Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A lot's been going on 'round here!

Hi all!

So, I'll get the big news out of the way and I'll let Little Pit tell you herself...

That's right! Baby #2 is due September 28th...but we all know how finicky due dates are, so I normally just say the end of September.

How do I think Little Pit will react? Well, not well would be my guess, but maybe the next 6 months she'll start to get a handle on the fact that perhaps the world does not solely revolve around her (I admit it took me a good 20 years to get that for myself)

She's really been into pushing my buttons lately, and she's made a scene at all of her classes the past few weeks as well, so I'm not sure exactly what's going on. Her favorite thing is to just get spaghetti legs and lie down on the floor. Normally I ignore her until she gets up and starts getting with the program, but this morning I removed her from class because I was so at the end of my rope I couldn't stand another 15 minutes of her tantrums over nothing. The other moms probably thought I was nuts, but it's my time too, and frankly if she's lying down and not enjoying herself at class or at least learning something, I find it a waste of both my time and hers to be there. Plus, she disrupts class for everyone else who is having a good time. I admittedly had very little patience this morning as the day started where she refused to let me change her diaper. Once that happens I know it's going to be a LONG day.

I know she's almost 2 and this behavior is just her way of showing independence, but I want my obedient fun kid back! Where did she go? Why is everything such a struggle these days?
This is the look I get from her 99% of the time these days. I bring her out to a fun place to do fun things and she still gives me a look like she hates me. URGH!!!

Most days I am so excited to have a 2nd child, but some days, like today, I am kind of dreading it, thinking to myself...what the heck am I getting myself into?! They will be 2 years and 5 months apart when it's all said and done and holy cow I hope this terrible beginning 2's thing is over!!

I am very happy and thrilled to have another baby, really I am. It was planned and talked about and this baby is being brought into a home with lots of love and a tyrant for a big sister. Anyone with a toddler has to agree with me that some days are harder than others, and unfortunately for me, this is one of those days. She's napping now (thank goodness) and hopefully she wakes up on the right side of the crib and we can have a nice afternoon.

Wish us luck!


Dollface said...

Congrats to baby # 2!! How exciting for you!!!

Kate said...

YAY! How exciting!

Toddlers are so difficult. I've left one of our classes twice with H. He was obviously tired and I knew his behavior would just get worse. I hate to leave (adult time!) but I think sometimes that's the best thing to do.

AEOT said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! So, so, so excited for you, Hubby, and Little Pit. I know that Spencer's world will also be rocked in a few weeks, but I know that in the long run the best thing I can do for him is provide a sibling to learn from, share with, play with, and torment :) Are you guys going to find out what you are having? How are you feeling?

I fully, completely understand the phase you are in now (obviously if you read my post from yesterday). He definitely has bad mornings and it SUCKS when you can't even get socks on your child in the morning when you are rushing out the door to daycare. Ugggggg...... We haven't done spaghetti legs (yet), but we have stiff as a board when getting into the carseat and screaming,kicking, etc when being picked up after doing something wrong. I just remind myself that it's normal toddler behavior and that everyone goes through this. I do need to read a few more books so that I'll have other tricks up my sleeves.

AEOT said...

SOOOOOO glad you are going the surprise route again. I loved it with Spencer and I still am sad that we found out with this one. IF (big IF) we have a third, I've already made B promise that we won't find out for that one. The surprise is the BEST!!!!! Glad you are feeling well!!

Screen Door Prep said...

Congrats! My daughter (now three) & her baby brother are two years & five months apart, & I won't sugarcoat it - it can be a very rough transition at first! But at least you are prepared for that going in! Now, though, she has matured, & we are all adjusted - & witnessing their precious sibling bond (I am an only child) is just magical. (& yes, Little Pit will outgrow the tantrum nonsense, & you'll forget all about this phase!)

Missy Ann Rinfret said...

Oh my gosh she is too cute!!