Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not to complain...but

We have no heat. OR hot water. All seemed fine when we got our delivery of home heating oil last week. We turned the heat on and off it went.

Then, yesterday, I got home, it was a bit chilly so I turned the thermostat up and NOTHING. NOTHING happened. AT. ALL.

I work in construction. I know that when you flip a switch, or turn a dial, SOMETHING should happen. Nope, not a thing. So, me and my handy self went down to inspect our little heating unit and alas, was met with NOTHING. The reset button did NOTHING. Turning the entire unit on and restarting it did NOTHING.

Sorry to be a complainer, but this is NOT acceptable when it gets down to 35 degrees at night like it did here last night.

The repair person (note: I didn't say MAN on purpose) is supposed to be calling me any minute to tell me when they're coming. And let me say this, they are NOT leaving until my heat is on and my water is scalding.

That is all.

Oh, and I really *DO* love fall, I just don't like being cold, and I really want to shower!

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