Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A few good things...

1. The hot water heater is fixed. Thanks to my awesome brother who came over to our house today so that Mr. Pit and I could go to work. He monitored the repair man and even got them to not charge us any labor costs. So, $511 later, we have a working hot water heater and hot water to shower, do laundry and run the dishwasher. HALLELUJAH. I know it sounds like a small thing, but really, you need hot water more often than you think!

2. Monopoly at McDonalds started today. You KNOW how obsessed I am with this game. With the eating of the fatty food-not so much, but I still can't turn down a nugget, and there's always someone to eat all of those fries...so you can get 6 game pieces for less than $6...for a chance at 1 Million Dollars...come on, if that's not incentive I don't know what is. I also managed to convince my co-workers to give me their game pieces so I can use their codes to play online as well. I am determined to win something more than a small fry this year!

3. I have my sewing class tonight. I normally spend most of the 2 hours confused and yelling at my machine, but last week I finished my first project and even though I sewed the straps on wrong, I am still quite proud. Tonights project is a coin purse. I have super cute fabric for it and I think THIS will be the week when I actually figure it out :)

4. Did I mention the hot water was fixed?!

5. It's freaking gorgeous outside. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but the rest of the afternoon should be glorious, so I might have to take a little stroll to the jobsite to check things out, just so I can be outside.

6. Totally random, since I showered at my parents house last night I used Pert Plus to wash my hair. My hair is just as soft and managable as it was when I washed with my own fancy stuff...who knew?! Not that I think I'll use it all the time because I don't really care for the smell, but it's good to know that it won't ruin anything!

7. I am finally caught up on Mad Men...completely. All 3 seasons so far. I did this in a span of 2 months. That is a LOT of TV in that time, but it was totally worth it, that show is SO GOOD!

Thats most of my good news for the day...hopefully your week is going well too!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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Dollface said...

yay for the water heater... and ooo mcd's monopoly... darn, i wish i still ate that stuff!!! xxxoo