Thursday, September 25, 2008

TV addictions and my plans for tonight

WOO HOO! Its back on in T-7 hours and I couldn't be more excited. Among the many things I am absolutely obsessed with is my television viewing schedule which includes the fabulously addictive Grey's Anatomy. I can't get enough of the Mer-Der drama and I always look forward to whatever is upsetting Izzie in any given week. Plus, take the two Mc-Yummy doctors and you've got yourself one hell of a show.

Among my other favs are (in no particular order):

Gossip Girl, even though I know it's aimed at a demographic 10 years younger than I, I still can't get enough of all the snarka-rific comments that can only come from a private school. I thought my school was bad back in the 90's, but oh no, Serena and Blair have this place ALL figured out, and if they don't rule the school, no one will. I especially liked in this past week's episode the slow Reservoir Dog-esque montage of Serena and her followers coming into the court yard...HOLLA! That was so bad ass! (And I really did scream out loud at the television afterwards, scaring the sleeping little pup up from his nap and prompting Mr. Pit to ask if something was wrong from downstairs. "Nothing wrong, just loving Gossip Girl this week!")

Project Runway, though I am the farthest thing from fashion forward, I adore this show and I can actually get Mr. Pit to watch it with me because of the lovely Heidi Klum. Last nights episode was a weird one (really, its season 5 and that's all they could come up with?) but I liked some of the outfits. Jarell's "pop" outfit for Kenley was fierce (I miss you Christian!) but her outfit for Leann was a travesty. To quote my very own lovely mother "Did she fall off a turnip truck"? How on earth did Kenley think that outfit was in any way shape or form "hip hop"? Even LL Cool J thought it was pathetic...and no Kenley, crying won't get you anywhere. High waisted pants for hip-hop? Come on!! Even this preppy follower knows you can't get away with a Lilly Dress if you're trying to look legitimate while listening to Lil' Kim!

The Office: How can you not adore this show? It makes me laugh out loud at every episode (my favorite being the one where Jim comes to work dressed like Dwight and says all these Dwight-isms and makes Dwight go crazy, too funny)

And last but not least: BONES. I totally think that some of the body parts stuff is gratuitous and I am a total squeamish baby when it comes to that, but I adore the banter between Bones and Booth (I especially like the name Seely...what do you think for a potential "little Pit" name Mr. Pit? hee hee, just kidding, but I do really like it!)

I don't want to say anymore because I don't want people to think that all I do is watch TV, I swear I get out of the house on a regular basis! But, I love my shows and I can't wait for the premiers tonight!!

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Ryan O'Brian said...

Oh, I wouldn't say that drama can only come from a private school. 'Stoga in the 90s wasn't too far off...