graduation. I move up to New Jersey for my new job in August. The new landlord says my pup is too big for the apartment. She is adopted by a family in my parents neighborhood. I cry for weeks. Boyfriend and I break up in October. I cried for weeks over the dog. I shed nary a tear over the boyfriend...

2003-I move out of my original NJ apartment into an apartment with friends in Hoboken. I know I should love it but I am homesick and hate it. I meet Mr. Pit in June. I kiss him for the first time in July. We are seriously dating long distance by August. I quit my job and move back to Philly in December.

2004- I move into my new apartment on New Years Day. The movers end up losing one of my boxes that has yet to be recovered or 'found' as they first say it was delivered to me and I signed for it, then later admit they lost it. It had all my plates and bowls wrapped in my favorite t-shirts. I still miss those shirts. I start my new job. Mr Pit and I are madly in love. We live about 6 blocks from each other and see each other 6 nights out of 7. By this point I KNOW I will marry him.

2005- Mr. Pit and I start seriously talking about getting married. By the spring we are looking at rings. Mr. Pit proposes in August on a picnic in Pound Ridge, New York, on our way up to Lake Placid for a week. I haven't stopped smiling since :) I had my 25th birthday party at Bourbon Blue in Manayunk. It is 80 of our friends and family and it still stands out as one of the best parties I've ever been to/thrown or had anything to do with.

2006- We registered in January, finalize linens in February, transportation in March, invites went out in April, wedding shower in May and got married in June. We honeymoon in St. Lucia and Virgin Gorda. It was the most relaxing 12 days of my life. I quit my job in September and join a company that I think has TONS of potential in the Philadelphia construction world.

2007- We both got tired of living in the city and commuting to the suburbs, so we bought a house we both adored in a suburb we love and have lived there ever since. The move this time was without peril or stress and by the end of the year we have most of the house furnished. In August we adopted Lil' Pup and he's been with us every since. I start hating my job and quit in November. (the company would go under in mid-2009). I start working at the company I first tried to work for when I graduated from school and never got an interview then. This time around I had my job offer by the end of the sit-down. I start working in the city again- total irony since we JUST moved out of the city 5 months prior.

2008- No job movement, no house movement, no new pets (well, some new fish but who can keep track of those!). We take trips to Vermont to ski, to Vegas to party, to New Hampshire to relax and otherwise are just a very happy married couple. Mr. Pit starts grad school at Villanova. We make new friends and are thrilled by the prospects that his MBA brings.

2009- Start off the year well at work and think I am making great progress in the department I am in. I get taken out of that department and moved to a jobsite over Easter weekend. It takes me a few months to get over the shock of the move and get used to being 'onsite' again. As a result of this, Mr. Pit and I decide we will start trying for a Little Pit. We got to 3 of 5 weddings by August. I find out I am pregnant and we get to celebrate the great news down in Virgin Gorda. We come back to go to wedding #4. We didn't say a word about being pregnant to anyone as we were only 8 weeks. But, by the end of the weekend everyone is telling us congratulations. I guess when they saw me not drinking it was enough for them to assume. We dont even tell our families until the end of September. In October we finally get our 12 week ultrasound and all our wishes are confirmed, we have a healthy baby. In December we get our 20 week ultrasound and are even more thrilled to see 10 fingers, 10 toes and the tiny little heart beating away. We have a great Christmas with both families and celebrate the new year up in Massachusetts with wedding #5 of 5 for the year.

2010-Not much to report on so far, but we have already seen 2 set of friends on New Year's day, put 1000 miles on 2 cars in just under 2 weeks and will go to Vermont for 4 days at the end of January for our annual ski-weekend with friends. In February we are going to Vegas for our 'babymoon' and in March my mother in law is throwing us a shower up in New York. Then, April is the month of Little Pit- unless of course he or she is late, then May will be, but either way, we'll be home those two month for sure! That's as far as we've gotten for this year, and I can't wait!!

I hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year and past decade like I did. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful husband, great supportive family on both sides and the best friends a girl could ask for.

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Dollface said...

Thanks for sharing the past 10 yrs..... its crazy to think that its been 10 yrs since then and to look how far youve come since then!! xxxoo