Friday, October 23, 2009

Furry Friday!

Hi all and welcome to yet another edition of Furry Friday!

Meet Reily!

Reily is a beagle/boxer mix, and just look at that face, too cute! Here is her write up from our friends at Main Line Animal Rescue

Reily is an adorable mix of boxer and beagle (and who knows what else!). She has a very short coat so low shedding and beautiful black and white markings. Reily is a very sensitive dog, and she is overwhelmed in the shelter environment, but once she is outside in the play yards she is a totally different dog - she wags her tail non-stop, gives kisses, runs and plays and really enjoys herself. She just needs a bit of time to adjust to new situations and she truly is sensitive so she needs an owner who will be patient with her and allow her time to adjust to new experiences and environments. She will be so grateful and you'll get the cutest, sweetest affectionate girl in return. She is a volunteer favorite - that cute face and soulful eyes get us every time! She is totally housetrained and good on a leash. If you think Reily may be the right fit for you, please fill out an application and come meet her.

Go out and adopt Reily this weekend! The rain won't last long and Sunday is a great day for a walk at Valley Forge :)

Mr. Pit and I are headed to the Shipley Shops tonight for an alumni event and then we have a pretty low key weekend which I'm really looking forward to. Mr. Pit is going to homecoming at Villanova on Saturday (as he's a current Wildcat in their MBA program) but I am going to needlepoint instead. I have a project I have to get done before the Clara Wells trunk show at Stitch Haus in November! Other than that I am going to head up to the mall to buy my first pair of maternity pants...yes, not so flattering, but when the buttons won't close, something's gotta give. Plus, I've been going to work in yoga pants for the past 2 weeks, and while I don't think anyone minds, I want to dress a little more professionally if I can.

Oh, and the biggest announcement of all, I am hosting another Scout Home Show on November 7th from 12-5. I am getting ALL of their new products and patterns and there will be tons of incentives and free stuff just for stopping by! Below are two pictures of what I'm offering, email me at for details!

The first picture is the new pattern- choco-pink and the second is the new 'spirit liftah' wine tote!

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