Friday, October 2, 2009

Furry Friday- Meet Simone!

Aw, will you look at this sweet girl?! The write up for her couldn't be more positive, you should take her home today!! It's the perfect fall weekend to pick up a pup, you can take a nice walk, play in the leaves...come on, you know you want to!!

Here is Main Line Animal Rescues write up on our girl Simone:

Perfect age, perfect size, and perfect temperament. Simone is a lovely middle sized (16 inches at the shoulder) dog who has a beautiful white coat. She walks well on a leash, gets along well with other dogs, and loves to sit on your lap or lean up and snuggle against you. She is a little timid at first, but after a couple minutes with you she warms up and her sweet personality comes through. She has a gentle way about her and is one of the prettiest girls at the farm. If you want a loyal friend with a low maintenance personality then fill out an application for our quiet Simone.

You have to be sold by now don't you?! As always click HERE to go to Main Line Animal Rescues site to look for lots more animals that need adoption :)

Not much on the calendar for the weekend. As of late last night we had heat but the hot water won't be fixed until Monday afternoon at the earliest, so it looks like I'll be using other peoples showers in the mean time to stay clean. The dishes will just have to hang out in the dishwasher for a bit and the laundry will pile up, but if by Monday night it's fixed, I'll be happy.

I am off to get pumpkins and mums tomorrow and then to the needlepoint place in the afternoon, and hopefully I'll get some blankets made as well for friends who just had new babies as I am a bit behind on that kind of stuff.

Hope everyone has great weekends!

xoxo Mrs. Pit

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Dollface said...

ooo pumpkins!! i cannot wait to do that, xxxoo